How to beat/farm Bandit Keith Lvl 40

This page notes level 40 Keith's deck, characteristics, and tips for defeating him.
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update 09/04/2017

Union Attack deck

Obtainable score7,000 - 8,000
Popular skillMythic Depths
Essential cards

Example deck

Mystical Beast of SerketThe Hunter with 7 WeaponsThe Hunter with 7 Weapons4-Starred Ladybug of Doom4-Starred Ladybug of DoomMagnetic Mosquito
Magnetic MosquitoMagnetic MosquitoGravekeeper's VassalJerry Beans ManJerry Beans ManUnion Attack
Temple of the KingsAcid RainAcid RainAcid RainSecret Pass to the TreasuresCurse of Anubis
Windstorm of EtaquaSpell Reclamation------Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


Use the lower level monsters and keep destroying keith's monsters. Don't attack if he has a face-down trap since it could be rare-metalmoprh. Set a magnetic mosquito if you think he will tribute summon either blowback or barrel dragon. Use acid raid if you don't have mosquito to destroy his tribute monsters. It's best to summon BEUD during second to last turn to avoid it getting destroyed early. On the last turn, summon vassal and use the union attack combo.

Union Attack deck (No BEUD)

Example deck

Titan Showdown deck

Obtainable score6,000 - 7,000
Essential skillTitan Showdown
Essential cards

Example deck

Sphere KuribohSphere KuribohMystical Beast of SerketThe Hunter with 7 WeaponsThe Hunter with 7 WeaponsThe Hunter with 7 Weapons
OtohimeOtohimeDunames Dark WitchJerry Beans ManJerry Beans ManJerry Beans Man
Temple of the KingsAcid RainAcid RainAcid RainSword of Deep-SeatedMirror Wall
Mirror WallWindstorm of Etaqua------Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


Summon either the hunter or jerry and destroy keith's monsters when they are in defense position to not lower his LP. If they are summoned in attack position, switch it to defense using otohime on the next turn. Acid raid if their attack is higher than yours, or mirror wall to defend as well as reducing your LP. Lower your LP to more than half of keith's LP and keep destroying his monsters so the BEUD can get a direct attack to deal 10,000 damage after equipped with sword of deep-seated.

Beatdown deck

Obtainable score4000-6000
Popular skillMythic Depths
Essential cards

Example deck

Level 40 Keith's deck



  • Machine Dragon monsters

    Keith uses three machine dragons: Twin-Barrel, Blowback, and Barrel. Those monsters have high ATK in current card pool and effects destroying cards you control additionally.
  • Machine and coin toss supports

    He enhances his Machine monsters' stats and effect by using equips cards for Machine-type monsters and Second Coin Toss.

Annoying cards

CardEffect Summary
Twin-Barrel Dragon
Twin-Barrel Dragon
  • 1700ATK is high enough as level 4 monster, and the effect destroying a card you control is irritating.
Blowback Dragon
Blowback Dragon
  • 2300ATK is high as a high level monster requiring a tribute to be summoned, and the effect can be used once per turn.
Rare Metalmorph
Rare Metalmorph
  • 500ATK boost is very powerful.

How to defeat Keith's deck


  • Use equip spells

    Since the ATK of Twin-Barrel Dragon is 1700 and same to that of Axe Raider, the highest ATK level 4 monster you can get, you need to use equips spells or other ATK boost cards to get your monsters to defeat the dragon.
  • Use Spell/Trap removals

    Destroying Keith's Machine Conversion Factory, Second Coin Toss, and Rare Metalmorph is important to help your monsters to beat Keith's Machine monsters.

Best cards to counter Keith's deck

CardEvaluation/How to Get
The Hunter with 7 Weapons
The Hunter with 7 Weapons
Since Keith's monsters are all Machine-type, this monster can have 2000ATK.
Used to remove Keith's equips spell and continuous spell.
Used to destroy Keith's support spell/trap cards.
Acid Rain
Acid Rain
Removes all Machine-type monsters on the field.

Cards Bandit Keith Lvl 40 drops

Card / [Rarity]Rating
Barrel DragonBarrel Dragon [UR]8.0
Heavy Mech Support PlatformHeavy Mech Support Platform [SR]1.0
Second Coin TossSecond Coin Toss [SR]4.0
ReloadReload [SR]3.0
Stim-PackStim-Pack [SR]2.0
Rare MetalmorphRare Metalmorph [SR]7.0
Warrior of ZeraWarrior of Zera [R]1.0
Ground Attacker BugrothGround Attacker Bugroth [R]1.0
OverdriveOverdrive [R]1.0
OilmanOilman [R]1.0
Goblin ThiefGoblin Thief [R]5.0
MetalzoaMetalzoa [N]1.0


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Another Anon 4days ago
The other anon said that Labyrinth Deck work well too. So, this is my ver.

