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update 20/05/2017

Cards you should get!

This page shows popular cards which are available from Card Trader. Collect required trader items and get them before they are rotated out!

UR cards


Now being used in most farming decks, however, for starting duelists this card is a must, adding it in your competitive deck will work. Not to mention this card cannot be easily countered by Mirror Wall.


After having it available in Card Trader, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is more frequently being seen in ranked games supported by Champion's Vigilance.

Twin-Barrel Dragon

One of the a great 4 starred monster in the game so far, its effect can turn the game into your momentum depending on your luck, so having a copy of it is not really a good thing. It also belongs to Coin Toss deck and also viable with Luck on your side skill.

Red-Eyes B. Dragon

With Super Joey Event support cards such as Red-Eyes Spirit and Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact makes this card more interesting to get from the Card Trader.

Delta The Magnet Warrior

If you were able to farm enough Valkyrion the Magna Warrior and Gamma The Magnet Warrior from the previous Yugi Muto event, then this card is worth a shot from the card trader.

SR cards

Mythical Beast Cerberus

If you're a beginner in this game this card is a must to farm most of the Legendary Duelists at the gate, 1 or 2 copy of it will do.

Bazoo the Soul-Eater

This monster can easily overwhelm 4-6 card monster, using its effect can power it up to 2500ATK having this monster from card trader is a good deal.

Gravekeeper's Oracle

After being challenged to get Gravekeeper's Chief, Gravekeeper's Priestess and Gravekeeper's Recruiter from other Legendary Duelists, then having it available in Card trader is a relief.

Blue Dragon Summoner

A great support card for most decks that is rising up the meta. Getting 3 copies of it is a must.

Thunder Dragon

A great card to thin your deck, with the combination of Switcheroo skill this card becomes more viable in PVP decks.


This card is only obtainable from the card trader so having 3 copies of it for your fusion deck is a must.

Blazewing Butterfly

One of the key cards in Gemini deck. Having 3 copies is a must if your going to build the said deck.

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

This card might not have a lot of success to find any competitive deck to fit in, however, having a copy of it will provide an option for your Thunder Dragon.

R cards

Victory Viper XX03

If you're planning to build Victory Viper deck then obviously this card is a must to get from the card trader.

Guardian Statue

This card belongs to the top tier deck as of the moment which is Statue Control deck. Having 3 copies of it from card trader makes it more easier to build.

Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier

This card can fill in gaps on your Gravekeepers deck, if you're still missing a copy of your Recruiter or Priestess, this card can fit in.


This card can be used as a combo along with Windstorm of Etaqua it has the potential of clearing your opponent's monster field, it's better to have atleast a copy of it.

Magical Mallet

Since the use of Switcheroo will be limited on May 23, this card might be useful to have in some of decks arsenal. It may have a similar effect with Reload, however, in this card you can choose which cards to return to your deck.

N cards


Been a long time since this list updated. Too many new cards in trader and yet this list is not updated.
Some guy
Pretty decent list. However this list clearly needs to be updated.
Vanguard of the Dragon, Guardian Angel Joan, Supervise, totem dragon are more examples of cards that need to be mentioned.
(btw to anyone reading this later. If this list does get updated later, they didn't mention these cards when I wrote it).
<< Anonymous(Some guy)
Some other guy Reply
I believe your remarks carry the information in your parentheses, good sir. You needn't fret.

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Wow. Excuse you, but do you have bonz or Zane? Cause if not, then maybe you need to learn to read.
Silent Magician!!!!! NOOOBB!!!!! GOD!!!!!!! do you know anything??????!!!!!
ok, forget it. Just saw that it only triggers when the opponent destroys it. It's a shit-card
Needs update. You are limited to 2 Red Eyes spirit only after last update.
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