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Sample deck

Phoenix GearfriedPhoenix GearfriedDarkstorm DragonDarkstorm DragonDarkstorm DragonBlazewing Butterfly
Blazewing ButterflyBlazewing ButterflyWoodland ArcherWoodland ArcherWoodland ArcherCrystal Seer
Crystal SeerFusion SageFusion SageBig Bang ShotBig Bang ShotPolymerization
PolymerizationPolymerization--Superalloy Beast RaptinusSuperalloy Beast RaptinusSuperalloy Beast Raptinus

Set skill

How to use this deck

  • Main objective of this deck is to summon your high level monster such as Phoenix Gearfried, Darkstorm Dragon, and Superalloy Beast Raptinus.
  • Monsters that are destroyed is not a big disadvantage, with the help of Woodland Archer, you can easily draw your desired useful gemini monster for a specific situation. Blazewing Butterfly is one of the key card of this deck, it can easily summon your gemini monster as a "effect" monster from your graveyard.
  • Fusion summoning Superalloy Beast Raptinus is made easy by Fusion Sage, if your fusion monster was summoned it usually guarantees victory.
  • By equipping Big Bang Shot to your opponent's monster and activating Darkstorm Dragon effect, you can clear your opponent's field and make a direct attack.
  • Phoenix Gearfried can serve as a rescue card that can easily turn the tide once successfully summoned as a effect monster, it has the effect that can easily fill up the board with monsters from your graveyard. If this card's effect is active, it can hold your opponent from recklessly casting spells.

Gemini cards

Gemini monsters

Gemini monsters are all normal monsters with effects that can be activated by normal summoning them. To use their abilities, you will have to use up your normal summon by selecting the card when they're face up on the field and normal summon them. You can only normal summon 1 monster per turn, if you use that to get a monster to the field then you will have to wait until next turn to do it.

Sending them to the graveyard

Since all of them are normal monsters at first, you can use Order to Charge to deal with any monster. This will send them to the graveyard, which will only help you later when you have Woodland Arher. Alternatively, you can also use Enemy Controller to tribute your own monster to send them to the graveyard, or use it to protect your monster so you can normal summon it later.

Using them from the graveyard

Woodland Archer can be special summoned when you have at least 2 normal monsters, and since all gemini monsters are considered to be normal monsters when in the graveyard, this means that any monster in the graveyard will benefit the archer. The other use for monsters in the graveyard is to revive them by using Blazewing Butterfly to get any gemini monsters back on to the field.

Instant activation

Cards that let you special summon monsters will allow you to use 1 normal summon per turn to activate a monster's effect immediately. Cards like Regretful Rebirth for Gemini Scorpion can make you special summon a gemini monster from your hand.

Super Double Summon

Super Double Summon is a quick-play spell, which allows any gemini monster to have it's ability instantly. It's not recommended to use Super Double Summon during your turn to attack the enemy, since most players often have defensive cards like Windstorm of Etaqua or Sphere Kuriboh. Use this to destroy enemy monster during their turn or use it for Blazewing to revive any gemini monster with it's effects already available.

Useful cards

Phoenix Gearfried
Phoenix Gearfried
Effects can be activated once a spell card is also activated, a great boosts for the deck since deck consists of low level monsters.
Darkstorm Dragon
Darkstorm Dragon
A great card with a well balance ATK and DEF. Its effect can only be use if there is a "faced up" spell/trap you control.
Superalloy Beast Raptinus
Superalloy Beast Raptinus
No specific recipe needed to successfully fusion this card(any gemini monster will do).The effect can make you summon a gemini(effect)monster.
Double Summon
Double Summon
This card allows you to summon your "faced up" normal gemini monster into effect monster, in addition you can make another normal summon from hand.
Gemini Booster
Gemini Booster
A great ATK boosts, plus can easily convert your gemini monster into a effect monster once destroyed.
A great beatdown card, especially when effect is activated, it can easily help you flood the board.
Herculean Power
Herculean Power
Once resolves it can help you summon your normal gemini monster into effect monster the next turn.
Symbols of Duty
Symbols of Duty
A useful card to special summon your high level gemini monster and activate its effect(if it was in the graveyard).
A great support card for your fusion monster, can also retain board presence.
Jerry Beans Man
Jerry Beans Man
More normal monsters will help Woodland Archer be summoned easier and can also be used for Order to Charge.
Magical Reflect Slime
Magical Reflect Slime
Most of the gemini monsters start out weak, this one uses its low attack to deal damage. Use this together with Half-Shut for more damage and to attack again next turn.
Gemini Soldier
Gemini Soldier
Protect this card for one turn, switch to defense position next turn and use Super Double Summon when an enemy attacks.
Cry Havoc!
Cry Havoc!
Woodland archer will be less usable if you use this, but this allows you to have more normal summons per turn, which will allow you to activate their effects the turn you summon them.
Regretful Rebirth
Regretful Rebirth
Use this together with Blazewing Butterfly to revive any gemini monster or Gemini Scorpion to special summon a gemini monster from your hand.
Goggle Golem
Goggle Golem
Similar to Bronto but less attack and easier to obtain.


