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update 19/10/2016

Gem-Knight Alexandrite

Gem-Knight Alexandrite
Monster TypeRock
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect
ArchetypesGem- / Gem-Knight
Supports ArchetypesGem-Knight
SupportsNormal Monster


You can Tribute this card; Special Summon 1 "Gem-Knight" Normal Monster from your Deck.

How to Get

PackBurning Nova [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Special summons a Gem-Knight monster from the deck
  • Good Stats.


  • Tributes himself to use effect.
  • Must be on the field to use effect.


Gem-Knight Normal Monsters

Here are the Gem-Knight normal monsters you can special summon with Gem-Knight Alexandrite. If you need a big Beater Gem-Knight Crystal is the best choice. For fusion summoning, special summon any Gem-Knight to fit the fusion requirements.

Fusion Support

Since you will most likely perform a fusion summon with the monster you searched, here are some other cards that may help. Fusion Recycling Plant can recycle 1 fusion material monster to your hand, and also search for Polymerization from your deck. King of the Swamp can be treated as 1 fusion material required for Fusion Summon, and at the same time it also can be used to search 1 Polymerization from your Deck. Fusion Sage can search 1 Polymerization from your deck. Fusion Reserve allows you to add 1 of the Fusion materials listed on the Fusion monster to your hand, and add 1 Polymerization from your Graveyard to your Hand.


Use Gem Enhancement if you want to search your deck further. Tribute the special summoned monster to revive Alexandrite, then use Alexandrite’s effect again to search another Gem-Knight monster. This could also be a way to load your graveyard to retrieve Gem-Knight Fusion multiple times




ActionsTributes itself for cost
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Deck


The fact that it can special summon Crystal has a lot of potentials. Also, a fetcher to draw out a required fusion material.
Summon Crystal from deck for a quick 2450 beater
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*draws crystal
oh no

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This is a good card even in the TCG. Getting a SS from the Deck can really matter in the early game.
Jesus tap dancing christ what on Earth is Konami thinking when they released this game breaking c...
Time to pop some backrow!
imagine if we had maiden blue eyes woulda been lit
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