Starter Guide for New Duelists

Here are 7 things you need to know in the beginning of the game. Welcome to Duel Links World!
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update 07/02/2017

Before Jumping into Duel World

0.5. Associate your account with Konami Id

Just in case you lose your game data, make your game data be connected with your Konami id. You can recover easily when you uninstall the app unintentionally by doing so. For more details of transferring/recovering data, check the link below.
→ How to transfer/save game data

1. Pick a starter duelist

Yami Yugi or Kaiba Seto?

In the beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose a starter from the two: Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba. Yami Yugi can be a better option since it's easier to make a deck using his skill. For a discussion on the issue, check the link below.

Regardless of the one you choose, the other will become available once you reach Stage 15 and complete character unlock missions.

2. Learn Speed Duel


In Duel Links, speed duel format is applied. Check differences between speed duel rules and that of OCG/TCG!

Speed DuelOCG/TCG
Deck size20-3040
Field size3 cards5 cards
Starting hand4 cards5 cards

If you are new to Yu-Gi-Oh, just play the game to learn the basics. The game helps you enjoy a Duel by giving a tutorial.

3. Rerolling is unnecessary, but...

I would say you should get Sphere Kuriboh or Wonder Balloons by rerolling although most of players do not do so in the game due to time-effectiveness.

For what rerolling is and how to reroll, check the link below.

Booster Packs

In the game players open a pack by spending Gems that they can obtain limited amount of or making an in-app purchase.

4. Plan what deck you want to build

You should find a deck you want to play and pick an appropriate booster pack that contains cards what you need. Consumes Gem efficiently to avoid in-app purchase.

5. Note free gem locations

By tapping free gem locations on the screen, you can find free Gem if you are lucky. For those locations, check the link below.

Stage Missions

6. Defeat all NPCs before moving to next Stage

You should know that full respawn of standard duelists happen when you proceed to the next stage. That helps you save Duel Orb.
→Details of Duel Orb.

1Complete all missions for a current stage.
2Have duels against all the available Standard Duelists before going to the next stage.

Note: Once you receive the reward for "Complete all Stage Missions [#]", you are moved up to the next stage.
3Now no Standard Duelist is available.
4Receive the reward for "Complete all Stage Missions [#]", then you move to the next stage.
5Full of Standard Duelists respawn.

7. Use LIGHT monster and Trap cards actively

Summon LIGHT-attribute monster and activate Trap cards frequently from the early stage of the game. That is a key to unlock Ishizu and Odion smoothly.

NameTrigger event
Defeat Legendary Duelists 50 time(s).
→ Tips for unlocking Keith
Successfully perform 150 Tribute Summons.
Summon LIGHT Monster(s) 200 time(s) in total.
→ Tips for unlocking Ishizu
Use Trap Cards 300 times.
→ Tips for unlocking Odion

8. Stay at Stage 33 - 38

This is just a suggestion, but it's better to pause at Stage 33-38 than moving forward to higher Stages for the following two reasons.

  • From Stage 39, Standard duelists (Lvl 39) use decks that you cannot defeat easily with Auto Duel.
  • Lvl 33 Standard duelists who use "Magical Hats" deck or "Flip for Real" deck are the best for you to farm to collect Gate Keys.
Standard Duelists' decks by Level
Lvl 1 (Stage 1-6)Lvl 5 (Stage 7-10)
Lvl 10 (Stage 11-13)Lvl 14 (Stage 14-19)
Lvl 20 (Stage 20-26)Lvl 27 (Stage 27-32)
Lvl 33 (Stage 33-38)Lvl 39 (Stage 39-44)
Lvl 45 (Stage 45-50)--

8.5. Tips and FAQs

Duels against Legendaries

9. Win with a high Duel Assessment

After each duel, you will be scored based on completed duel assessments. You can obtain more duel rewards as you get higher score.

10. Do not waste Gate Keys

To have duels against Legendary Duelists at the Gate, you spend required amount of keys. Here are tips for using Gate Keys wisely.
→ Details of Gate Key

  • Beat them to complete Stage missions

    Some of Stage missions require you to defeat Legendary Duelists, so you can spend Gate Keys for seeing Legendary Duelists and completing missions.
  • Pick cards you want to obtain

    Basically, most of players farm Seto Kaiba level 30 or 40 to get Enemy Controller. See Duel reward tier list below.

