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update 10/07/2018


Gem-Knight is an archetype that employs a rapid Fusion Beatdown strategy: it takes advantage of powerful Fusion monsters and a wide array of recycling effects to finish the opponent.

Example deck

New Pack Version

Thunder DragonThunder DragonThunder DragonGem-Knight AlexandriteGem-Knight AlexandriteGem-Knight Alexandrite
Gem-Knight ObsidianGem-Knight ObsidianGem-Knight ObsidianGem-Knight LapisGem-Knight LapisGem-Knight Tourmaline
Gem-Knight TourmalineCosmic CycloneCosmic CycloneGem-Knight FusionGem-Knight FusionGem-Knight Fusion
Treacherous Trap HolePyroxene Fusion
Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant DiamondGem-Knight PrismauraGem-Knight ZirconiaGem-Knight Lady Lapis LazuliGem-Knight Lady Lapis Lazuli

Previous Version

Gem-Knight GarnetGem-Knight GarnetGem-Knight TourmalineGem-Knight TourmalineGem-Knight LazuliGem-Knight Lazuli
Gem-Knight LazuliVolcanic ShellVolcanic ShellVolcanic ShellThunder DragonThunder Dragon
Thunder DragonPolymerizationSuper Rush Headlong
Windstorm of EtaquaCurse of Anubis
Gem-Knight CitrineGem-Knight CitrineGem-Knight PrismauraGem-Knight TopazGem-Knight Ruby

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand. Your first Draw will be skipped if you use this Skill.
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto

How to use this deck [New Pack Version]

Thunder Dragon & Gem-Knight Alexandrite

By discarding one Thunder Dragon, you can add the other two copies to your hand: you thin the deck and also get a Thunder monster to use as material to summon Gem-Knight Prismaura.
By Tributing Gem-Knight Alexandrite you can Special Summon any Normal Gem-Knight monster from your deck: you can Special Summon Tourmaline, if you need a Thunder monster for Prismaura, or Lapis, if you want to summon Lady Lapis Lazuli; Alexandrite can then be banished to recycle Gem-Knight Fusion.

Gem-Knight Obsidian

Obsidian is very similar to Gem-Knight Lazuli: when he is sent from your hand to the Graveyard, you can activate his effect. Obsidian targets a Normal Gem-Knight in your Graveyard and Special Summons it, meaning that you can use Gem-Knight Fusion to Fusion Summon Lady Lapis Lazuli with Gem-Knight Lapis from the field and Gem-Knight Obsidian from your hand, Special Summon Lapis back and inflict 1000 damage to your opponent since now you have two monsters that were Special Summoned on the field.
Another way to abuse this effect is to Fusion Summon Prismaura with Lapis and a Tourmaline, discard Obsidian to active Prismaura’s effect, Special Summon Tourmaline, banish Lapis with Gem-Knight Fusion and be ready for another Fusion Summon.

Gem-Knight Lapis & Gem-Knight Tourmaline

These two are your Normal monsters: Lapis is the required Fusion material for Lady Lapis Lazuli and it’s also ROCK, so you can use it to summon Zirconia; Tourmaline is a Thunder monster and also a Gem-Knight, so he can be used with another Gem-Knight or with a Thunder Dragon for Prismaura.
Both Lapis and Tourmaline can be searched from the deck, so there is no reason to run more than two.

Cosmic Cyclone

Back row removal is always a good option for such an offensive deck: it’s a good way to deal with Amazoness, Noble Knights and even Fire Fist.

Gem-Knight Fusion & Pyroxene Fusion

Being able to search Polymerization from the deck with either Fusion Recycling Plant or Fusion Sage is great for both consistency and deck thinning and the former also provides a recycling effect during the End Phase, but Gem-Knight Fusion can allow you to Fusion Summon multiple times more easily in a turn.
Gem-Knight Fusion is basically a Polymerization, but, after you use it, you can banish a Gem-Knight monster from the Graveyard to add it back to your hand.
Pyroxene Fusion is another really good card to have: it allows you Fusion Summon even during your opponent’s turn, so, if any of your monsters are targeted by an effect that is going to destroy it or banish it, you can chain this card to summon another Fusion monster from your Extra Deck.
Both Gem-Knight Fusion and Pyroxene Fusion can be used for Prismaura’s effect since it states that you need to discard a Gem-Knight card and not necessarily a monster.

Treacherous Trap Hole

Since the deck runs only one other Trap Card, Treacherous Trap Hole’s restriction will not be a problem. You can rid of two monsters on the field or potentially bait Wiz, Sage Fur Hire’s effect to then activating Gem-Knight Fusion freely, even though you would be able to get it back anyway by banishing from the Graveyard.

Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond

While this monster is definitely not easy to get on the field since it requires 3 Gem-Knights as Fusion material, her effect is incredibly good: Lady Brilliant Diamond can Special Summon any Gem-Knight monster from your Extra Deck if you tribute a Gem-Knight you have on the field. You can use Lapis, Tourmaline and Obsidian from your hand as Fusion material, summon Brilliant Diamond, summon Lapis or Tourmaline with Obsidian’s effect and then you can tribute the monster you Special Summoned to Special Summon Lady Lapis Lazuli or Prismaura.

Gem-Knight Prismaura

Prismaura has 2450 ATK, 50 ATK below Dyna, which is quite annoying, but it’s able to destroy a face-up monster your opponent controls if you discard a Gem-Knight card from your hand.

Gem-Knight Lady Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is able to punish your opponent for Special Summoning monsters: if you send a Gem-Knight from your deck or Extra Deck to the Graveyard, once per turn, you can inflict 500 damage to your opponent for each monster on the field that was Special Summoned, including her.
You can use Obsidian and Lapis to summon Lapis Lazuli, Special Summon Lapis with Obsidian’s effect and then burn your opponent for 1000+ damage.

Gem-Knight Zirconia

Sometimes all you need is a generic fusion with a high ATK and Zirconia is perfect for that: 2900 ATK and the materials are very easy to get.

Additional Notes

  • Being able to reset a bad hand is very valuable with this deck and it’s definitely worth skipping a Draw Phase if it comes to that. Another skill that is worth mentioning is Fusion Time, but activating it will not always be easy without taking a risk.

  • Fur Hire is a problematic matchup: Wiz can negate your Gem-Knight Fusion and getting over Dyna is not easy and will likely require you to use Prismaura’s effect; in addition to this Cosmic Cyclone or Hey Trunade! are useless cards against Fur Hire most of the times and, if you are not able to finish the duel quickly, they can recover extremely fast after you have depleted most of your resources.

  • Silent Magician is another deck that has the ability to negate Spells, so it’s a natural enemy for Gem-Knights: if Silent Magician LV8 comes out on the field, not even Lady Brilliant Diamond will be able to get over it and you will have to use Prismaura’s effect.

  • Masked HERO is very similar to this deck since it focuses on finishing the match quickly by summoning monsters from the Extra Deck repeatedly, but it’s basically more efficient since the basic combo requires less cards.

  • Amazoness can be a problem depending on what cards they are running for back row: you can get rid of Onslaught with Cosmic Cyclone and eliminate Queen or Swords Woman with Prismaura’s effect.

  • As you can see from the list above, all of these decks make heavy use of Special Summoning mechanics, so Lady Lapis Lazuli burn effect will be able to end the duel after you weaken your opponent most of the times.

Other Useful Cards

Gem-Knight Lazuli
Gem-Knight Lazuli
Lazuli is similar to Obsidian, but she needs to be sent to Graveyard by a card effect (like Polymerization or Gem-Knight Fusion) and she adds the monster back to the hand instead of Special Summoning it.
Gem-Knight Amethyst
Gem-Knight Amethyst

Gem-Knight Citrine
Gem-Knight Citrine

Gem-Knight Topaz
Gem-Knight Topaz
You should look at your Extra Deck as not only boss monsters, but also as Tech cards: Amethyst for example is great for getting rid of back row, Citrine has the same effect as Ancient Gear monsters and Topaz can attack twice.

Fusion Recycling Plant

Fusion Sage
Fusion Sage

Since Polymerization can be searched, it can make the deck more consistent: a more balanced build would be advised in this case, adding more Spell and Trap Cards for protection.
Super Rush Headlong
Super Rush Headlong
Very effective card to destroy your opponent's monster. Don’t forget if you attack and your opponent tries to defend with a Super Rush Headlong, you can chain yours to it and because you are the “turn player” you will have priority and your monster will survive while his will be destroyed.
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole

Paleozoic Canadia
Paleozoic Canadia
If one of your fusion monsters would be destroyed, you can use this equip spell to bring them back in exchange for 800 life points. Although this card could be very bricky at the start of duel, you could possibly get a lot of value out of it later on in the duel.

How to use this deck [Previous Version]

Fusion Recycling Plant

This is the card that makes the deck work. Preferably you would have 3 copies of this card and run it with only 1 copy of Polymerization. Its first effect lets you discard one card to add a Polymerization from your deck OR graveyard to your hand. This is why you only need 1 copy of Polymerization.Its second effect gives you back a monster from your graveyard that was used as a fusion material this turn.

