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Arkana will be playable!?
update 29/05/2017

Event details

DateJuly 10 - 18
RewardsNew cards and gems

Duel to obtain points and fill up your Duel Meter. You will earn points whether you win or lose the duel, but surrendering will not give you any points. The Duel Meter resets every day at 18:00 (GMT+0). If your Duel Meter was not completely filled up, the portion of the meter that was filled up will be converted to Gold. Fill it all the way up to receive the cumulative rewards and the daily rewards!

Amount of Duel Meter Filled

Standard Duelist(s)1810
The Vagabond2015
Legendary Duelist(s)2218
Ranked Duels2015

Daily rewards

Duel MeterReward
1st500 Gold
2nd100 Normal Keys
3rd20 Gem
4th2000 Gold
5th50 Gems

Cumulative rewards

You can get a copy of Dash Warrior as a reward!

10050 Gem
3005,000 Gold
60050 Gem
100010,000 Gold
1500100 Gem
200015,000 Gold
2500Dash WarriorDash Warrior
3000100 Gem
350020,000 Gold

Card Rewards

Dash Warrior

ATK 600/DEF 1200
If this card attacks, it gains 1200 ATK during the Damage Step only.

Previous Duel-A-Thon rewards

1st Duel-A-Thon: Gamushara

When a Defense Position monster you control is targeted for an attack: Change that Defense Position monster to face-up Attack Position. Then, if the attacking monster is destroyed by that battle and sent to the Graveyard: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's original ATK in the Graveyard.


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damn 9days ago
finished the event yesterday. too easy,
not big enough rewards
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
I'm pretty sure when he said he finished the event he was referring to the fact that he finished the cumulative rewards, hence "not big enough rewards"
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Finished the event is not the same as finishing the cumulative reward. Finishing the event means finishing both daily and cumulative reward, which is impossible since the event is still going.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
I think it's pretty clear what he meant based on the whole "not big enough rewards" thing lol.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Well, you're just implying. It is nowhere stated in the comment.
Harder events, Konami, please
<< Anonymous(Diblawak)
'k Reply
I too work and study and i have already beaten this event.
<< Anonymous
Regiultima Reply
I work 40 hours a week and have still managed to keep up with filling all the daily meters and finished the cumulative meter.
<< Anonymous(Regiultima)
Anoymous Reply
I posted the 40 hours a week post and yeah, this event wasn't too hard. Don't want to spend too much time on this game though.
<< Anonymous(Diblawak)
Hahahhahaa 12days ago Reply
This is for the last event, dummy. Good for you for bragging about something you had a week to complete
Anoymous 12days ago
This event for now is shit.previous one was better...only 20gems wth
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg 12days ago Reply
You mean the last DuelAThon? It was JUST as random & they can't keep Bakura going forever, they actually gave him way more time to play than any other LD before him (well over 1.5 weeks). No filler event is gonna match a LD event, you expecting too much. :/
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
Anoymous 12days ago Reply
I'm talking about duelathon.i have nothing against any event for me everything is fine other then the 2nd duelathon.they should just keep it as before in terms of gems.but I believe in konami to change it for the better
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
Realm 10days ago Reply
The laat duelathon reward 70-120 daily, this 20-70 daily.
<< Anonymous(Realm )
Daemon Blitzkrieg 10days ago Reply
RNGesus favors naught ze non-beliebers. Whoooo-hoo-hoo-joo~~ *voodoo hands~*
i counted my last point meters a few times, if i win against SD, i gain 18 points, this event last for 7 days with total 4200 cumulative points, which means you'll have to win 233,333333 times for 7 days against SD (33,333333 or 34 times a day)

