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Duel Links Duel-A-Thon, tips for farming points fast, rewards.
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The 5ds world will be available on Sep 25!
update 06/09/2018

Update Information

  • Cumulative Rewards Updated

Event details

Date6 Sept 13:00 - 13 Sept 13:00
RewardsNew card, Gems, Gold and Duel Orbs.

Duel to obtain points and fill up your Duel Meter. You will earn points whether you win or lose the duel, but surrendering will not give you any points. The Duel Meter resets every day at 18:00 (GMT+0). If your Duel Meter was not completely filled up, the portion of the meter that was filled up will be converted to Gold. Fill it all the way up to receive the cumulative rewards and the daily rewards!

Amount of Duel Meter Filled

KC Cup4030
Ranked Duels4030
Legendary Duelist(s)4030
The Vagabond4030
Standard Duelist(s)2015

Duel Meter Bonus

Every time you fill up your Duel Meter, there's a chance that your next meter will receive bonus points! The chance of receiving bonus points increases every time you fill up a Duel Meter.

Daily rewards

Duel MeterReward
1stGold x500
2ndDuel Orb x10
3rdGem x10
4thGold x1,500
5thGem x25

Cumulative rewards

500Gem x50
1200Gold x5,000
2100Spellstone Sorcerer Karood
Spellstone Sorcerer Karood
3200Gem x50
4400Gem x50
5600Zero Force
Zero Force
6800Gold x15,000
8000Gem x50

Card Rewards

Zero Force [SR]

Zero Force
Zero Force
Normal Trap
Duel-A-Thon [SR]
Activate only when a face-up monster you control is removed from play. The ATK of all face-up monsters on the field becomes 0.

Spellstone Sorcerer Karood [R]

Spellstone Sorcerer Karood
Spellstone Sorcerer Karood
LIGHT Spellcaster ★3
ATK 800 / DEF 1900
Duel-A-Thon [R]
Once per turn, when another Monster Card's effect is activated while there is no Spellstone Counter on this card, place 1 Spellstone Counter on this card (max. 1). This card gains 300 DEF for each Spellstone Counter on it. Once per turn, you can remove 1 Spellstone Counter from your side of the field to select 1 card in your opponent's Graveyard, and remove that card from play.

Previous Duel-A-Thon rewards

1st Duel-A-Thon: Gamushara

Normal Trap
When a Defense Position monster you control is targeted for an attack: Change that Defense Position monster to face-up Attack Position. Then, if the attacking monster is destroyed by that battle and sent to the Graveyard: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's original ATK in the Graveyard.

2nd Duel-A-Thon: Dash Warrior

ATK 600/DEF 1200
If this card attacks, it gains 1200 ATK during the Damage Step only.

3rd Duel-A-Thon: Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

2300 ATK/2100 DEF
If this is the only card in your hand, you can Normal Summon it without Tributing.

4th Duel-A-Thon: Wetlands

Field Spell Card
All Aqua-Type/WATER/Level 2 or lower monsters gain 1200 ATK.

5th Duel-A-Thon: Quick Booster

Quick-Play Spell Card
Target 1 Quick-Play Spell Card in your Graveyard, except "Quick Booster"; shuffle that target into the Deck. If this card you control is destroyed by your opponent's card and sent to your Graveyard: You can add 1 Quick-Play Spell Card from your Deck to your hand, except "Quick Booster".

6th Duel- A-Thon: Grapple Blocker

Grapple Blocker
Grapple Blocker
EARTH Psychic ★4
ATK 1200 / DEF 2000
Duel-A-Thon [SR]
When this card is Normal Summoned, you can select 1 monster your opponent controls. The selected monster cannot attack or be Tributed, while this card remains face-up on the field. During each of your End Phases, pay 500 Life Points or destroy this card.

7th Duel - A - Thon: Fossil Tusker

Fossil Tusker
Fossil Tusker
EARTH Rock ★4
ATK 1800 / DEF 0
Duel-A-Thon [SR]
When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, inflict 400 damage to your opponent.

8th Duel - A - Thon: Intrigue Shield

Intrigue Shield
Intrigue Shield
Normal Trap
Duel-A-Thon [SR]
Target 1 face-up monster you control; equip this card to that target. Once per turn, while the equipped monster is in Attack Position, it cannot be destroyed by battle. You take no battle damage from attacks involving it.

9th Duel - A - Thon: Eternal Rest & Heavy Slump

Eternal Rest
Eternal Rest
Normal Spell
Duel-A-Thon [SR]
Destroy all monsters equipped with Equip Cards.
Heavy Slump
Heavy Slump
Normal Trap
Duel-A-Thon [R]
If your opponent has 8 or more cards in their hand: They shuffle their entire hand into the Deck, then draw 2 cards.

10th Duel - A - Thon: Dancing Fairy & Bitelon

Dancing Fairy
Dancing Fairy
WIND Fairy ★4
ATK 1700 / DEF 1000
Duel-A-Thon [SR]
As long as this card remains in face-up Defense Position on your side of the field, increase your Life Points by 1000 points during each of your Standby Phases.
WATER Reptile ★6
ATK 2400 / DEF 1000
Duel-A-Thon [R]
During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent.