  • A nice combo with this card is to discard a Volcanic Shell to add a Polymerization to your hand, and then use the effect of Volcanic Shell to add another Volcanic Shell to your hand.

Gem-Knight Lazuli

The strength of this card comes from the fact that when this card is used as a fusion material, you can add 1 Normal monster from your graveyard to your hand. So say for example you fusion summon a Gem-Knight Citrine by using Gem-Knight Garnet + Gem-Knight Lazuli , you immediately can add back that Gem-Knight Garnet to your hand, and at the end of your turn you can add back Gem-Knight Lazuli through the effect of Fusion Recycling Plant. Next turn you can discard a card (preferably Volcanic Shell) to get back your Polymerization at which point you can fusion summon again because you got back all your materials.

  • Keep in mind: discarding Gem-Knight Lazuli to add a Polymerization to your hand with Fusion Recycling Plant will not activate Lazuli’s effect to add a Normal monster from your graveyard to your hand.

Gem-Knight Garnet & Gem-Knight Tourmaline

The ratio you’d want to run in your deck depends a bit on what you want or prefer. We included 2 copies of each in the example deck to give a general idea, but if you feel you want to get Gem-Knight Citrine more you might want to run 3 copies of Gem-Knight Garnet.
They both are Normal monsters so they can be added to your hand through the effect of Gem-Knight Lazuli and they both have a different type (Thunder and Pyro). Always think carefully about what fusion monsters you want/can summon. For example if you have both Gem-Knight Garnet and Gem-Knight Tourmaline in your hand you can fusion summon ANY of the four fusion monsters included in this example deck.

Non Gem-Knight supports

  • Volcanic Shell: Besides being a Pyro monster, meaning it can be used in combination with Gem-Knights to fusion summon Gem-Knight Citrine, the reason this card is so important in this deck is because you can pay 500 life points when this card is in your graveyard, to add another copy to your hand. So it’s an important card to go +0 or +1 when fusion summoning (instead of going -2).
  • Thunder Dragon: The effect essentially gives you a +1 while also thinning your deck. This is great because it means that you could discard one of those two Thunder Dragons for the effect of Fusion Recycling Plant, and besides that, they are also Thunder monsters so they can be used to fusion summon Gem-Knight Prismaura.

Supports spells/traps

  • Super Rush Headlong: Very effective card to destroy your opponent's monster. Don’t forget if you attack and your opponent tries to defend with a Super Rush Headlong, you can chain yours to it and because you are the “turn player” you will have priority and your monster will survive while his will be destroyed.
  • Windstorm of Etaqua & Curse of Anubis: They are both great to defend your monsters, stall a bit, and allow you to go more offensive on the next turn because you won’t have to fear Wall of Disruption and Mirror Wall as much as when your opponent’s monsters are in attack position.


  • Citrine: This is the fusion monster you’ll want to summon most of the time because of its effect. Your opponent can’t activate any spells/traps when this monster attacks or is attacked, which adds a nice layer of defense to it.
  • Prismaura: This card has a powerful effect that lets you send one Gem-Knight from your hand to your graveyard to destroy one face-up card on the field, so it’s a great way of dealing with strong monster or troublesome spells/traps (for example Temple of the Mind's Eyee).
  • Ruby & Topaz: Although you’ll probably summon these monsters the least amount of times, they both have an interesting effect that could be game-winning in certain situations. If you find yourself never using them, you can add another copy of Gem-Knight Prismaura Gem-Knight Master Diamond.

Other useful cards

Wall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption
Still a great defensive and stall card, although it has lost a lot of popularity recently because of Sergeant Electro being so good right now in the Meta.
Mirror Wall
Mirror Wall
Because Wall of Disruption can’t be chained to the effect of Sergeant Electro, and Wall of Disruption is almost useless against Ancient Gears, some people prefer to use Mirror Wall to defend themselves.
Planet Pathfinder
Planet Pathfinder
Used to get Fusion Recycling Plant more consistently, and can be used as fodder for it to discard.
If one of your fusion monsters would be destroyed, you can use this equip spell to bring them back in exchange for 800 life points. Although this card could be very bricky at the start of duel, you could possibly get a lot of value out of it later on in the duel.


Hot New Top
Please Konami add more gem knight cards! :(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
GB also, i wanna see poor player whining to konami to ban gb deck
<< Anonymous
What Who Cares Reply
I agree
my "Cherador de brasa" auto duel and win and have 24 cards(deck recipe posted in game)
I'm confused, I SHOULDN'T use Particle Fusion and three Rubies? Why the hell not? I can amp up ruby to insane ATK strength using these cards, even more so with Master Diamond! And here I thought the only thing holding me back against tougher opponents was a lack of decent staples...
<< Anonymous(Mat2)
Anonymous Reply
You manage to do that because you're against AI
<< Anonymous(Mat2)
The Gauss Reply
How consistently can you do that?
Probably not much.

