Unhappy Girl deck to farm Mai Valentine Lvl 40: deck recipe

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update 28/03/2017


Obtainable score7,000-8,000
Essential skillHoly Guard
Essential cardsThe Unhappy Girl

Example deck

Mystical Beast of SerketGravekeeper's VassalThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlRai-Mei
Rai-MeiRai-MeiUnion AttackTemple of the KingsSoul of the PureSoul of the Pure
Soul of the PureSecret Pass to the TreasuresCurse of AnubisWindstorm of EtaquaSpell ReclamationEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin------Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Holy Guard
You receive no battle damage during your turn.

How to use


The key to use this deck is to firsthand know how The Unhappy Girl and Holy Guard work together. During your turn, you can attack any monster with the Unhappy Girl to make them unable to attack or change positions. Thanks to Holy Guard, you take no damage provided that the battle damage was dealt during your turn.

You stall throughout and deal the massive blow to your opponent on the last turn so as to achieve the "Cards on the brink" and "More than 5000 damage dealt" or "More than 9999 damage dealt" assessment.

What happens if Unhappy Girl is not in my hand?

If Unhappy Girl is not in your starting hand, you can try to prolong the duel by using cards such as the following:

Preparations before the final turn

  • Temple of the Kings must be present in order to summon Mystical Beast of Serket, otherwise Mystical Beast of Serket will be automatically destroyed, so keep that in mind. In the event that Temple of the Kings happens to be the last card in your deck, you can set Serket first and then flip it next turn. To be safe, you should immediately use the effect of Temple of the Kings to special summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon as soon as the criterias are met. It must stay on the field before the final turn.

On your final turn

Normal summon Gravekeeper's Vassal and activate Secret Pass to the Treasures and use it on the Gravekeeper's Vassal, followed by Union Attack. This way, it is able to deal direct "effect" damage of 5200 to your opponent.

Other useful cards

Dian Keto the Cure Master
Dian Keto the Cure Master
A better version of Soul of the Pure. Use this card over Soul of the Pure if you do not mind giving up the "Low LP" assessment for win consistency.
Spell Reclamation
Spell Reclamation
You can add this or another Union Attack if you have an additonal one to help increase your overall assessment points up to 8000.
The Golden Apples
The Golden Apples
This card can replace Enchanted Javelin if you have it. It also offers a monster token as a tribute for Mystical Beast of Serket


Anoymous 22days ago
Mai attacks unhappy girls rather viciously difficult to win.
Gift of the martyr can replace union attack and its common.
<< Anonymous
Keith 23days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Keith 23days ago Reply
I don't think so...
Had 6000 LP and two Unhappy Girls on the field and lost in one turn. Her amzoness archer dealt 1200 dame then she brought back her tiger from the graveyard so it was unaffected by Unhappy Girl and then she summoned the one Amazon card that has a shit ton of attack and articles my Unhappy girls with all three. There is no guaranteed way to beat her reliably
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Yeah, that Archer is the main problem here. You need some luck here. If Archer wouldn't be summoned (which occupies 3 monster zones) then farming is accomplished.
i use cerebrus deck and consistenly win with 6000-7000 scores. Cerebrus deck is easier to build.
<< Anonymous(oc)
Anoymous Reply
Which cerberus deck if you don't mind me asking?
The fuck is this bitch so hard. Bad starting hand will cost you the duel
Fuck outta here with this stupid Union Attack, not everyone had the chance to get it
<< Anonymous(Zedd)
Regiultima Reply
Build your own farming deck then. Don't get salty over your poor RNG luck.
<< Anonymous(Zedd)
Mr.WRWR Reply
i got 3 union attack while farming for gandora
<< Anonymous(Zedd)
CreativiTits Reply
Should i be salty with ppl who have 2 spheriboh
does summoning BEUD this way treated as fusion or special summon?
i want toknow if can get the +400 score point for doing fusion summon
<< Anonymous(Mr.WRWR)
Anoymous Reply
It is treated as a special summon, it is a fusion summon when you use fusion gate of poly

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Change the play order around! - summon gravekeepers recruiter - activate enemy controller, tr...
exactly, and the damage will feel as a direct atack anyways lol
I build this deck and got plat 2, is really funny to play.
I have 4, got 3 from losing lol
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