Elements Unite to farm LDs: deck recipe

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update 02/06/2017


LDs this deck effective against

This deck perfectly works against Legendary Duelists (LDs) below.

Example deck

Budget version

See other example deck section below for the fastest version of the deck.

Gravekeeper's VassalGaia The Fierce KnightCurse of DragonAlligator's SwordAlligator's SwordAlligator's Sword
Alpha The Magnet WarriorAlpha The Magnet WarriorShard of GreedShard of GreedUnion AttackPolymerization
White Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's GiftSecret Pass to the TreasuresJar of GreedJar of Greed
Spell ReclamationSpell Reclamation---Gaia the Dragon Champion

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Elements Unite!
You will start the duel with 500 Life Points and your starting hand will be 1 card, which is "Gate Guardian". In addition, you will start the Duel with Suijin, Kazejin, and Sanga of the Thunder on the side of your field. Their effects are negated and they cannot attack as long as they are face-up on the field.

Paradox Brothers


How to use this deck

Special summon Gate Guardian!

Thanks to the skill, you start by having a faced up Suijin, Kazejin, and Sanga of the Thunder on your side of the field, then special summon "Gate Guardian" in the first turn. Have it faced up on the field without destroying a monster will be enough to stall turns. You don't have to destroy monsters your opponent controls and you are able to achieve 8k score with no monster destruction.

Cards let you draw

Use Shard of Greed and Jar of Greed to draw cards faster and thin your deck. Unless your opponent will deckout before you get your combo pieces together, since you'll be starting with 1 hand and having your complete 20 cards in your deck,

Other draw supports

Fusion summon a monster

Union Attack to achieve Over 9,999

Other example deck

Wonder Wand version

Thunder DragonThunder DragonThunder DragonGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's Recruiter
Gravekeeper's VassalFusion GateShard of GreedShard of GreedShard of GreedWonder Wand
Wonder WandWonder WandUnion AttackUnion AttackSecret Pass to the TreasuresJar of Greed
Jar of GreedJar of Greed------Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

How to use this deck

Duel Assessment

Using Elements Unite! skill will not just provide a board advantage, it can automatically provide achievements like Comeback Victory and LP on the Brink (if you don't use any recovery spell), for additional Duel assessment points after winning the duel.

Duel Victory2000
Over 9999 Damage3000
Victory by Effect Damage Only1000
No Damage500
Cards on the Brink500
Low LP500
Perform a Special Summon100
Perform a Fusion Summon400
Activate a Spell100
Total8100 +


Hot New Top
Xtreme 22days ago
How can we get Union attack, if Yugi is no longer accessible. For the new players in the game who want to farm, we only have Cerberus available.
<< Anonymous(Xtreme)
DaTaMagician 13days ago Reply
You can use the Gx celebration tickets to get Union Attack, or you can use Piranha Army + Gift of the Martyr combo instead of Union Attack + Vassal combo
ez 9k score
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Replaced a few of the monsters since I had more copies of two of them and this deck was easy to make for me. I had all the cards and I'm loving using it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sorry how u use blue eyes with elements United? .I want try it too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Better use 3 thunder dragons because they have power draw too.
Easy 6k or 7k(some glossy
8000 point.
if low your LP to 100 and use 7 glossy cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no damage is not possible with Elements Unite, since you already sacrifice 3500lp to activate the skill. so yes, if you can, better aim for 100lp. and in case of farming odion, yugi, rex, destroy his monsters as well to get bonus DA. not that it really matters though, since it's over 8k already.
<< Anonymous(CDNM)
T Reply
Can you use big bang shot in a version instead of vassal ?
<< Anonymous(T)
Anonymous Reply
u can if u use piranha combo, with UA, its not possible, big bang shot, is still battle damage, u have to pair it with vassal so the damage its taken as effect damage and be properly dealt.
<< Anonymous(CDNM)
Anonymous Reply
you forgot poly
Instead of Union Attack, I use 1 Riryoku and 2 Gift of the Martyr, but to achieve "more than 9999 damage" must use Master of Oz with this order in last turn :

1. Normal Summon Vassal
2. Use 'Secret Pass to the Treasure' to Vassal
3. Fusion Summon 'Master of Oz'
4. Use Riryoku against Oz, and give it to Vassal
5. Use 2 Gift of the Martyr for each Oz and Gate Guardian, and both give to Vassal
6. Direct Attack

I got 8400 points recently
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
(same person) in case your hand is over than 6 cards when doing that order, you can set 1 or 2 spell cards or Fusion Summon Oz (if you have the material) several turns before the last turn.
What am I doing wrong I use secret pass to the treasure then 2 union attack but my vassal doesn't attack directly
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow I didn't know there was a 4th arrow that you can barely see for direct attack
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I assume there is no variant that doesn't require the paradox brothers?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its the 1st skill they earn, and they are the only people that have the skill. hopefully the event will repeat itself and you get this skill
What if I don't have union attack, any card that can replace it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What draw replacemente since I don't have Shards?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Go get Ultimate Rising. Considering that the budget version only ask that you have 2 shards of greed and most of the cards are cheap and some even replaceable, it shouldn't be a problem. PS there are a few cards in that pack you'll need when you start PvP.
<< Anonymous
BeastTypeUser Reply
Heart of the the under dog might work a bit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
draw replacements, white elephant's gift, jar of greed, wonder wand, blue dragon summoner, crystal seer...
Can add Mokuba to this list too.. hit 8.6k da for 4 sr's on first duel.
this is a perfect deck to farm those LDs mentioned. I have yet to lose a duel and have been getting SRs that i didnt have before.
Got three star demotion from level 10 Rex while I was leveling him to 4 to get elements.
I dont have union attack any suggestions?
<< Anonymous
AlucarD Reply
use gift of matyr and riryoku. dont use vassal. use piranha
<< Anonymous
Mid-Evil Reply
Use a different fusion monster, like Master of Oz, take out the 2 jar OF greed, Use 1 Riryoku then gift of the martyr on Master of Oz, use second gift of the martyr on gate guardian. Vassal 700 + riryoku 2100 + gift 4200+ second gift 3750= Vassal with 10,750 attack. That's what I just used and got 8,700 assessment points. Works Great!

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