Only use Dim Gate when the Wall is target by the Coin Dragon.

If 1 or 2 of Dragon is on the field, consider to use Acid Rain. That spell is to get rid the dragon only, dont waste it on other monster.

Y fusion gate? To avoid your hand full with cards so you can set it face-down on the field spell zone. If you get ur fusion monster earlier (I use Oz), summon it immediately and set a Dim Gate. Try to clear the Dragons. And if target by them, just banish it with the Gate.

Y monster draw power instead of spell/trap? To avoid the dragon target your gate. You need just 1 or 2 draw monsters to draw last card in ur deck b4 Bandit.

At the last turn:
1) Pop ur Storm, destroy 2 Dim Gate and 1 Fusion Gate (make sure u have fusion ur monster first), clear the backrow.
2) SS the wall in ATK position
3) Use Shield & Sword
4) Summon Vassal -> Secret Pass -> Union Atk
5) Profit
Anonymous 9days ago
Bandit Keith lvl 40 farming
K1llua 15days ago
DO NOT USE the Mystical Union Deck
as it is shown above...

you and your monsters never survive long enough to tribute-summon MysticalBeast cause no matter what you place... if not by then he placed his SecondCoinToss and your screwed anyway... the only way to "farm" with this deck is with a "perfect" hand/field on the second last turn... THIS DECK IS PURE LUCK

use this deck
and try to build your own variant
Anonymous 15days ago
What can i use to change the mosquito?
Anonymous 17days ago
Labtrinth is work too.

Just keep in mind that Barrel Dragon (*7) can not target skill card and Twin Barrell can use it effect only 1 time when it summons

So, just banishing your wall only when it target by card effect.

<< Anonymous
K1llua 15days ago Reply
if you only have 1 DimensionGate like i do... but some MegneticMosquito or equal monster cards i guess you can banish your LabyrinthWall in your turn with DinensionHole and place a monster just to protect your Wall... its a guessing game but might can help for a cheaper variant
<< Anonymous(K1llua)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Just need to get rid of its robot dogs, u r done. Nah lab wall deck is not consistent. One or two lucky spin, gg.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Your deck is nice bro. But i think you have to change the draw power trap card to any monster that draw card. Cuz your spell/trap zone might clog up with dimension gate and you need 8 cards in the last turn! (1x double summon, 2x union, 1x temple king, 1x secret pass, 1x serket, 1x vassal, 1x axe) WOW that's so many to hold!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Lab deck's weakness is too many cards in your hand before reach the last turn but cannot set some of them in the spell/trap zone. So replace any spell/trap draw power with monster draw power like skelengel or the train.
Fuck this cheating ass cunt of a bitch with his coin bullshit nobody likes coin bullshit fuck him and his dam as robots he can rust and rot in a fucking grave for are I care with his cheap cheating self,cheats in the show cheats on this dam game so fuck this cheater
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
can someone help me please! I can't stop laughing!! lol!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Grammar 10/10 Stay in school kids.
<< Anonymous
Mert1337 26days ago Reply
I liked the part when you said fuck

Having trouble farming Bandit Keith?
Roxas (964-811-118)
check this guy out!! i got an easy 8k! watch it!
This Just happened lol.
this deck consistent winrate 97% with DA 8700
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
how does this deck work?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Time tfarm for 1 Magician, 1 CV and trade 1 more Chaos C
<< Anonymous
dy1344 9days ago Reply
its the best deck against bandit! if you dont have supremacy berry you can put solemn wishes, it works well too
<< Anonymous(dy1344)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Its ok only, coz u need 3sd, which I don't like it. I have my other deck reaching only 7k wo 3sd.
lol it does not post my picture
<< Anonymous(Kafka)
Kafka Reply
This deck is almost the same as one above. Never let him have one monster for a tribute for his annoying 6* monster. If you planning to get only effect damage remove his monsters with acid rain and cards like 4 star ladybug and mosquito. Also do not attack his monsters which have similar atk than your monster because he can use rare metalmorph. Hunter can be exchanged for any 1750+ atk monster.

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