Master Diamond is shit: it needs 3 Gem-Knights as material and isn't even very oppressive.
<< Anonymous(The Gauss)
Anonymous Reply
Someone didn't play in the D.D. Wind & Earth tower it seems

Try calling it shit again after you face a 3200 ATK monster turn 1
<< Anonymous(The Gauss)
Valencia Reply
I am leery of using Master Diamond, too. But I've been having a blast with Particle Fusion, one polymerization along with Fusion Time! and Elemental Hero Woodsman.
Have fun.
<< Anonymous(Judai)
Anonymous Reply
I thought Julia Krystal using gem knights? She isn't on here
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that doesnt matter lol we got vrains card in DL nobody give a shit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And Gem-Knights has existed LONG before Arc-V existed

In fact, Constellar, Gem-Knight, and X-Saber are already considered old archetypes at the time they show up in Arc-V. Especially X-Saber, it's a freakin' 5Ds era archetype
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gem-Knights were introduced in the 5D's era too.

You know, it's weird to think about, but even Constellars have been an archetype much longer than Blue-Eyes has, lol. (Blue-Eyes only actually became an archetype at the end of 2015 with the release of Priestess with Eyes of Blue.)
Archetype from Arc-V yet it has no pendulum. Smh.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Isn't GB is used by that fat granny shop keeper from GX?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Originally 5ds but got new support arc v first debuted in the anime in arc v but was out before then
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no, its used in arc v and in the background of the end of bbt
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gem-Knights has existed long before Arc-V lmao
I've been having fun testing out the gem knights in duel world, but is there anything else that might help this out or that I should include more of? Extra deck is: 1 Prismaura, 2 Ruby, 1 Topaz, 1 Citrine. (I use Fusion gate because I don't have fusion recycling plant yet).
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
It's a bad trap card... It's like a Mirror Wall that only works during the summon, I'd replace it with a Windstorm instead.
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
I admit that I love it for Ancient Gears, but Etaqua stops more at once, so I'll switch to that. Thanks!
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Citrine Reply
Seriously bud don't go for the gameA deck it truly undermines the real strength of this deck. Get one particle fusion for sure . It is superb option to dish out pain against very heavy hitters
<< Anonymous(Citrine)
Valencia Reply
Since I do have paricle fusion, I'll try using it. I was mainly worried about using Fusion Time!, but it should be alright to have both. I also took out Topaz for another Citrine and swapped out Adhesion Trap Hole for Etaqua.
2 Ruby
1 Sardonyx
1 Topaz
1 Master diamond
<< Anonymous(EB1432)
Citrine Reply
Idiot! You can't have sardonyx in ur extra deck. Lol
I truly disagree with the review . And I think this deck can reach to top in good hands.

My deck
2 garnet , 2 sardonyx , 2 kuriboh, 1 thunder type GK , 1 lazuli ,

It's power drawer sardonyx can bring the much needed cards for fusion and having fusion time! Clubbed in this deck is just too good for synergy. If you want a heavy hitter you have garnet . Still u wanna match a BEWD Or any super powerful monster fuse using particle fusion and dish out pain.
And if you want an element of surprise set pyroxene fusion and shock them. If u want to end the match just get particle fusion and end the duel right away.

Every card in this deck is my favorite but the ones I d like to point out are:
Ruby : fuse up using particle fusion and most of the duel end in turn 3 or 4 , thanks to its piercing battle damage .( Use it only when you are sure they don't have card in their back row which could cause problem)
Garnet : if your opponent has full back row then this card is your prime choice .
Seraphinite : best for swarming the field as it allows an extra special summon.

U can have half of this deck on only 3 to 4 purchases with gems.
<< Anonymous(Citrine)
Citrine Reply
Missed out deck!
And 1 emerald , 2 poly , 2 pyroxene, 1 fragment fusion and d rest is your cards like econ and stuff
This is what i came up with
extra deck: master dimond, prima, saraphine, topaz,ruby
SPYRAL Double Helix
Says open generation next, all the gem-knights are from primal burst
<< Anonymous(SPYRAL Double Helix)
Anonymous Reply
yeah lol wtf
I keep getting destroyed by gem knights in ranked. Played against gem knights 6 times in a row in plat and was getting irritated.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I keep hitting Gem night users heavil in KOG xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sorry : *knight *heavily

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Amazoness was more than that
meed atualization
Funny how this card is a drop from Ishizu.....and yet it's actually a 5Ds era card.
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