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update 21/01/2017


Note: :To see the Latest Update of Parasite Infestation decklist, please click the link below:


  • Very strong against most beatdown decks.


  • Weak against stall, mill and LP gain(Destiny Draw) decks.

Example deck

Sphere KuribohBig Shield GardnaBig Shield GardnaCocoon of EvolutionCocoon of EvolutionCocoon of Evolution
Cobra JarGyaku-Gire PandaGyaku-Gire PandaGyaku-Gire PandaIron Blacksmith KotetsuIron Blacksmith Kotetsu
Burning LandBurning LandMask of the AccursedMask of the AccursedMask of the AccursedJade Insect Whistle
Jade Insect WhistleWindstorm of Etaqua----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Parasite Infestation
After starting hands are dealt, 1 or 2 "Parasite Paracide" cards are added to your opponent's deck face up.
Weevil Underwood

How to use this deck

The combination of "Parasite Infestation" skill and Jade Insect Whistle plays the role of the following three. By using this combo and Mask of the Accursed, reduce your opponent's stamina.

Note: Some players have 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom in their deck. In that case, they can place the monster to the top of their deck for the effect of Jade Insect Whistle.

Parasite combo!

  • "Skips" your opponent's card draw during their Draw Phase.
  • Inflicting 1000 points of effect damage to your opponent's LP.
  • Fills up your opponent's board with Parasite Paracides.

Attack Parasite with Gyaku-Gire Panda

Gyaku-Gire Panda can increase its ATK easily since your opponent will have multiple monsters on his side of the field due to special summoned Parasite Paracide. Pierce battle damage to your opponent's Life Points by beating Parasite Paracide.

Other useful cards

Eradicating Aerosol
Eradicating Aerosol
Once Parasite Paracide is special summoned on opponent's side of the field all monster your opponent's control becomes insect type, which make this card viable.
Mystic Box
Mystic Box
You destroy one monster your opponent controls, and give card such as Cocoon of Evolution to be easily killed by your beatdown monsters or can be masked out by Mask of the Accursed.
Enemy Controller
Enemy Controller
You can use this card if you do not have enough copies of Sphere Kuriboh. Both cards help to prevent an opponent's monster from attacking.
Blast Held by a Tribute
Blast Held by a Tribute
Use this card if your opponent try to perform a tribute summon by tributing special summoned Parasite Paracide or a monster equips Mask of the Accursed.


Hot New Top
So many weevil burn decks I see fall short of really good synergy. In mine I added some cyber dino's so that I can chain jade whistle + special summon them pretty much every time. Also use insect princess to quickly stack attack from the other monsters being turned into insects.
Stop being salty about this deck since the current meta destroyed it anyway, move on :)
It's pretty hilarious all the saltyness. Get over it. This deck isn't easy to play at all. Compared to most decks out there this one requires strategy. If it's so effective it's because there's way too many harpy players out there and weevil is a damn good counter due to burning land. What's really bothering you peeps is that your oh so awesome deck lose to this clever deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Only thing about this deck which I find unfair, is when the skill shuffle a parasite right on top of the opponent deck when they go second. They don't have any mean to prevent parasite effect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You think so easy for the parasite to come out? Its by chance or either spell effect. Unfair? What about hhg and 3sd?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There is an option. Divine wrath. I had it set before a parasite draw so the moment it came to my hand i activated DW and boom! Negate activation and destroy that 🔥
Hey dummies - all you do is switch paracide to attack mode and attack his panda. You take the LP hit but it weakens his panda so you can use your one monster to destroy it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and you deal 800-1800 damage (depending on your boardstate) to yourself to sacrifice a parasite.

Not to say it isn't a good thing to be aware of, but it's hardly a solution.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah until you attack into a panda then he uses windstorm or kuriboh you just basically admitted defeat
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's actually an advantage for you if he wastes a kuriboh or windstorm on your parasite
<< Anonymous
Yel Reply
The parasite starts in def, he'll most likely use panda to 🔥 his turn
So I always thought only one paracide went into the deck. I just played a pvp and two went in and they were the second and third card after shuffling.

I couldn't really do much that game.
<< Anonymous
TKSainto Reply
I think the ability shuffle 1-3 parasites randomly.
<< Anonymous(TKSainto)
Anonymous Reply
Just one more way RNGesus can break me.
you know you play weevil when you look like him in real life.
<< Anonymous
Haitham KH Reply
looks like someone is being wrecked lately
burn more and more hehehehehehe (weevil)
is bsg needed?
<< Anonymous
Ulle Reply
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
Anonymous Reply
What can I use instead
The reason there are so many of this KoG decks compared to other decks is because it's much cheaper and there's just soooooo many of them ran. Probably deserves a better rating, but you have to look at the win RATE not the number of wins, assuming decks are played properly. I don't know those numbers, I'm just saying the number of King of games Weevil decks alone doesn't mean everything. Also it's not a problem that this deck is easy to play, it's the build that matters, but this deck is easy to play.
<< Anonymous
Player J Reply
The reason this deck is popular is due to the popularity of Harpie decks!

Believe it or not, Weevil decks are one of the strongest counter decks to Harpies.

Most Weevil decks run a Burning land which gets rid of all field spells.

Most of the popular Harpie monsters Sonic Duck or Jerry Beans.

They have very powerful attack.
However, the defense is like 700 or 0!
It is huge problem!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J Reply
Weevil decks run the Panda Bear!
It inflicts piercing damage!

Do you know how much damage Panda can deliver to a defense position Sonic Duck or Jerry Beans?

It is pretty nasty!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J Reply
It is like the Ying & Yang!
Mai decks rely on the power of there attack.

Weevil decks rely on the strength of there defense.

It is actually very funny when you think about it?

Harpies try to swarm the field?
However, you can't swarm against Bugs!
They are the ones who invented the Swarm!
update that rating pls
Thats my KOG deck 16/05/17.
<< Anonymous(rolieN )
Anonymous Reply
You just replied to yourself
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Show proof!
<< Anonymous
roileN Reply
Weel, don´t have the date, but this is it.
<< Anonymous
roileN Reply
Weel, don´t have the date, but this is it.
Atleast harpies is interactive with your opp. this and tea burn are solitaire. I dont get the point
<< Anonymous
KyouSanada Reply
HHG interactive? LOL.
<< Anonymous(KyouSanada)
Anonymous Reply
HHG is not too good anymore cause everyone runs wild tornado or security orb
It backfires too easy
Because of thie the deck is not onlly about the field spell
really theres no specific variant of this deck you can add anything as long as you have cocoon, burning land, mask, and jade insect

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And all this madness for a childrens card game. Hope you never have do deal with an actual proble...
"spent multiple hours on this" Time spent on duel testing: 0 min.
Dragon rescue rabbit feat divine dragon ragnaroc and king dragon for the meme fun.
Isn’t there an actual beautiful girl behind all of them? Sitting on that purple dome.
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