Paradox Brothers unlock event: Guardians of the Gate

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update 26/05/2017

Event overview

PeriodMay 24 ~ 31
RewardsParadox Brothers and event exclusive rewards
RequirementStage 4 or above

Paradox Brothers: Guardian of the Gate is an event in Duel Links to unlock the Paradox Brothers. It is similar to the other unlockable character events, collect Maze Keys by dueling the duelists that appear in your duel world to duel Paradox Brothers at the gate and get event points to get exclusive rewards.

What makes this event different than the others is the choosing of a door. The Paradox Brothers will sometimes appear in your duel world, asking you which door you want to choose from 2 different doors. One leads to a high level of 50/40 with an added bonus to score, but also comes with a decrease if you lose the duel.

Event flow

1Collect Maze Keys by winning duels against Standard Duelists, Legendary Duelists, and the Vagabond.
2Challenge the Paradox Brothers at the Gate once you obtain required amount of Maze Keys.
3Earn "Points" after duels against Paradox Brothers based on Duel Assessment to unlock them and get exclusive event rewards.

Required Maze Keys and acquired Points

The amount of event points that you get is not the Duel Assessment from dueling against the Paradox Brothers, it is instead a multiplication of that DA score depending on what level you are dueling.

Paradox Brother's
Required Maze Keys (QTY)Acquired Points
105DA x1
2010DA x2.5
3020DA x7
4040DA x18
50-DA x20
Note: DA = Duel Assessment

Paradox Brothers level 50

After unlocking level 30 of Paradox Brothers on the gate, they can sometimes spawn in your duel world, asking you which door to choose. The one on the left can be either level 50 or 40, offering a higher score if you are able to win, but decreases your score if you lose. The door on the right offers no bonus.

Event exclusive skill

Paradox Brothers in this event uses exclusive skills, which are different from what players can obtain when using them as playable characters.

At level 20, he will start the duel with Shadow Ghoul on the field.

At level 30, he will start the duel with Labyrinth Tank on the field.

At level 40, he will start the duel with Labyrinth Wall on the field.

At level 50, he will start the duel with Gate Guardian on the field.

Event point rewards

100,000Oni Tank T-34Oni Tank T-34
180,000Paradox Brothers unlocked!
250,000Event sleeves
350,000Neo Aqua MadoorNeo Aqua Madoor
570,000Event Game Mat
1,000,000Archfiend PalabyrinthArchfiend Palabyrinth
1,800,000Event Icon

Total obtainable items

JewelUR x4, SR x7, R x8

Drop cards

Labyrinth WallLabyrinth Wall [SR]3.0/10
Extra GateExtra Gate [SR]5.0/10
DNA CheckupDNA Checkup [SR]6.0/10
Damage GateDamage Gate [SR]5.0/10
Dimension GateDimension Gate [SR]5.0/10
Labyrinth TankLabyrinth Tank [R]3.0 /10
Dungeon WormDungeon Worm [R]1.0 /10
Monster TamerMonster Tamer [R]1.0 /10
Beastking of the SwampsBeastking of the Swamps [R]1.0 /10
Giga-Tech WolfGiga-Tech Wolf [R]1.0 /10

Paradox Brothers' decks

Paradox Brothers Lvl 40 & 50

Farm Lvl 40

Farm Lvl 50

Lvl 30: Labyrinth of Nightmare

Note: Level 30 Paradox Brothers starts the duel with Labyrinth Tank on the field.

Giga-Tech WolfGiga-Tech WolfGiga-Tech WolfCannon SoldierCannon SoldierCannon Soldier
Beastking of the SwampsBeastking of the SwampsBeastking of the SwampsFusion SageFusion SageFusion Sage
PolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerizationFairy Meteor CrushFairy Meteor CrushJudgment of Anubis
Labyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of Nightmare-Labyrinth TankLabyrinth TankLabyrinth Tank

Lvl 20: Dagerous Maze

Note: Level 20 Paradox Brothers starts the duel with Shadow Ghoul on the field.

Giga-Tech WolfGiga-Tech WolfGiga-Tech WolfDjinn the Watcher of the WindDjinn the Watcher of the WindDjinn the Watcher of the Wind
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice BarrierBlizzed, Defender of the Ice BarrierBlizzed, Defender of the Ice BarrierMaster & ExpertMaster & ExpertMaster & Expert
Guardian of the LabyrinthGuardian of the LabyrinthGuardian of the LabyrinthMonster TamerDungeon WormGatekeeper
Monster GateMonster Gate----

Lvl 10: Wandering Road

Tripwire BeastTripwire BeastTripwire BeastDjinn the Watcher of the WindDjinn the Watcher of the WindDjinn the Watcher of the Wind
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice BarrierBlizzed, Defender of the Ice BarrierBlizzed, Defender of the Ice BarrierMaster & ExpertMaster & ExpertMaster & Expert
Gate DeegGate DeegGate DeegKumootokoKumootokoKumootoko
Zone EaterZone Eater----

Gate Guardian animation

If Paradox Brothers summons the Gate Guardian, an animation will play, similar to other characters with their special monster cards.


