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Marik Ishtar is a character that's suspected to be coming soon. There are several files found in the game showing a character selection icon, and a player profile icon. Similar to Yugi Muto, he has an alter ego called Yami Marik. His Yami version is more likely to be an unlockable character to avoid having 2 of the same character. Marik Ishtar might make an appearance through a mini event just like the Yugi Muto event.


Based on the anime, Marik Ishtar takes control of other people and use their decks to duel and does not duel himself, unless he is in his Yami Marik form. If he were to appear, he could be bringing other gravekeeper monsters like Gravekeeper's Descendant, similar to Ishizu and Odion's duel rewards.

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May be a fun event
He is certainly coming. Yami Marik already gave a hint.
Marik will be a Christmas event. His main card will be the Winged Dragon of Ra. That is also when the Egyptian God Cards will come out. When you summon them to the field the music will switch to the Egyptian God theme. Some of Marik's level up rewards are Juragedo, Newdoria, Makura the Destructor, and Gravekeeper's Visionary. Marik's event will be similar to the Bakura event. Collect dice and win. At 200,000 points, you will unlock Marik. Marik has specific dialogue with Yugi, Joey, Bakura, Kaiba, Odion, and Ishizu. There will be a bonus summoning animation for Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Yours truly, $YRU$
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This guy is just speculating. He said Makyura the Destructor would come with Marik and that card is banned in the TCG.
<< Anonymous
He's not speculating, you fucktard. He's predicting. Do you even know what that means, cunt?
<< Anonymous(DEATH)
Anonymous Reply
you're my favourite
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bahaha Dumbass ^ RA is out your such a dumbass lol i know this was written months ago but seriously lmao he predicted one card so far!
For those who were wondering about Marik Ishtar in this event.
This our clue.
<< Anonymous(YamiRyou)
Anonymous Reply
Even if it's just a silhouette, @Valencia and fujoshis will be overjoyed. :)
<< Anonymous(YamiRyou)
Valencia Reply
Hot dang, there he is! I think I saw this on the Reddit Duel Links page. I thought that there would be some foreshadowing to him, and it looks like I was right. Looking at this and the ending to the first part of the Yami Marik event, you could say that Konami likes to create suspense.
Everyone saying Marik looks like a girl, did you saw the series? he looked like a girl too xD I love him though <3
<< Anonymous(Malik)
Malik, you sicko whore. Not everyone wants to Marik like you, so shut your mouth.
Anonymous, who said that he hates Marik because he is black, please go inhale water until you drown, then throw yourself into a moving car, and stab yourself with a piece of glass.
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Booty Black Reply
I wouldn't do that! I want to die of gang-rape!
<< Anonymous(Booty Black)
Sirius Black Reply
Imma die like a dog.
<< Anonymous(Booty Black)
Drink Bleach Reply
You're a hoe!
skill: draws from opponent's deck instead of your own
I think Marik will share the same battle music as either Yugi and Téa, Joey and Mai, or Ishizu and Odion. I think his signature monster is Millennium Golem.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
While would his signature monster be something that bad?
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
I am hoping that Marik will get his own original battle music. I can't see him getting the first two pairs you mentioned. (Wouldn't mind if he did, though. Cool tunes!) But I wouldn't be surprised if he got Ishizu's and Odion's theme. Hope that he doesn't though, because that BGM is sort of droney and sleep-inducing after a while.
Dont worry ill be coming to effing game soon binkey boy
Dont worry ill be coming to effing game soon binkey boy
Hope he brings Gravekeeper's Servant and other GK supports with him.
sry mirror force is banned sow marik dont have mirror force
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mirror force never been forbidden and now its unlimited
I think his drops are going to be Gravekeeper's cards, especially Necrovalley.

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