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update 02/08/2018


Example Deck

Updated Version

Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 "Sazank"Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 "Sazank"Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 "Sazank"Black Dragon NinjaBlack Dragon NinjaRed Dragon Ninja
Red Dragon NinjaRed Dragon NinjaMasked Ninja EbisuMasked Ninja EbisuCosmic CycloneCosmic Cyclone
Cosmic CycloneNinjitsu Art of TransformationNinjitsu Art of TransformationNinjitsu Art of TransformationTreacherous Trap HoleNinjitsu Art of Duplication
Ninjitsu Art of DuplicationNinjitsu Art of Duplication----

Previous Version

Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 "Sazank"Earth Armor NinjaBlack Dragon NinjaBlack Dragon NinjaRed Dragon NinjaRed Dragon Ninja
Masked Ninja EbisuMasked Ninja EbisuMasked Ninja EbisuArmed NinjaFlame Armor NinjaFlame Armor Ninja
Flame Armor NinjaNinjitsu Art NotebookNinjitsu Art of TransformationNinjitsu Art of TransformationNinjitsu Art of TransformationNinjitsu Art of Duplication
Ninjitsu Art of DuplicationNinjitsu Art of Duplication----

Set Skill

How to Use

Banish monsters with Black Dragon

Black Dragon lets you banish any monster, including itself, if you have a ninja monster and a ninjitsu card from your field and/or your hand. If your Black Dragon leaves the field, he will immediately special summon any monster that he banished from his effect, which means that if you banish himself, he can be special summoned back to the field. Doing this can be good for avoiding your opponent's card effects, and also lets you do another attack if you banish him after he attacks.

It's important to remember that when you special summon him from Ninjitsu Art of Transformation, you can already use his effect, and can often be prompted about it. But the cost is himself and the trap card, which is different than having another ninja monster and a ninjitsu trap to banish himself. If you use him and the trap you use to summon him as the cost then he can't re-summon himself. This can still be good if your opponent is about to OTK you with high attack monsters. Using your Black Dragon and the trap that you use to summon him, you can banish your opponent's monster. This will force you to special summon your opponent's monster, but at least you can summon it in defense position.

Return set cards

Red Dragon Ninja's effect is to return your opponent's set card back to the top or bottom of your opponent's deck. This effect is very powerful since your opponent can't chain their card to Red Dragon's effect if you target their spell/trap card, allowing you to catch your opponent by surprise. Since it can also target set monsters, this can often lead to some quick OTK if your opponent only sets 1 monster or trap card. Special summon your Earth Armor Ninja and tribute summon your Red Dragon to target your opponent's set monster so you can get an early direct attack.

It's important to remember that Red Dragon Ninja's effect can miss its timing if you special summon him in a chain effect. This can often happen if you special summon him in a response to your opponent's card, which is why you need to pre-emptively return your opponent's set card before anything bad happens.

Return spells/traps

Great card to run 2-3 copies of in the newer versions of the deck as it’s a great target for Ninjitsu Art of Transformation, allowing you to summon a Black Dragon Ninja, or if you use Ninjitsu Art of Duplication on a Red Dragon Ninja/Black Dragon Ninja, you can summon this Ninja together with some Crimson/Armed Ninjas (1 star Ninjas).

Important things to understand about this card’s effect; you cannot activate this card’s effect if you do not control another Ninja monster, and you cannot use this card’s effect if your opponent only has 1 spell/trap (because you need to control one other ninja besides Ebisu, this means you control at least 2 ninjas, and this effect says you can send spell/trap cards equal to the number of ninja monsters you control, so not possible to only send 1 spell/trap back to the hand).

Send to graveyard

Sazank is a level 3 ninja monster with a strong effect that sends your opponent's monster to the grave. Not destroying it by battle or card effect can prevent certain monsters from activating their effects. Ideally you want to special summon Sazank during the end phase of your opponent's turn by using Art of Duplication on your level 4 monster, and special summon him face-down. This way, you can flip him at the start of your turn. If you have another level 1 ninja monster, you can tribute summon Black Dragon, or Red Dragon. Sazank's drawback is that he's a level 3, so using Art of Transformation means that you can only go to Red Dragon Ninja, which can lower the amount of plays that you can make.