Hot New Top
Duel Links newcomer
First I would like to say, the amount of gems I get is FANTASTIC! I just started DL today and Konami is showering me with SR/UR tickets, gems, $1 UR Sales, etc. That being said, what's with all of the complaints? If you don't like the game, uninstall crybabies!!! :O
<< Anonymous(Duel Links newcomer)
Anonymous Reply
Conspiracy guy just stop you know that’s only for new players as soon as that ends for you your on the same boat as us. Btw you’re beyond pitiful at this point
<< Anonymous
Trollface Reply
Don't feed the fish guys. He got both of you already.
Yami Dovah
The reason why Konami is nerfing so many gems is simple: they are lousy at understanding their customers. They put an absurdly high price for the purchase of packs of cards. To complete a large box, you would need more than $ 150, so to get all UR copies you would need more than $ 450! With this money, I could buy many non-virtual cards and I could use it without being prisoned in a single game mode. In addition, the meta in the TCG lasts much longer than in DL, so many cards that I bought in DL in 1 or 2 months could be of no use. That is: buying letters in DL does not worth, and therefore few people should make massive purchase of packages. This, of course, should not have pleased a big boss who wanted more sales.
What could Konami do to solve the problem? 1- Lower the price of the cards. 2- Increase the time they launch new boxes and thus make the bought cards worth more. 3. Forcing people to buy cards by nerfing gems. Needless to say, respectful companies would choose the first two options, even though they are the means that actually work. But Konami chose to go the way that took a lot of f2p games to the hole, as f2p players will still be f2p or just leave the game. And so another great game dies.
You guys can free to unistall.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And free to expose our oppinion about the game too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There's expressing your opinion and then there's just straight up whining. No one here is your momma so don't go crying to us.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well it looks like someone enjoys getting shit cards
I don’t mind the gems but the Cards as a Reward were awfully BAD!! Those shitstain cards we get WON’T even help us on Rank/PvP duels. :v
Yubel lvl up rewards will be 1-5 gem
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Like you'd need any gems if you got Yubel and their card just build a bullshit deck around them and you're fine
Maybe Konami is going to add more game modes for gems or new ways who knows I wish I knew the reason why Konami nerfed the amount of gems. We get it could be cause of 5Ds there is many reasons so it's hard to say for sure.
<< Anonymous(Jonny)
Anonymous Reply
Konami must always manage the number of gems they give us so they can make a healthy profit :)
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Jonny Reply
Why do you think they lowered the gems could it be something good or bad?
<< Anonymous(Jonny )
Saladfingers Reply
After reading through Xenon's link, I would say it's neither good or's just balance. There are always high and low points and we need a lot of data to know exactly which direction the game is going. It's only a few months worth of data, but it does seem to support my arguments up until now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
XD healthy profit
I support the gem nerf! Konami needs their money :)
<< Anonymous(p2w)
Anonymous Reply
I wonder how many people are dancing around at your 1 gem party.
It wouldn't surprise me at all if all of these people who keep talking about only wanting to pay money for the game and laughing at anyone who wants the regular gem amount back are actually free to play players (or moderate spenders) themselves and are just saying all of this because they want attention. Just ignore them.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
Omg thank you! Im so tired of people justifying this! Yes there will always be worse and you can make a million excuses, but we can’t deny the game changed DRASTICALLY and for the WORSE not better which we have the right to complain about?
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
It is certainly worth a complaint. However, if someone doing that #I want my gems movement (or whatever it is called) thing, and making their player name that, also has 3 copies of tons of UR and SR cards and a gift box with 9999 gems, then I might not take them seriously. Unless those 9999 gems are all they have left. Then they might have a problem...
You don't see us new players complaining about the gems! If you no like, uninstall!!!
<< Anonymous(Newbie)
Anonymous Reply
Few months later when you finish leveling up characters for easy gems we will see you crying rivers ^_^
Hey, you guys complained about the 300 Gem removal from Zane's Level-Up Rewards, the Duel-A-Thon gives us 250 for just completing the 11600 points! That's only 50 shy of the 300 they took away! :D
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Saladfingers Reply
It was a joke, lol. I actually do like playing things on hard mode but that's aside from the point, I don't mean to's just a little sarcasm, I do apologize if I offended you.
This can't be true...
Again reduced gems???
From 20/50 to 15/40 to now 10/25???
And even the longterm gems reduced to 50 from 100?
This really become more and more Duel-A-Trash. -.-***
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
uhuuu Reply
What did you expect that they stop the gem nerf? You haven't been playing the game long enough then they started it a year ago...
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
They nerf gems since last month.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dont forget the nerf to 1 gem in the lottery for gladiator, that was a joke!
<< Anonymous(uhuuu)
Xenon Reply
I play the game since November/December. I just pointing out the facts so that newer/newbies know that it was way better before so they don't get tricked by the 'generous' looking amount they get within a few weeks.
I did my part on Steam and downvoted the game. Have you done such things(Steam/Appstore/whatever) to show the devs that they do something wrong?

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