Card Trader

Card Trader is unlocked when you reach Stage 7, and he offers cards that you cannot obtain by purchasing boosters, leveling up characters, and winning duels. You need to have trader items to get card from him.
→ Trader item: Gold
→ Trader item: Stone and Jewel

11. Trade a card to complete Stage mission

It is the best to trade a card while card trading Stage/Weekly missions appear.

StageCard Trading missions
Stage 7Make a trade with the Card Trader 1 time(s).
Stage 17Make a trade with the Card Trader 1 time(s).
Stage 26Make a trade with the Card Trader 3 time(s).

12. Cerberus will be the first one you trade

I strongly recommend you to trade Mythical Beast Cerberus. The monster card is necessary to build a deck to farm some of Legendary Duelists.
→ High Score Cerberus: deck recipe

CardRequired Item
Mythical Beast Cerberus
Mythical Beast Cerberus
  • 40,000 Gold
  • SR Jewel x4
  • Stone of Light x15

13. Cards must not be converted

Basically you must not convert Legendary Duelists' signature cards that are contained in their starter decks into trader item since some of Stage 48 missions ask you to use those cards 3 times each.

Card conversion?

When you visit Card Trader, you can convert a card into trader items, such as Gold and Stone/Jewel.

Part of Stage 48 missionsCard
Normal Summon Dark Magician Girl 3 times.Dark Magician Girl
Normal Summon The Legendary Fisherman 3 times.The Legendary Fisherman
Normal Summon Barrel Dragon 3 times.Barrel Dragon
Normal Summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon 3 times.Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Normal Summon Dark Magician 3 times.Dark Magician
Use Blast Held by a Tribute 3 times.Blast Held by a Tribute


  • I've already sold a signature card. What should I do?

    Fortunately you can get those signature cards as reward for winning duels against legendary duelists who use them. See character details pages or Duel Reward Tier List.

Otherwise, you can use the card Exchange when dueling against the LD to take it from them so you can use it.

Advanced Guide

Check this page for an advanced guide to improve your game.


Hunbaut 1/1/1970
How do I banish cards from my graveyard to activate Bazoo the Soul-eater?
MrE 1/1/1970
Must have a banish effect card. Monster,spell or trap
Ragnar 1/1/1970
Guys, I need some help about reset the packs? What do you think about this situation, am I right in thinking reset packs or finish the number
Arzie 1/1/1970
reseting the pack will reset the available card pool. If u plan to get a certain ur, it's much better to keep buying the packs until u get that card.
Chris 1/1/1970
#6 is confusing to me.

I thought once you complete the stage missions, you're automatically moved onto the next stage. How do you prevent yourself from moving on?

anoymous 1/1/1970
Just dont collect the reward and it wont move you up
amber wright 1/1/1970
can you play this game offline to?
anon 1/1/1970
anoymous 1/1/1970
choose yugi not kaiba.. i made a mistake picking kaiba and now i cant unlock enemy controller.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Choosing Kaiba gives you better chance for a 3000 or more damage for another 500 points. By the time you unlock the lvl 30 Kaiba deck to farm Enemy Controller, you already have unlocked a few characters already and Yugi as well.
Arzie 1/1/1970
u can still change your character and duel kaiba. so technically, it doesnt matter who u pick. Just a bit more efficient if u pick yugi bcuz at stage 15/16, the stage mission require u to battle kaiba lvl 30. just that advantage, nothing else i believe
David 1/1/1970
Thanks for this. This is very helpful.
Balloo 1/1/1970
I have sold signature cards and now i read this guide that says in stage 48 i need to use each card three times what should i do plz!
GameA1 1/1/1970
Hi Balloo, Thank you for your questions. You can still get those signature cards as rewards for winning duels against legendary duelists who use them.
GYRO 1/1/1970
Use exchange to steal the card- then use it

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With 3 mirror wall any deck works xd
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