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Your main priority is to get Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 out as soon as possible. After that you can control your opponent's moves with cards such as Sergeant Electro while protecting yourself. Use Beatdown! to power up your monsters and help Horus level up.

Example deck

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6Sergeant ElectroSergeant Electro
Sergeant ElectroHorus the Black Flame Dragon LV4Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4Level Up!Level Up!
Level Up!Mirror WallMirror WallFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleInterdimensional Matter Transporter
Interdimensional Matter TransporterWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Boosts the ATK of face-up attack position monsters you control by 300 per level 5 or more monsters you control. You can only use the skill once per turn.

Seto Kaiba

How to use

Level Up

Your goal is to get Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 out as quickly as possible. You can do this by:

  • Having the lower level Horus monsters special summon their stronger versions through their own effects. This might be kind of slow since you need to destroy a monster your opponent controls with your Horus, then wait till the end phase to special summon it's next form.
  • You could also use Level Up! on your horus to immediately summon it's stronger version. This can work on Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 to special summon Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8, because even though Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 is immune to spell effects he can be used as cost for them.

Let Horus destroy monsters

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4 and Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 needs to destroy an opponent's monster before they can level up during the end phase. Mirror Wall can help you a lot, activate it when your opponent declares attack on your attack position Horus, then during the next end phase you can special summon the upgraded version of your current Horus. Use Floodgate Trap Hole when your opponent summons a powerful monster, it will then be stuck in face-down defense position unless an effect changes it's position. This provides an excellent opportunity for your Horus to get a free kill.


With Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 on the field, you are now practically safe from any spells your opponent might activate as you can immediately negate them. For added control summon Sergeant Electro and pin down your opponent's set spell/trap cards. This will help prevent your Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 from being hit by a Mirror Wall or a Security Orb.

Dodge effects

After you deal with your opponent's backrow the only threat that remains are monster effects. Effects of monsters like Gale Lizard and Hane-Hane can return you Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 back to hand, so use Interdimensional Matter Transporter to dodge these effects.

Other useful cards

Mirage Dragon
Mirage Dragon
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 with Mirage Dragon on your field practically locks out your opponent's backrow.
Half Shut
Half Shut
Prevents one monster from being destroyed by battle for that turn.
Level Modulation
Level Modulation
Can be used to revive Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8, but only if he was properly summoned by his LV6 version.
Level Down!?
Level Down!?
Sometimes Horus the Black Flame Dragon can do things that LV8 can't. Can also be used to gain an extra attack during your battle phase.
Punishes your opponent for attacking your defense position Horus, and helps horus destroy a monster so that he can level up.


Hot New Top
So before you comment or even think of playing, THINK. Real advice.
Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV 6 can be tribute summoned pretty easily my boys, then attack any of your monsters using beatdown. Forget about any spells like "Super Trash Headlong", "Enemy Controller", and any other spell that'll target him, better yet play the spell card "Anti-Magic Arrows", and if not "Trap Jammer" to make sure you'll attack into any monster under 2600-2500 ATK. Mirage Dragon is a monster that will stop your backrow Traps on the field in battle phase, but I don't prefer that strategy, I prefer something more consistent and very aggressive. I'm never stuck in the past, it would be foolish to say that of your ignorance to see through me. You can't, I'm saying you will not because, I only show you what I may. You better get the jist of it my boy because, you're hiding your name, while I, am not. So if you won't man up, I'll be aggressive another to kick your 🔥 my boy. Doesn't matter what you play, I'll have a strategy that will be even better. Aggressive plays, Deck Thinning, Boss Monsters, Counter Cards, and simply all composing a good deck.

Become Original Today!
<< Anonymous
Trick's Peace Reply
I'm never worried about certain decks, only I have knowledge of facts that is. I am at peace with my inner self, therefore I'm living in the present.
<< Anonymous(Trick's Peace)
Trick's Peace Reply
If you're depressed, you're living in the past.
If you're anxious, you're living in the future.
If you're at peace with yourself, you're living in the present.

Powers of knowledge

Tao Luz
<< Anonymous(Trick's Peace)
Anonymous Reply
Step up 🔥

Albert Einstein
<< Anonymous
Trick Reply
Will do, my boy.