Hot New Top
Damn. Thats a great drop rate. Was really looking for gold. Who needs skills or gems... -.-
<< Anonymous(Marshall)
Anoymous Reply
i don't mind gold since i need it but not 500 gold need more of the 2000 gold chest
This event should last 3 days lol, even tho 2 days is more then enough
<< Anonymous(GitGut)
Anoymous Reply
I got almost 7m points with only one wall and 2 damage gate traps.
<< Anonymous(GitGut)
Anoymous Reply
So you were really lucky with the drops,good for you, they are trash cards anyway.
<< Anonymous(GitGut)
Anoymous Reply
fnk low drop rate damage gate :C
Guys i need help. This game isnt released inmy country so im using this apk but outdated one v.1.5.0 version. So now how can I update it?
<< Anonymous
PetiDora Reply
Go to Play Store if using androids or App Store for iPhones, search for Duel Links app and update there.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
^He said this game isn't released yet in his country.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Can u open the app? If not then there's nothing much u can do. If you can u should set up ur konami data transfer account. Make sure u remember the details. Then uninstall ur ygodl. Reinstalling the app: Download a good vpn client. Open the app and connect to a country which has ygodl (default usa). Then delete playstore data. Try open playstore and see if anything changed. If u follow..
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
.. the steps above properly u should be able to dl the official ygodl from playstore. After u dl the app just use the button "data transfer" and you're set to go. Btw guise i need help i cant buy packs using my debut card (ygo also isnt available in my country)
A question about gate guardian: when you have sanga , kazejin , suijin on the field why should you tribute them to summon gate guardian !!!?i know that has a high power but no effect ...
<< Anonymous(ali.v)
Anoymous Reply
Imo PvP is gonna be a hard counter to get rid of him on turn 1-3, if used correctly. pve it has lots of potential to open up new farming methods due to an awesome tanker on turn 1.
<< Anonymous(ali.v)
Blump Reply
One reason you might want guardian is because the opponent has the chance to win off deck drain. For example they play a blue eyes but keep it in attack mode and dont attack. The kazejin,suijin and sanga effect is now useless creating a potential stalemate. FIrst one to run out of cards wins.
<< Anonymous(ali.v)
Anoymous Reply
The skill makes them trash they cant atk So gategardian is better tham those 3 as I know
<< Anonymous
polaris Reply
no, level 57 std duelists such as equip and destroy or Insect fortress etc can easily wipe your 500LP in 1 turn .. especially Equip and Destroy deck..Gearfried + Black Pendant
How to unlock Paradox brothers lv40 at the gate? I once defeated lv30 at the duel world but lv40 is still unavailable at the gate.
<< Anonymous
PetiDora Reply
Beat the one on the gate.
They are giving us the Labyrinth Tank, but not giving the Cannon Soldier???
Spawn rate is so low dam
<< Anonymous
Otong Reply
Don't use paradox bros frequently during this event. They spawn for me every hour
So tbh The Brothers probably came in to make gate guardian not completely useless. It was nearly impossible to bring out before but now you could actually use it. Gate Guardian is close to useless anyways but being a 3750 beater second only to blue eyes ultimate, it may see some play other then against lvl 10 duelist cause there probably the only way you were going to summon him before
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
his skill to ssummon the gate made farming deck so Op now.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
He is third to blue eyes, 2nd one is master of oz
I'm a bit hard to beat P bros lvl 30, is there any deck to beat it?
<< Anonymous(adhityah)
TKSainto Reply
I used this, change Vassal and UA for Piranha and Gift if u don´t have any
<< Anonymous(TKSainto)
Anoymous Reply
Any cards that are lethal on lv 30 bros ?
<< Anonymous(adhityah)
Anonymous Reply
You could use a toon deck like I do I beat them lv 50
6000+ points, easy to customize, 100% win rate so far!
Check it out:
Well, now I can see that what people really like is to COMPLAIN:

- Muto's event: Meehhh, awful spawning rate, shitty drops, I want 7 Gandoras, 11 Valkyrions, 15 UA!

- Paradox Brothes' Event (wich will bring us more free direct and indirect gems): Meh, they dueled only twice in the anime, shitty cards, I want Marik, Yami Marik, blablabla.

I bet when Marik's event show up: Meh, shitty event, I wanted to duel every rare hunter, shitty drops, shitty rewards, I want Winged Dragon of Ra, blablabla.

Please, just enjoy the game or stop playing.
<< Anonymous
ali.v Reply
you're weakness is not his fault loser
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
the same to me
<< Anonymous
soemone Reply
it's fact if there are a lot of fuck people who just can blame. it's better than no events whatsoever. so, just enjoy the game
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Joey hasnt really dropped me anything ... (1 graceful) Oh well ... Paradox event done with in the day (3 of all sr's.) Seriously people ... its just like a starting hand ... just luck ...
For level 30 just use a deck that's good at getting strong monsters really fast to get over his labyrinth tanks. I used Gemini Fusion but kaibaman/red eyes/ should work well. Don't bother trying to farm level 30, level 40 is much easier.

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I would go as far as to say this is a staple in any water beatdown deck. It offers protection fro...
SRH isn't released yet though?
There's gravekeeper priestess to act as Necrovalley substitute.
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