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This page notes what a chain and the chain link are, how they works, and spell speeds.
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update 19/12/2016

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What is a chain?

A chain is a process that players pile up the activation of card effects. In the card game, a player can use a card effect when the other card's effect is activated.

Chain resolution

Player X uses the effect of the card A. Then, player Y responds to the activation by playing the card B. Moreover, player X activates card C to reply. In that case, card A is chain link 1, card B is chain link 2, and card C is chain link 3.

Chain 1 Chain 2 Chain 3
Card A Card B Card C

Now, players resolve the chains. Card C is dealt with at first and card A is resolved at last.

Chain Link

Chain link is the chains piled up. Card effects that are activated by declaring the use of cards only make chains.

Spell Speed

Lower spell speed card cannot be played against the activation of higher spell speed card. For example, Heavy Storm (Spell speed 1) cannot be activated against the effect of Seven Tools of the Bandit (Spell speed 3).

Card type
1Norma/equip/continuous/field/ritual spell
Monster's ignition/trigger/flip effect
2Quick-play spell
Monster's quick effect
Normal/continuous trap
3Counter trap

Spell speed 1

Spell speed 1 is the slowest. Spell speed 1 cards cannot be activated against the activation of spell speed 2 or 3 cards.

Spell speed 2

Spell speed 2 cards can be played to response to the activation of spell speed 1 or 2 cards.

Spell speed 3

Spell speed 3 cards can be used against every spell speed 1, 2, and 3. That means spell speed 3 cards are only interfered by spell speed 3 cards.


Can someone help me please?
I have "Metalmorph", and "Cocoon of Ultra Evolution" set in my trap/magic zone.
The opponent used "Double cyclone" on my set Metalmorph, i activated it in response and attached Metalmorph onto my insect; However i am unable to chain and use my "Cocoon of Ultra Evolution" to tribute it, and the cyclone just destroyed my Metalmorph... Why am i unable to activate Cocoon?
Double cyslone Speed2 >
Metalmorph Speed2 >
Cocoone Speed2
<< Anonymous
Xenon Reply
Timing Issue?
Afair Cocoon need a monster ALREADY equipped with an equip spell/trap.
So while the chain resolve, the timing is missed(due not part of chain) as the monster get an equip and already lose it the next step.
At least that would be my explanation.
What if there are 2 or more mandatory effects like burning land? Do they chain by themselves?
<< Anonymous(Ti)
Ti Reply
Just checked, and no, it doesn't. It's broken coz they're supposed to.
Hi, could you please update this because skill speed is another catagory ranked 4, this is because nothing can activate in responce to a skill (continuous or not).

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