-Trick Yuto
I'm Trick with Game
Consistency comes through deck thinning, spell and trap usage, and having monsters on the field. All can and may be accomplished with any deck of sort. All that matters is the combos in the deck. Anti Magic Arrows cannot turn a face up trap back face down because people who have mastered SSA will play it before the battle phase(most of the time). And if you would like to counter any type of deck(Sylvans:play Ultimate Providance, E-con, maybe Floodgate to counter the whole entire deck, CA:play the same thing, SSA: use Wild T, or Cosmic Cyclone to remove backrow, Aliens: all you need is good monster combos). The 'Meta' is typically easy to counter, even all the Meta Has counters to counter their own decks(Ulti. Prov., E-con, and etc. I will much rather keep the deck a secret until finishing touches are made. There will for sure be different versions to counter different Meta for example, you don't want to get tilted by playing Storm with Wild T and then dead draw any other spell or trap like Econ or Floodgate. I would like the deck to first be on a Meta weekly channel and possibly known for a maximum counter to CA, but its dependent upon what your opponent plays and what you got(like any other normal duel). But... When I first posted about a CA counter deck with Horus, people weren't able to believe or even have a little hope, I automatically got disrespected. That is why I'll keep this a secret and I won't get to KoG to share the deck till I have a legit conversation with Dcay, one who helped the disrespect while disrespecting someone who would and could help the community while introducing a new "Meta" like deck. Could be technically tier 0 except with bricks, maybe some changes to the deck could be in order. Besides that, the deck is simple, complete, and practically "God-like". I will simply make it better and then share the deck, when I feel like it, when I get the respect first.
<< Anonymous(Tricks Horus)
Anonymous Reply
Holy 🔥 dude you really are trick thank god you learned how to use the reply button you just unleashed a wall of you basically repeating yourself and saying nothing at the same time boy I missed you never leave me again ok?
<< Anonymous(Tricks Horus)
Anonymous Reply
Also you're really stuck in the past if your only concern is countering cyber angel like come now guy you don't need to type a 20000000 word essay to say that horus lv8 negates spells obviously if you get him out 1rst turn you shut them down
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How did he even get the text to be that long? That is what I wanna know. It won't even let me type about half or so of that amount.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
New post can be extremely long, but replies can't, for whatever reason.
It's funny how origal horus is far superior compared to dark horus and synncro horus. Lmao
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't forget Metaphys Horus
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*oh wait, that's the Synchro one xD
Ayyy, just no-One
No spells may be activated, forget about polymerization, ritual summoning CA, and all above any spell that isn't on the field already except there's the card Spiritualism. Not anyone can just use this perfection of a deck but only the ones who masters it. Of course every deck cannot win every time, but it's all within the cards, mostly, your deck. Be original. Think ahead.
<< Anonymous(Trick)
Trick Reply
I beat CA and every other Meta deck with different varieties of versions. ALOT of versions. But one specifically I did call a CA counter because, it would be able to get out everything needed. I can post the list
<< Anonymous(Trick)
Trick Reply
possibly turn 4-5 win, late games are fine with me. Just to know there are good consistent decks out there that hold there own up against anything else. Them are the duels I like.
<< Anonymous(Trick)
Anonymous Reply
Hey man if you keep losing accounts make a Konami ID and write down your info somewhere where you won't forget.
<< Anonymous
Trick Reply
I have created a Konami ID, deleted the google account the account was on and I forget my Konami ID, I even wrote it down. I forget where I placed it. I have created a new account only to see if I can create another budget horus deck, see if the reality of it is actually budget or not. So it may or not be relevant towards the meta... It is haha. I'll hit the site up later though man. Good talk Ig.
any idea how to improve my deck i rank up to legend 2 but i stock against ssa i was thinking in buy son hey trunade or cosmic cyclone to help me against it
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
Anonymous Reply
No anti-magic arrows, it would be pathetic to think that. Use Spiritualism and it would only be for certain needs, Anti-Magic arrows work for an backrow besides one card that is ALready FACE up. Anti-Magic would be for SSA bluff. Much sense made.
<< Anonymous
adviceallthewaythrew Reply
Using metalmorph would be viable, I have used the card in my decks before. Would help out your Horus Lv4 to destroy any monster that would possibly have 3000 or more attack points. 1600+300+half of the defending monster= you destroying that monster, throw in an Anti-Magic arrow to be safe, yeah sure. Good advice.
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
I don't know what you're talking about. AMA WILL stop SSA from working during battle phase. I saw it in a replay, then tried it myself and found that it works. All I can say is try it out yourself if you don't believe me.
<< Anonymous
PeNis whole Reply
No I don't think there's a cure for 🔥yet
My win rate against Cyber Angels, in all its "glory", is every time I go up against the deck man. You could be running better strategy in the deck instead of all this mess they have on the forum. Yes, it may give you an L sometimes, the forum deck cannot win up against the Top Tier Meta. You'll win up against what you counter.
cant get horus out before dakini happens
What can i do against this deck? I always lose.
<< Anonymous(Daniel)
Dier Reply
This one Daniel.. Same goes to Slash Dragon Fusion.

Bring 1 "The Earth - Hex Sealed Fusion" monster just in case they can get lvl 8 horus first.
says quote on quote 'budget' when example deck uses multiple mirror walls, electro's, floodgates, and expects budget players to receive a few Horus's, how funny? Their 'budget' deck is opinionated into what they perceive as budget when honestly, a correct built Horus deck with clever original strategy is better to use and will receive more and more wins.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just a matter of luck and or time. Haven't dropped a dime on the game and just trying to get flame timer(s) and caninetaur to finish hazy and I came away with 4x ananta, 2x houras 8, 2x flood. 4x hours 6 and 1 to 3 of most of the other UR/SR. Even got 2 elec off the recent selection box. Again all for free. Yes budget probably should make an attempt at some alternatives suggestion.
Is a Horus deck still viable in current meta?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sure is.
This is hands down the most fun deck I have played on Duel Links. #dedicatedf2pplayer
<< Anonymous(RocketMewtwo)
Anonymous Reply
You got all that 🔥 F2P??
<< Anonymous(RocketMewtwo)
Anonymous Reply
This is a f2p deck that is more expensive than 90% of the meta decks.
<< Anonymous(RocketMewtwo)
Kert Reply
What is that first dragon card 8 star UR? Thank you.
<< Anonymous(Kert)
Anonymous Reply
Dark Horus, though honestly, it doesn't accomplish a whole lot here aside from being a "target" for Kidmodo. Reviving Card Guard when the opponent uses a Spell doesn't seem massively useful.

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And this is why I don't agree with Xcross' statement ---------------------------------...
They need to release new better icons allot of them suck
Ah so it needs to explicitly say that it targets, so the flutist effect works? Thanks!
That deck was horribly gimmicky and there are tons of better Xyz strategies. Even Duel Links has ...
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