Level +1

When this card is summoned you can target 1 Ninja monster and increase its level by 1. You can use this effect on itself and it will become a level 5 monster. Now you can activate Ninjitsu Art of Duplication to summon a level 4 + level 1 ninja. You can also special summon Flame Armor Ninja again and activate its effect to increase its level for another duplication.

In a version with level 1 Ninjas, you can use Ninjitsu Art of Duplication to summon an Masked Ninja Ebisu and 1 Crimson Ninja, because Flame Armor Ninja will be level 5.

Level 1 ninja for the extra summon

It is recommended that you bring either a Crimson Ninja, or Armed Ninja. Bringing both can be fine, but it increases the odds of bad hand/draws. They are useful for their effects, but also because using duplication on Flame Armor lets you special summon a level 4 and a level 1.

Level +3 for Red/Black Dragon Ninja

Besides the obvious strength of upgrading, for example a Masked Ninja Ebisu into a Black Dragon Ninja, this card is also great to avoid or undo effects on your Red Dragon/Black Dragon Ninjas.

Also opens the possibilities of multiple attacks. Imagine a situation where you have 1 Black Dragon Ninja and 1 set Ninjitsu Art of Transformation on the field, and your hand consists of 1 Ninjitsu Art card and 2 Ninja monsters. You can attack with Black Dragon Ninja, activate Ninjitsu art of Transformation to summon a new Black Dragon Ninja from you deck for a second attack. Then you can send the Ninjitsu Art card + a Ninja monster from your hand to the graveyard to banish and resummon your own Black Dragon Ninja for a third attack. Now that your Black Dragon Ninja is no longer attached to the Ninjitsu Art of Transformation you can send that trap + the last Ninja monster in your hand to the graveyard for a fourth attack.

Having 3 can really help with the consistency of the deck, but if you have only 1 or 2 copies, then you can bring more Notebook.

Swarming your field

Most of the time you’ll want to activate this card by tributing Black Dragon Ninja to summon 1 Masked Ninja Ebisu + 2x Crimson/Armed Ninjas or Black Dragon Ninja into Red Dragon Ninja + Crimson/Armed Ninja. This means this card is a great way to get rid of your opponent’s backrow since you can bring out all your Ninjas that deal with that.

Some decklists will decide to cut out the level 1 Ninjas (for example the Beatdown version), in which case Ninjitsu Art of Duplication becomes worse because you can no longer go from a BDN into RDN+Crimson Ninja, or Masked Ninja Ebisu+ Crimson Ninjas. (that’s why the Beatdown version only runs 2 Ninjitsu Art of Duplication, but the Balance version still has 3 copies)

You can make some advanced plays if you have at least a Flame Armor Ninja on the field, and a set Art of Transformation. Use Duplication to summon any level 4 ninja, and special summon a level 1 ninja in face-up attack position. If your opponent summons a threatening monster, activate your transformation on your level 4 to get Black Dragon out to the field. This lets you use his effect right away by using your lvl 1 and the Art of Duplication as the cost to banish your opponent's monster, or let you do another attack.

Ninjitsu trap search

This card (together with Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy) helps to improve your opening hands. Sometimes having 1 star Ninjas in your hand will be useless and this card allows you to change them for a Ninjitsu Art of Duplication/Transformation instead.

Even if you don’t want to activate this card’s effect, it can still be used as fodder for Black Dragon Ninja’s effect.

Draw cards

Can be worth bringing if you are lacking some cards. You probably only want to run one copy of this, together with 3 copies of Ninjitsu Art Notebook. This way you’ll often be able (at the start of the duel) to activate Notebook, send a Ninja from your hand to the graveyard to set Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy from your deck, and because this is a normal spell card you can activate it immediately to destroy your Notebook and draw 2 more cards, basically allowing you to get rid of bad cards, fortifying your opening hand.

Additional Notes

  • Don’t forget that all monsters banished by Black Dragon Ninja’s effect come back if he leaves the field, keep this in mind if you think you have game by banishing your own Black Dragon Ninja to get in an extra attack in.

