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Espa Roba event has officially been announced!
update 29/05/2017

Event details

DateNov 15 16:10 - Nov 21 13:00
RewardsNew card, Gems, Gold and Duel Orbs.

Duel to obtain points and fill up your Duel Meter. You will earn points whether you win or lose the duel, but surrendering will not give you any points. The Duel Meter resets every day at 18:00 (GMT+0). If your Duel Meter was not completely filled up, the portion of the meter that was filled up will be converted to Gold. Fill it all the way up to receive the cumulative rewards and the daily rewards!

Amount of Duel Meter Filled

Standard Duelist(s)1510
The Vagabond2015
Legendary Duelist(s)2015
Ranked Duels2015

Duel Meter Bonus

Every time you fill up your Duel Meter, there's a chance that your next meter will receive bonus points! The chance of receiving bonus points increases every time you fill up a Duel Meter.

Daily rewards

Duel MeterReward
1stGold x500
2ndRed Keys x60
3rdGem x20
4thGold x1,000
5thSR Jewel x1

Cumulative rewards

You can get Quick Booster as a reward!

250Gem x50
600Gold x5,000
1050Gem x50
1600Gold x10,000
2250Gem x100
2900Gold x15,000
3550Quick Booster
Quick Booster
4200Gem x100
4850Gold x20,000
5500Gem x100

Card Rewards

Quick Booster

Quick-Play Spell Card
Target 1 Quick-Play Spell Card in your Graveyard, except "Quick Booster"; shuffle that target into the Deck. If this card you control is destroyed by your opponent's card and sent to your Graveyard: You can add 1 Quick-Play Spell Card from your Deck to your hand, except "Quick Booster".

Previous Duel-A-Thon rewards

1st Duel-A-Thon: Gamushara

Normal Trap
When a Defense Position monster you control is targeted for an attack: Change that Defense Position monster to face-up Attack Position. Then, if the attacking monster is destroyed by that battle and sent to the Graveyard: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's original ATK in the Graveyard.

2nd Duel-A-Thon: Dash Warrior

ATK 600/DEF 1200
If this card attacks, it gains 1200 ATK during the Damage Step only.

3rd Duel-A-Thon: Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

2300 ATK/2100 DEF
If this is the only card in your hand, you can Normal Summon it without Tributing.

4th Duel-A-Thon: Wetlands

Field Spell Card
All Aqua-Type/WATER/Level 2 or lower monsters gain 1200 ATK.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 1days ago
I love how they keep recycling swift gaia. I like the card, and its fun to mess with, but can we get another card sometime?
Anonymous 4days ago
tfw every SD has monster removal at my level so autoduel is useless
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
That's why I stay at LV 49 SD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Lvl 57 duelists are the easyest to win fast i am lvl 57 for almost 3 mounths(or more) and i have the same deck... just all 1900 BEATERS and 1850 NORMAL ALL and 3 mirror wall and 3 super rush(needed for the bug deck). Put also the heart of underdog cause all normals easy draw... auto duels is almost all wins no need to look at the phone... Try it and tell me ur opinion...
MisterBanana 4days ago
Me: Can we get Arkana as an unlockable LD this month Konami?

MisterBanana 4days ago
Me: Can we get Arkana as an unlockable LD this month Konami?

MisterBanana 4days ago
Me: Can we get Arkana as an unlockable LD this month Konami?

Kikaio 4days ago
Waken up early today hoping for Espar's event and THIS is what i get? Konami, what is your definition of "Mid November"? November's 15? Bah, of course not... It's November's 24! I mean, I hope that Espar's event will happen that day and not, I don't know... Another card flipper campaign!
<< Anonymous(Kikaio)
Kikaio 4days ago Reply
At least I will get some gems...
Anonymous 4days ago
I always see this event as a "free 500 gems" for autos, which isn't bad.
Anonymous 4days ago
So Espa and Water Dimension got delayed?
<< Anonymous
MMaSniper 4days ago Reply
They’ll probably hold off new characters till after KC Cup
Don't like her, but it would be best if you had the following effect: "DESTROY the OPPONENT and YET HE TAKES 300 x EVERY MONSTER in GAME on BOTH SIDES of the FIELD" if I had that efito would be perfect
What kind of event is this?
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy Reply
The most boring kind...
Eat shit, Konami
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can still earn points, you know...
Not everything in this game has to be about being the BEST! When is the last time you ever built a deck just for fun, not for stomping everyone else with the most op cards. It's nice to win and see you decks succeed, yes. But I'd rather have fun with a game instead of playing with the same stale decks duel after duel. Swift Gaia is a fun card with some fun combos, quit whining free is free.
<< Anonymous(hawtpants)
Anonymous Reply
You do too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He has a good point, and as a casual player I agree. Fun decks and casual matches are often overlooked by Konami, and when they add fun to use cards like these, people hate them for it.
<< Anonymous(Hawtpants)
Guigeek Reply
This is how I works : I have one or two tier 1 deck to reach KOG. And a tons of other decks for fun (when I'm Legend 1, Platinum 1 or KOG and I can't derank), or against SD
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
W I N G E D Reply
Thats how most people should do it in my opinion. People just get too caught up in meta stuff, and ranks to enjoy a casual deck.

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And their GB will shuffle to their deck after that.
I want three copies of this. Do it Konami !
Pulse Mines seems decent.
Well in fact I’m not totally a beginner,I play since its launch. I just never tried to crea...
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