Piranha deck to farm Pegasus Lvl 40

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update 07/02/2017
Note: This deck does not guarantee 100% win. If you have a good idea to farm Pegasus, kindly share with us. Thanks!

Overview / rating

Obtainable score5000-7000
Essential skillNone
Essential cards

Example deck

Main x20

Piranha ArmyMillennium ScorpionMillennium ScorpionLeotaurLeotaurGuardian Statue
Guardian StatueWarrior Dai GrepherWarrior Dai GrepherRiryokuRiryokuTwister
MetalmorphCurse of AnubisTrap JammerTrap JammerTrap JammerWindstorm of Etaqua
Spell PurificationSpell Purification--------

Set skill

None, since this deck is built to be used to farm Pegasus without a specific skill. This means any Legendary Duelist can use this to learn drop skills, but you can use skills to help the deck by using "Balance" or "Switcheroo".

How to use this deck

1Destroy/return Pegasus's Toon monsters and Big-Tusked Mammoth using Guardian Statue, Leotaur, and Spell Purification.
2Tribute summon a Millennium Scorpion and attack with the monster to increase the Atk over 6,000.
3Summon a Piranha Army and use 2 copies of Riryoku to shift the buffed Atk of the Scorpion to that of the Piranha.
4If the Atk of the Scorpion was 6,000, the Atk of Piranha can be 5300 now. Then get it to attack Pegasus's LP directly. Due to the effect of the Piranha, you can achieve "Over 9,999 Damage".

Aim for "Over 9,999 Damage"!

If you have Piranha Army, Millennium Scorpion, and 2 copies of Riryoku, "Over 9,999 Damage" can be achieved. Since the goal of this deck is just to get the assessment, you can arrange this deck relatively freely.

  • How to inflict "Over 9,999 Damage":

    If you can increase the Atk of the Scorpion to 6,000 or more, the Piranha can get 5,300 or more Atk with 2 copies of Riryoku.

  • How to prevent the Scorpion from being destroyed:

    Set a Trap Jammer to negate the activation of Michizure.

If a bunch of Toons summoned

Use Spell Purification or Twister to destroy Pegasus's Toon World, then Toon monsters are also destroyed. You should activate those Spell removal cards in battle phase, then your Trap Jammer can negate the activation of Michizure or Judgment of Anubis.

To finish a duel successfully

  • Keep 1 space for a Piranha Army on your monster zone.
  • Even if a duel is not good and you see that "Over 9,999 Damage" cannot be accomplished, just finish a duel with "Over 5,000 Damage". You will get around 5,000 score even in this case.

Possible replacements

Dream Clown
Dream Clown
You can make this deck similar to Clown deck using Dream Clown and Crass Clown.
Sphere Kuriboh
Sphere Kuriboh
Useful to defends your monster from being attacked by Big-Tusked Mammoth.
Secret Pass to the Treasures
Secret Pass to the Treasures
Allows your Piranha Army to attack Pegasus's LP directly. Should be activated before buff up the Atk of the Piranha.
Insect Imitation
Insect Imitation
In case you have only a copy of Millennium Scorpion.
A substitute for Spell Purification. Should be used with Malfunction to negate the activation of Judgment of Anubis or Michizure.
Used with De-Spell to safely remove Pegasus's Toon World.


Puppo 6days ago
Would he attack if des counterblow is in play?
I`m thinking of a combo along with curse of anubis
Knoxx 6days ago
He waits until he can defeat you in one turn.
Puppo 6days ago
Would he attack if des counterblow is in play?
I`m thinking of a combo along with curse of anubis
anoymous 6days ago
So I used Piranha & unhappy girl as to farm Pegasus. In the last round, I ritual summon DMC then I used Martyr and Riryoku and shooting star bow so I can directly attack Pegasus. However it turned out that it couldn't attack and I lost! I wonder what is wrong with my strategy! Thank you for helping in advance!
superstan3 6days ago
The mammoth? You need to kill it...
Knoxx 6days ago
Probably The Freaking Mammoth. Stops your monsters from attacking during the turn they are summoned.
anoymous 6days ago
Trap jammer doesn't stop michizure
anoymous 6days ago
Lol you can't activate it on the turn you set it.
anoymous 5days ago
I set it the turn before
anoymous 5days ago
It was probably out of the battle step
anoymous 5days ago
That's my point. Michizure only activates after the damage step. Trap jammer can't stop it.
Daemon Blitzkrieg 5days ago
But Trap Jammer can be activated AT ANY TIME during the Battle Phase, which includes all of those Steps.
Mid-Evil 10days ago
I use a deck very similar to this but add in Temple of the Kings, Mystical Beast of Serket, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. May be a little overkill but who doesn't like to watch those attacks go higher.
Daemon Blitzkrieg 1/1/1970
Hmmm, not impossible & Guardian Statue is actually way better than Clown (more consistent once down). However, might I suggest the main goal being 2 Millineum Scorps on the field, 1 attacking 1 intimidating, & leaving the last spot open. Last turn, summon Piranha, do your Ryoku thing...but with beatdown from Kaiba? That's +600 even if something went wrong or only 1 say Union Attack, or not 100% this deck.
NazeTurbine 1/1/1970
Unrealistic but it is possible. Nice guide though.

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