  • Follow up for the previous note; some monsters that are banished cannot come back once your Black Dragon Ninja leaves the field, for example Ancient Gear Golem. Because the Ancient Gear Golem card reads; Cannot be special summoned.

  • Don’t autopilot and immediately set all traps. Keep in mind that you might need Ninjitsu Art Cards in your hand for Black Dragon Ninja (you can’t use the traps that are set, only traps that are face-up).

  • Ninjitsu Art of Transformation cannot be used on a face-down monster.

  • Ninjitsu Art of Duplication can only special summon monsters from your deck, and it can special summon them in face-down position, which can be good to use during your opponent's end phase.

Other Useful Cards

Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
Great level 4 Ninja because of its decent attack and effect.
Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing
Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing
This card can work great as monster removal, preferably you tribute one of your smaller ninjas to banish one of your opponent’s big monsters. Also slows down decks like Cyber Angels and Dinosaurs (Hydrogeddon) that like to swarm the field. Keep in mind if this trap leaves the field, the banished monster comes back, so watch out when you send this card to the graveyard for Black Dragon Ninja’s effect.
Forbidden Chalice
Forbidden Chalice
Remains a great tech in this meta, also greatly helps in the Ninja mirror matchup.
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Has been a great trap in this meta for a few months now, and has found a spot in certain Ninja decks just because of its potential to slow down your opponent if you need to draw into your combos.
Enemy Controller
Enemy Controller
Just like Floodgate Trap Hole, a great card ever since its introduction, greatly helps against Cyber Angels or in the mirror match against other Ninjas (take control of their Ninjas and get rid of them by activating Ninjitsu Art of Duplication/Transformation on them).
White Ninja
White Ninja
If your deck has multiple defensive cards like Enemy Controller or Windstorm of Etaqua, then this can be a good level 4 monster for some OTK potential.


Hot New Top
This deck never gets old, it's actually pretty decent in battle, almost everlasting :O !!!
Need to reupdate this deck. The level augmentation skill paired with ninjas is nuts! Might not be a tier 1 deck but it can be used as a KoG worthy deck.
<< Anonymous
ValleCula Reply
Consider it done.
Differences between ninja v1 and ninja v2:
Karakuri ninja.
That's all people, now is tier 0.
<< Anonymous
Darth Reply
hahahaha It seems so.
WTF?!? Is the deck always only with the addition of Karakuri Ninja?
Ninja is dead
No user play with ninja...
<< Anonymous(Ninja is dead)
Anonymous Reply
we need hanzo!
or dark simorgh
This is the best "deck recipe" article in this site. Very well explained and works more like a tutorial explaining the best ninja combos and card effects. I disagree with some choices in the deck but the article is great
this deck was always 🔥 anyway, dont understand the hype, never had a problem playing against it, super expensive box to get 3 UR with rest useless cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
typical rookie 1 player
<< Anonymous
The Chazzz Reply
Slifer Slacker!
<< Anonymous(The Chazzz)
Anonymous Reply
You are my new hero.
<< Anonymous
The Chazzz Reply
I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away
must limit this ninjas
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
None of them even hit KOG yet.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
3 kogs while ancient gear 12 lololol
nerf ninja unbalanced skill effects
i have two Art of Transformation already should i reset or wait until i get the Sasukes ( i have none )
<< Anonymous
A1 Reply
u should definitely wait for sasuke, it's great in this deck. it's difficult to play without it
<< Anonymous(A1)
Anonymous Reply
started only 2 days ago got 2 sphere kuribohs and 2 art of transformation and some other useful cards , now i have a decent ninjas deck and i am rank gold 5 pretty sure i can get to plat if i keep playing, such fun when you get to one shot people
how does black ninja work were it can attack twice
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You attack with it, then banish it with its own effect. It re-summons itself, then it can attack again.
<< Anonymous
Ojama Reply
yes, but you need 1 ninja + 1 ninjutsu to do that
<< Anonymous(Ojama)
Ojama Reply
sorry 1 ninjutsu only, he counts himself as ninja ofc
<< Anonymous(Ojama)
Anonymous Reply
You do need 1 ninja in your hand. You can't just send the Black Dragon Ninja itself from the field to the graveyard to get the second attack.

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