Hot New Top
Gemini guy
This is the only consistent versions of the deck. As much as I like him, gunzblazing made a terrible deck. This guarantees a fusion and (usually) a 2.7 or 2.8k beater first term EVERY hand. Not great for long drawn out duels but overwhelms extremely fast
<< Anonymous(Gemini guy)
Some guy 21days ago Reply
Lol. I'm a fan of gunsblazing too. But yeah sometimes he gets it wrong.
<< Anonymous(Gemini guy)
Anoymous 11days ago Reply
This guy has the right idea. Start with an early fusion and try to overload the opponent with strong monsters. It's not amazing, but it's solid and decently consistent. For all of you suggesting a deck full of Gemini support and equip cards, feel free to show examples, because I have yet to see such a deck that really worked.
<< Anonymous
Player J 4days ago Reply
In response to Anonymous, No! The guy who made this post doesn't have the right idea. The person doesn't even have a clue! I have faced several Gemini players. These players I faced hang out together. They have their own little Gemini click/gang. I believe they are Gemini Masters. No one plays Gemini decks like them. I have been slaughtered by them on occasion! Continue...
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J 4days ago Reply
The point is I am no Gemini expert. However, I have spoken with Gemini experts! I have been crushed by these Experts. I asked them for tips! They told me BRANCH! They said any Gemini deck which doesn't have branch is trash! So The Gemini Guy deck is trash! The player using that deck doesn't have branch. I barely know anything about Gemini's. Yet, I know enough to say that this deck is trash.
Emily 21days ago
This should be one of the most viable versions. The deck needs 3 skulllairs to fight against BEWD and Relinquished (otherwise they are a countermatchup vs gemini)
Another version could be replacing the 2 woodland archers with eliminating the league to get a guaranted trap every duel. But this version has troubles vs a lot of backrow.
<< Anonymous(Emily)
Anoymous 11days ago Reply
Yeah, be careful with those archers. They're good when you're running 5 spells + 15 monsters, but in a deck like this, there's a chance of getting stuck with an archer + spell + trap + high level monster opening hand, which is bad.
<< Anonymous
Player J 11days ago Reply
I think your deck has conflict! You never want to open with archer because his effect only works when you have cards in your grave. For these reasons, You are not running 3x archer which has justification. You are wanting to Top deck into Archer middle to late game once your grave as filled! However, I than run into another issue! You have Skull Lair in this deck? Continue...
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J 11days ago Reply
Skull Lair banishes monsters from the grave which makes me than feel concerned. The reason why is because if your resolving Skull Lair. By the time you get to middle/late game, You might not have any monsters in the grave. Your Archer seems misplaced in this deck. Continue...
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J 11days ago Reply
I think you need to replace Archer or replace Skull lair. My guess is you use Archer as tribute folder for the Fusion majority of the time? He doesn't seem very use-able other ways.
So i tried to make a gemini deck and would love some advice as a new player!
<< Anonymous(Newb)
Deja 27days ago Reply
the draw back to your deck is that the only way to destroy a spell or trap is to summon one of your big boys; which you'll NEED to perform a fusion summon and then draw a butterfly... It's not lacking in power but needs more of an ability to counter. While also increasing the decks synergy.
Gemini sucks
The sample deck sucks so bad it loses 8 games out of 10 against standard duelists at stage 51. I now regret spending all of these SR orbs and coins for making this Gemini deck. If anyone is thinking of using Gemini deck, my advice is to slap yourself for even thinking about it. Let it be known that Gemini cards are the biggest scam in DuelLink.
<< Anonymous(Gemini sucks)
Omega8Trigun 28days ago Reply
This is a deck for pvp not pve.
Well, after reading all of these comments I now realize I have totally wasted my sr orbs and my gold...awesome
Wish there was a way
Here is what I have so far any ideas would be great.

Weevil with sense insect(search for blazewing or grasschopper) or
Someone with sense fire(search for blazewing or Phoenix gearfried)
21 card deck
3xblazewing butterfly
3xwoodland archer
1xpheonix gearfried
1xdarkstorm dragon
1xsymbols of duty
2xwicked-breaking flamberge
2xbig bang shot
1xfusion sage
1xfusion substitute
2xgemini booster
Extra deck(3)
3xsuperalloy beast raptinus

Also a sidedeck thought was 3xBeetron to summon blazewing from grave after using in fusion(Just make a 24 card deck to add a even monster trap ratio) although don't think you can get 3.
2xwonder balloons (instead of 1 of each equip)

Thoughts people??
Goggle Golem prevents dead hands most games and has 2100 atk. Also Gemini booster is ridiculously underrated. With Golem it's an easy 2800 atk
So expensive
Heres my gemini deck, what do you think? Does pretty well tbh
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
This deck sucks no storm dragon no phoenix no fusion dragon = o wins
LMAO where is the Gemini Scorpion?
<< Anonymous(Vilandry)
Anoymous Reply
because scorpion is useless in this deck
I gave up
Man... with all these new cards Gemini still suck. You have to put in so many spell cards just to get your monsters rolling and you are still very easy to lose due to crappy backrow. Other than Duel Standby switcheroo is a must for this deck. I can't imagine how aweful this deck will become when switcheroo got nerfed.
<< Anonymous(I gave up)
Anoymous Reply
Last gamble is good as well since this deck
Cry havoc only works from the hand

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