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update 18/04/2017

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Marik Ishtar is a character that's suspected to be coming soon. There are several files found in the game showing a character selection icon, and a player profile icon. Similar to Yugi Muto, he has an alter ego called Yami Marik. His Yami version is more likely to be an unlockable character to avoid having 2 of the same character. Marik Ishtar might make an appearance through a mini event just like the Yugi Muto event.


Based on the anime, Marik Ishtar takes control of other people and use their decks to duel and does not duel himself, unless he is in his Yami Marik form. If he were to appear, he could be bringing other gravekeeper monsters like Gravekeeper's Descendant, similar to Ishizu and Odion's duel rewards.

Expected cards


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According to the news, a new Legendary Duelist is set to appear toward the end of May. Upon opening the app once last week and twice today, I've heard Mario's voice in the title screen. So Marik is definitely coming.
<< Anonymous(Vegito)
Anoymous Reply
Hate to be the bearer of bad news...
<< Anonymous
Vegito Reply
Yeah I read about them in the feed. Why them is beyond me. Ultimate Dragon is easier to summon than Gate Guardian. And Mystical Beast of Serket and Temple of Kings doesn't work on it.
<< Anonymous(Vegito)
Anoymous 27days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Steve (not marik) 4days ago Reply
He'd probably be goomba stopping his opponent that dueling um one turn kill
i want mirror force, now!
<< Anonymous(cece)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Reply
You can't get mirror Force, it's banned
<< Anonymous(( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) )
uhh Reply
Since when? It's been unbanned in the tcg for a while now.
<< Anonymous(cece)
Anoymous Reply
in duel links only destroy monster in defense. ruined card.
<< Anonymous
Who 9days ago Reply
You mean dark mirror force
Today I've reinstalled Duel Links, and during the download of datas the app showed me Marik, along with his description and his lava golem °°
<< Anonymous
Ur gay Reply
Liar they only show cards. Suck it
<< Anonymous(Ur gay)
Anoymous 18days ago Reply
they only show cards? suck it hard ma boi.
Ray Yagami 8days ago
Marik is the best..
<< Anonymous(Ray Yagami)
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
..bitch. Yeah pretty sure he is the best bitch
G-Kun 24days ago
I hope this will be big event, not like "mokuba" the son of bitch!
<< Anonymous(G-Kun)
Anoymous 10hour ago Reply
I found new leaks call the number 248 434 5508
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Is that even real? If it is, you're an idiot for posting your phone number on the internet.
Just so everyone knows. These are cards he is expected to use, NOT GIVE OUT. Everyone was afraid of tribute to the doomed and sakuretsu armour being added to the game before bakura's mini event, but we still can't get them. He may give some of these, but don't fret over the game breaking ones
<< Anonymous
MrDude 5days ago Reply
Tribute to the Doomed was just added in the latest pack, so there is a chance more of these cards can be added at some point.
Will Marik ever be playable?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Definitely, but not now.
Man i can see so many gravekeeper's deck coming!!!!
Wat? 3days ago
I thought marik ishtar was a girl xD
Cards expected are the structure deck for 2011 what about stuff he used in the anime like holding arms and juregedo
Mirror Force would absolutely destroy the game.

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