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update 13/03/2017

Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts

Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts
Monster TypeZombie
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeUnclassified Effect / Trigger Effect / Continuous Effect


If this face-up card is destroyed while in a Monster Card Zone, you can place it face-up in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell Card, instead of sending it to the Graveyard. While this card is treated as a Continuous Spell Card by this effect, during each player's Standby Phase: Place 1 Pumpkin Counter on this card. All monsters your opponent controls lose 100 ATK and DEF for each Pumpkin Counter on this card.

How to get / Rarity

PackValkyrie's Rage [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Works as well as Wonder Balloons without the need to discard card(s).
  • Effect happens continuously during each standby phase.
  • No limit to the number of counter that can be put on it.
  • Can only be stopped by using spell destruction cards like Twister.


  • Decreases your opponent's attacks slowly.
  • Takes up a spell/trap slot.


It is a very useful card that can be used in any deck since it lowers your opponent monsters attack.

Be careful when attacking a lowered monster since Twister is a quick-play spell that can be activated during your turn, increasing their attack back to normal.

With the addition of Straight Flush, it's recommended to not put 2 other spell/trap including this card since they can all get destroyed.



ActionsGoes to S/T Zone
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesTreated as Continuous Spell Card
Stat changesYour opponent's monsters lose ATK / Your opponent's monsters lose DEF

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Ban this
<< Anonymous(Noob)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Noob Reply
I Hate this card
Stamping destruction, storm storm combo, despell ...
<< Anonymous(Linda)
Edgar81539 Reply
A good deck has balance in knowing how many copies of backrow hate you should use and how vulnerable your deck is to backrow. Game is not a competition of which monster is the biggest and meanest and never was.out of my entire tenure on duel links, I've never lost to a pumprincess deck. In fact, I know that the instant I watch my opponents using pumprincess I will win with a 99% chance.
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Anonymous Reply
Edgar stop being such a little 🔥 about other people not running s/t removals in their decks. A deck has balance in it and sometimes u can't fit a s/t removal in it. Also, 🔥 u
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
he's called edgegar for a reason lul
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes there is balance, but what he was arguing was against the comment "Yes, fill ur deck with spell destruction. That way you lose anyway."

He wasn't saying that you 'must' have s/t removals, but that it isn't always a bad strategy (depending on the game), like others here like to think.

If you're dealing with pumprincess, there's a chance that you won't get to use your traditional decks.
Exterio's Fang doesn't work on this 🔥 card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I forgot to add that, even though it doesn't work on this 🔥 card. Stamping Destruction does which doesn't make any 🔥ing sense. They both say destroy a spell/trap card on your opponent's field. But with Exterio's Fang, the spell/Trap card has to activate which in pumpkin princess' case, she ACTIVATES her effect while being in the spell/trap card zone and can be destroyed by cards like
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
De-spell and Stamping Destruction. Hell, michizure and 🔥ing tribute to the doom doesn't recognize the 🔥 card as a MONSTER.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes this is still a 🔥 card prior to naturia and ice.
I want this thing!
why can't i counter this with ultimate p. or chivalry? as long as it is in the monster zone it should be considered a monster effect...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This.s bug right?
<< Anonymous
CreamerYT Reply
Ultimate Providence cannot activate if it cannot destroy the monster. Pumprincess's effect activates from the graveyard after it's destroyed on the field. Since the effect activates in the graveyard ultimate Providence and chivalry can't counter it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the problem is that pumprincess never leaves the field so it doesn't activate from the graveyard... for example, yomi ship is already destroyed when his effect activates but ultimate p. can counter it, pumprincess says : "If this face-up card is destroyed while in a Monster Card Zone, you can place it face-up in your Spell & Trap , instead of sending it to the graveyard".it never goes to the grav.
Sounds like some people have problems adding s/t removal of all damn things to their decks.

The game is not "BIG MONSTER ME 🔥 YOU EHEHEHEHE", you need to effectively balance your monster, spell and trap counts. Anyone that has problems with this card is trapped at the stage Joey was in episode 1 of Duel Monsters.
<< Anonymous
Edgar81539 Reply
Who even said anything about Twister? Use your free de-spells, they counter the damn card all the same. Not my fault you guys are stupid.
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Anonymous Reply
You do understand that s/t removal also takes up a slot right? Yea, s/t removal is crucial, but so is top decking. Also lay off the caffeine.
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Michael Reply
Well, this card pisses me off because there is no skill involved with this card, you place it down in defense position, and your oponent attacks, and they never knew what hit em, its a bs card for bs players.
<< Anonymous
Edgar81539 Reply
If you don't have s/t removal when Toon Kingdom is one of the biggest part of the game at this moment, then you're just 🔥ing stupid.
why people hating this card ?
i still have no problem with someone running this card.. 3 reverse trap always answer that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah rite... stop ur bs about everyone running reverse trap. useless post.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Only the beginners hate this card. I used to run 3 of them but as soon as you reach plat nearly all players run some de-spell card.
Yes its konami fault for making these type of cards. The same with kaibaman aka cards. They are making more op cards to counter an op card as a solution. That's creating more problems as the fundamental problem still exist.
<< Anonymous
Cheese Reply
Kaibaman is my wifu leave him alone.
<< Anonymous(Cheese)
Anonymous Reply
Kaibaman's ability is op as 🔥. At least you need to have a bewd in hand so I guess it's ok.
this card efect wors even if its facedown
This is another one of those things where I dont mind it in ranked, but no seriously screw everyone who brings it to casuals
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
isn't it the other way around? I mean, it's just a casual match, using that in a ranked match is embarrassing
I'm trying out Pumprincess in my Gravekeepers Deck. Right now, my deck is as follows:

2 Gravekeeper's Recruiter (I don't have a third one yet)
2 Gravekeeper's Chief (I don't have a third one yet either)
2 Gravekeeper's Oracle (Using all three makes the deck more likely to have a brick hand in my opinion.)
3 Gravekeeper's Priestess
1 Legion The Fiend Jester
1 Neo The Magic Swordsman (this is here just to give Legion more value and works as a beatstick)
1 Pumprincess The Princess Of Ghosts (Works as a defensive tool to protect Recruiter, Priestess, and Jester. This card also makes it easier to run over cards using Chief and Oracle.)
1 Soul Exchange
1 Double Summon
1 Yami (It's a dead draw at times but it helps to protect Recruiter, Priestess, and Jester as well as make Neo even more powerful. It works really well with Pumprincess.)
1 Divine Wrath (Gamechanger against Kaibaman and Relinquished decks)
1 Mirror Wall
1 Golden Apples (Synergizes really well with Yami and Pumprincess. Even though it is sometimes a dead card, it can be a saving grace at times.)
1 Adhesion Trap Hole
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I had no idea what u writing. Keep it simple. What u want to convey to us?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I just started a deck that I'm trying out that used Pumprincess and why I chose certain cards for it.
Look at my daughter isn't she op and cute
<< Anonymous(PumpKing )
Anonymous Reply
Haha nice gag.

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Apart from this guy special summoning normal monsters and being a valid extra deck monster for BE...
where is Atticus Rhodes(nightshroud)
Nice, we finally have this one.
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