Gemini Beatdown: deck recipe

Gemini guy
This is the only consistent versions of the deck. As much as I like him, gunzblazing made a terrible deck. This guarantees a fusion and (usually) a 2.7 or 2.8k beater first term EVERY hand. Not great for long drawn out duels but overwhelms extremely fast
3 extra deck is self explanitory
Why Goggle Golem over Branch?
1 mirror wall n u are fkk lol
This deck cannot handle opponent's back row at all. Also the RNG would screw you very often by starting you with woodland archers. I had a similar deck and I grew to hate woodland archers because of it.
Im Running the same deck minus -1 gearfreid, -1 darkstorm, -1 woodland archer, and -2 goggle golems. im also only running 1 fusion sage but in replacement i have Skelesaurusx2, Mirror Wallx2 and Gemini Boosterx2. Gearfreid and darkstorms abilities both work in conjunction with mirror wall and gemini booster.
Player J
1) You have no spell or trap removal.
2) You have no traps in your deck at all.
3) You are missing the best Gemini support cards.

Conclusion: Your deck is bad!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
You forgot he dont have any equip spells in his deck
Some guy
Lol. I'm a fan of gunsblazing too. But yeah sometimes he gets it wrong.
This guy has the right idea. Start with an early fusion and try to overload the opponent with strong monsters. It's not amazing, but it's solid and decently consistent. For all of you suggesting a deck full of Gemini support and equip cards, feel free to show examples, because I have yet to see such a deck that really worked.
<< Anonymous
Player J
In response to Anonymous, No!
The guy who made this post doesn't have the right idea.
The person doesn't even have a clue!

I have faced several Gemini players.
These players I faced hang out together.
They have their own little Gemini click/gang.
I believe they are Gemini Masters.
No one plays Gemini decks like them.
I have been slaughtered by them on occasion!

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
The point is I am no Gemini expert.
However, I have spoken with Gemini experts!
I have been crushed by these Experts.

I asked them for tips!
They told me BRANCH!
They said any Gemini deck which doesn't have branch is trash!

So The Gemini Guy deck is trash!
The player using that deck doesn't have branch.
I barely know anything about Gemini's.
Yet, I know enough to say that this deck is trash.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Someone needs to chill with the exclamation marks
<< Anonymous(Player J)
I would agree that the deck is trash, but not because it doesnt have branch. Watch top tier duelist like gunsblazing or Dkayed. Neither of them run branch.
<< Anonymous(Ik)
Player J
It seems like me & you(IK) have different definitions of what qualifies a person to be considered a top tier duelist.

I consider Gunsblazing & Dkayed great duelist.
However, They are a long way off from being considered a top tier duelist.

They aren't even close!
It seems to me like you have never seen any top tier duelist before.

Top Tier Duelist are very serious!

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Top Tier Duelist treat dueling as a job/profession.
They generally avoid social media.

Same thing can be said for any top tier professional.
They get swarmed with fans & media.
Thus, They spend there social time in isolated.

The majority of top tier duelist don't like sharing their secrets.
Some of them are nice & are willing to show a deck profile etc.

However, The majority of them don't!

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
In fact, The game made a rule which has players submitting there deck profiles.

Some players didn't like sharing deck profiles because they considered it their life's work.

Gunsblazing & Dkayed are very helpful.
They are entertaining.
They are great duelist.

However, I honestly believe they would get destroyed by a top tier player.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
As far as myself goes, I am a mediocre player at best.
I can't even farm level 40 Bakura.
So yeah I'm a trash duelist.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
@PlayerJ you apparently think a "top tier" player can somehow do more with a deck that another player couldn't. There are limited cards in the game, each of which has limited interactions. Any player with the same deck has the same chances with it. You meant top tier Deck builders I think, not duelists.
Replace the x2 Fusion Sage with King of the Swamp which has the same ability as Fusion Sage, but also doubles as a Fusion Sub. As a Fusion Sub in this deck; you would be able to summon other monsters like Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman, Red-Eyes Slash Dragon, or even just Elemental Hero Neos Knight. Gemini decks are among the best for fusion summons.
How about now with all the new geminis?


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Ban this card. It's too strong. I always win when my opponent plays it.
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