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update 27/10/2020

Silent Magician Ra Farm

Example Deck [Credits to ショーイン]

The Winged Dragon of RaSilent Magician LV8Silent MagicianSilent MagicianSilent MagicianMithra the Thunder Vassal
Berry Magician GirlApple Magician GirlApple Magician GirlApple Magician GirlGolden LadybugLemon Magician Girl
Lemon Magician GirlLemon Magician GirlAnti-Magic ArrowsMagical MalletFairy Meteor CrushSolemn Wishes
Solemn WishesSolemn Wishes----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
LP Boost α
Increases starting Life Points by 1000.

Lunalight Farm

Standard Version

Lunalight Yellow MartenLunalight Yellow MartenLunalight Yellow MartenGravekeepers VassalLunalight Crimson FoxLunalight Crimson Fox
Lunalight Emerald BirdLunalight Emerald BirdLunalight Emerald BirdLunalight White RabbitLunalight White RabbitLunalight White Rabbit
Union AttackUnion AttackShooting Star Bow - CealLunalight FusionLunalight FusionLunalight Fusion
Lunalight Reincarnation DanceLunalight Reincarnation Dance----
Lunalight Sabre DancerLunalight Sabre DancerLunalight Sabre DancerLunalight Cat DancerLunalight Cat DancerLunalight Cat Dancer

Budget Version

Lunalight Yellow MartenLunalight Yellow MartenLunalight Purple ButterflyLunalight Purple ButterflyGravekeepers VassalLunalight Crimson Fox
Lunalight Emerald BirdLunalight Emerald BirdLunalight Emerald BirdLunalight White RabbitLunalight White RabbitLunalight White Rabbit
Union AttackUnion AttackSecret Pass to the TreasuresLunalight FusionLunalight FusionLunalight Fusion
Lunalight Reincarnation DanceLunalight Reincarnation Dance----
Lunalight Sabre DancerLunalight Sabre DancerLunalight Cat DancerLunalight Cat DancerLunalight Cat Dancer-

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Master of Fusion
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1000. Return 1 card from your hand to your Deck and add 1 "Polymerization" to your hand from outside of your Deck. This Skill can only be used twice per Duel.

Magician Girl Farm

Example Deck

Chocolate Magician GirlChocolate Magician GirlBerry Magician GirlBerry Magician GirlBerry Magician GirlFortune Fairy Chee
Fortune Fairy CheeFortune Fairy CheeGravekeepers VassalApple Magician GirlApple Magician GirlApple Magician Girl
Lemon Magician GirlUnion AttackUnion AttackWonder WandWonder WandWonder Wand
Magicalized FusionSecret Pass to the Treasures---Quintet Magician

Set Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Draw Sense: Fire
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Fire attribute monster.

Axel Brodie Lvl 40 Decklist

Drop Rewards


Hot New Top
Cocytus Turbo can farm him
<< Anonymous
Brisia Jodie Reply
Skill: LP Boost α
Replacing 1 Dust Tornado with Cosmic Cyclone is okay too, but watch out your LP
<< Anonymous
Luke Reply
The deck works very well. Thanks for the share.
I use the skill : Draw Dark.
I use the third POTG on vassal last turn. When Axel use Wild Fire, my vassal is protected from destruction.
Perhaps a Anti magic arrow can do the same thing against wind fire. Beware of this card.
<< Anonymous(Luke)
Brisia Jodie Reply
Actually at first I wanted to use Draw Sense: Dark too.
But GK Vassal is also Dark. So It is safer to use that skill when you already have Vassal in your hand.
<< Anonymous(Brisia Jodie)
Anonymous Reply
Dark calvary works too
Use lunalight
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So far, it hasn't activated tri blaze to destroy saber(he does for dancer, though)
I think there may be some issues with tri blaze's text
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
#DuelReplay #DuelLinks
Just had this duel, he activated tri blaze at the very beginning and never used against saber.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you should add an anti-magic arrow to the deck cause he'll activate Wild Fire and clear your field otherwise
<< Anonymous
Frans Donald Reply
Probably it was the wording.
It does target although it doesn't say so, just like a guy said in this page
I don't know why people say Cloudian Ra doesn't work, it definitely works in my experience.

The only problem is if he gets his Blaze Accelerator spell cards out, but that's why my Cloudian Ra decks have 2 copies each of Acid Cloud and Cloudian Squall.

Also you can Divine Punishment the Blaze Accelerator cards when they are first activated. Don't wait until Axel starts using their effect lol, Divine Punishment doesn't cover effects from already face-up spell/trap cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, as long as he doesn't pull out his Blaze Accelerator or Tri-Blaze Accelerator, Volcanic Rocket, summons his Volcanic Doomfire or just use his Wild Fire and OTK, is okay.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you can reach the part when you can control the duel, you can win.
But that will be turn 23-28 and above.
And using C-Squall means that each turn you must wait for the animation of each counter being placed on each card every every turn.
I havent bothered farming roaming duelists in years, they always come back, cards always appear on tickets, and I just auto duel them anyway and always get 3x the cards and its so much less effort.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Some farm these for skills drops
Six Sam + spirit works well.
<< Anonymous
Fetih 1453 Reply
which spirit? the ones that return to hand in the end phase?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
x3 Fuma
x3 Legendary Secret
x3 Spirit of the Six sam
x3 Genba
x3 Asceticism of the Six Samurai
x1 Dojo

x1 Vassal
x2 Union
x1 Secret Pass

x3 Shi En

Equip Shi En with spirit to gain draw power, but careful when you have few cards left, put it on defense position to avoid 🔥 from Axel trying to deck you out.

You can replace some cards with Good Goblin Housekeeping.
Fire king deck seems to farm him quite well, keep popping his backrows via sacred phoenix and monsters via garunix and you should be good
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yaksha x3
Barong x3
Sacred phoenix of nephthys x3
Fire king high avatar Garunix x1
Vassal x1
Union att x2
Secret pass x1
Fire king island x3
Circle of the fire kings x1
Onslaught of the fire king x1
Anti-magic arrow x1

Not sure whether anti-magic arrow is needed or not, could probably replace it with a card of the soul or fire king avatar garunix
Im use a deck with one Prime Material Dragon
<< Anonymous(CJ)
Lamar Davis Reply
Deck list?
<< Anonymous(CJ)
Nurtler Reply
It's good, but really slow.
The dark magician girl deck doesn't work at all
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
CAN you say why ?? maybe we can fix this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tri blaze just gets rid of your apple or berry MG then hits you for lethal
no name
DMG deck works for LVL30 + 40
<< Anonymous(no name)
Anonymous Reply
No, it doesn't. Tri blaze just takes out berry/apple and leaves you wide open for attacks
<< Anonymous
Joshua Tewuh Reply
^You are supposed to stall using Quintet, not those girls.
As long as Axel got Blaze accelerator out, neither cloud nor Yubel deck works
<< Anonymous
Axie Brodie Reply
deck list?
Ra+ladybug with bunch of traps works too
<< Anonymous
Fetih 1453 Reply
Which traps? Jar of Greed and Good Goblin Housekeeping enough?
Try D/D/D with Ra

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