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This page explains what is reroll and the most efficient way to do so for getting cards you want.
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update 19/12/2016

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What is reroll?

Rerolling is the action of restarting your account, and using the free gems given to new players to get the thing that they want from the shop. Since they are usually super-rares, or ultra-rares, they have a small chance to obtain it, hence the repetition of uninstalling and reinstalling to delete the account and make a new one to keep doing it. Essentially similar to "rolling" a dice until you get lucky.

Rerolling in Duel Links

Rerolling in Duel Links is to re-open a pack that is given to you as the first and a reward for finishing a tutorial at the beginning of the game. You get three cards, and if those cards are not cards that you want, conduct rerolling.


Rerolling is just for players who just have started to play the game. They perform rerolling to re-open a first free-of-charge booster pack. Do not uninstall the app you have already made some progress in the game!

How to Reroll

In a General Way

1Install the app.
2A tutorial starts.
3Finish the tutorial.
4Receive mission reward and visit the Shop.
5Open a pack that is given to you for free of charge.
6If you are not satisfied with cards from the pack, uninstall the app back to the step 1.

Required time

One reroll in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links will take around 10 minutes.

What to get

If you are not sure what to get, be sure to check the reroll tier list page. It will get updated from time, depending on the currently available packs, as well as the current meta.


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Can sum1 help me, i reinstall the game for reroll but it keeps getting me to prev id how to erase the prev? I keep reinstalli g
<< Anonymous
Henry Reply
I am having the same issue! Someone help?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Clear Data. Simple.
Uninstalling the app seriously? You could have just clear the app data to reset the app and not downloading another 1gb+ of data of the game lol.
<< Anonymous
Anon Reply
You'll still download the data, the only advantage of deleting data is you don't need to download the app, which is about 80MB
What does the term "metta" mean
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
go into the program file -> steam -> steamapps -> common
then delete the yugioh file
then redownload from steam
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
actually that doesn't work
mahedi hasan
yeah all right all right all was right i was wrong
<< Anonymous(LottaTricks)
LottaLicks Reply
Hit it from the back, watch a nigga bless you
<< Anonymous(LottaLicks)
LottaRicks Reply
Crying on my arms like a nigga wrecked you
<< Anonymous(LottaDicks)
LottaFlicks Reply
Talking about a broken heart running to the restroom
<< Anonymous(LottaFlicks)
LottaChicks Reply
Need to find something better to wipe with
So my duel links game froze and then restarted to the beginning of the game what can I do and if I can how can I fix it?
So if I have spent a lot of money already amd played cor a minute, I cannot conduct a reroll without losing my progress?
Can i save my account just before i get gems, and after getting them roll back to before i got them ?
They are ripping little kids off
iam newbie,, what the differentiation between reroll and reset pack?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
reroll means to create a new account and get the best cards with your free 1st pack
reset pack is when you reset the number of boxes available in the box.
well, unless u are on wifi, expect to lose 500~ mb each time u reroll. not very data effective if u are on mobile data plan

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