and yes, I'm an asian ._.v
<< Anonymous(YouMadBro?)
yeahnah Reply
Did you have in mind that you get daily orbs which can be used to respawn normal duelist. I think it is quite possible to achieve it by clearing all duelist resets and some LD or ranked duels.
<< Anonymous(YouMadBro?)
Anoymous Reply
U r the shittiest Asian at Math I have ever seen. If you ONLY do 10 standard duels a day and win them all, that puts u at 1260 points (by the end), over a quarter of the way there. Quit ur bitchin' and start grindin'
<< Anonymous
ZuIIchI Reply
He said 34 duels not 10. Go buy real glasses, moron...
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Pretty sure he is using commas for decimal points. Pretty common outside of the states. The math works out.
Seems like another bullshit event.
<< Anonymous(MST-Negates)
Anoymous Reply
60 gems a day for a week in addition of 350 additional gems if reaching the required points is bullshit? Never experienced events like previous duel quiz that only grant piss poor amount of gems and useless cards that is last for a week
<< Anonymous(MST-Negates)
Anoymous Reply
Well don't complain.. Its better than nothing.
<< Anonymous(MST-Negates)
Tiernan Adel Reply
They are just whinny teenage punks that have nothing better to do then bitch all day, I'll take any rewards. Small or big it adds up.
<< Anonymous(Tiernan Adel)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
sounds like u bitch all day too. fucking punk!!!
So you're gonna have to WIN 210 standard duels A DAY in order to get the maximum 4200 points?
<< Anonymous
Kuyf Reply
You can also play pvp
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
4200 poins for a week
<< Anonymous
NGJon Reply
4200/7=600 600/18= 33.33 So about 34 sd if you win all matches :P
<< Anonymous(NGJon)
Anoymous Reply
pretty easy
Whydoyoucare 13days ago
Is this card worth getting??
<< Anonymous(Whydoyoucare)
Anoymous 13days ago Reply
It's good. Just get it. Side Note: It's normally preferred that you get at least 3 of every Card Trader card in case they are ever removed.
<< Anonymous(Whydoyoucare)
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
stop show off u hacker cunts
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
u dont have to hack to get what he has lol.
Duel Novice
I use this deck for sd level 57. Use restart skill. As long got monster and rising energy, quick victory for sure.
<< Anonymous(Duel Novice)
Duel Novice Reply
Also done the cumulative point. Is not really hard actually. If we can clear daily point everyday and add on about 5 pvp duel, we can catch up for sure..
<< Anonymous(Duel Novice)
Aspiring Duelist Reply
Woah.. 3 rising energy!!
<< Anonymous(Aspiring Duelist)
Duel Novice Reply
Yeah, I spend all my gems for mini box instead of main box. Plus, I think rising energy works like mirror wall but in diff way. Most important, I only need to open max 240 box to get 3 rising energy compare to mirror wall where i need 200 just for one copy.
I managed to get two copies of Gamushara :3
<< Anonymous(Anoymous)
Anoymous Reply
That's not possible....
<< Anonymous(Anoymous)
Konami Reply
Enjoy your ban
When is it
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Uuhh mid june?...
<< Anonymous
RTM Reply
Will be held in June 12th.
When it means "your duel meter gets reset every day" and it drops down to 0, what does that mean, exactly? Does that just mean it resets filling it up five times over to get the 50 gems?

I'm wondering if it will affect your cumulative pointage.
<< Anonymous
Kuyf Reply
When u finish filling you can't do anythink just wait when they reset the duel meter
<< Anonymous
Unlucky Luke Reply
Meter Fill's for u to get daily reward @max 150 point, but u can continue to duel so u can get cumulative point and get cumulative reward
I've just sent Konami the following message, I'll post the reply if I get some.


Regarding the event Duel-A-Thon: Are the players allowed to play ranked duels, intentionally loosing them as quick as possible to get 15 free points (event points farming) each time? No problem to do so on Silver 1 since you won't get de-ranked anyway. Or is this against the Terms of Service, leading in an account suspension?
<< Anonymous(PegasusSigma)
Goshinki1357 Reply
I'm pretty sure it says somewhere that surrending gives 0 points, but actually staying in the duel and losing is a different story I suppose
<< Anonymous(PegasusSigma)
Anoymous Reply
Read better. Surrending = 0 pts for the person that surrenders.

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