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update 01/11/2016

Great Maju Garzett

Great Maju Garzett
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


The ATK of this card becomes twice the original ATK of 1 monster that you Tributed for the Tribute Summon of this card.

How to Get

PackCrusaders Battleground [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can easily gain a lot of attack.


  • Must be tribute summoned to activate effect.
  • 0 defense makes it vulnerable to position change.



  • Tribute any decent beatstick, like Gemini Elf or Archfiend Soldier, to turn Great Mahu Garzett into an powerful beater with 3000 or more attack.


One way your opponent would try to destroy Great Maju Garzett is exposing its weak defense stat. However you can surprise them with Gamushara, inflicting a ton of damage to them and maybe even winning the duel.

Summoner of Illusions

Use Summoner of Illusions to special summon a powerful fusion monster from your extra deck which you can then use as tribute for Great Maju Garzett.

Soul Exchange

You can use Soul Exchange to get rid of your opponent's high attack monster at the same time summon Great Maju Garzett with twice that attack. To make sure your opponent has a powerful monster, you can summon Lava Golem to their field but remember that you cannot normal summon the turn you summon Lava Golem.

Special Summon

Here are some monsters with decent attacks that you can special summon with ease to use as tribute for Great Maju Garzett. If possible you should activate their effects before tributing into Great Maju Garzett to get the most out of them, like with Anteatereatingant and the Dark Creator.




Stat changesChanges own ATK value


Hot New Top
A few cards need to be mentioned for use with this card:
-Card Advance
-Any high attack level 4 monster, including Giant Orc, Elite Goblin Attack Force, and Jirai Gumo
-Then of course Powerful Rebirth becomes a good option
Using this with Zolga or just any level 4 beater is fun. The former gives me a free 2000 LP boost while granting me a 3400 beater. Helped me out in a pinch a couple of times, though the lack of any real substance beyond possibly gaining ridiculous attack, like a lack of protection, is kinda sad. Also bothers me how it works off of original ATK rather than current ATK, which can really mess things up if I'm being real. But those are just my opinions, and this is still a personal favorite of mine.
This + Soul Exchange is actually very nice.
This card would be a dream in PvP if it also gained DEF twice the original DEF of tributed monsters...
This card for be a dream in PvP if it also gained defence twice the original defence of tributed monster...
Amazing card! This in a fiend beat down deck with archfiend palabyrinth special summon summoned skull and tribute. 5000 attack
How to play this card defensively is spike shield with chain, and then nobody could attack you since its defense is equal to its attack in def position
<< Anonymous
Da Vinci-chan Reply
No, it will have 0 atk if you summon it face-down. It's how monsters with 0 original attack works.
<< Anonymous(Da Vinci-chan)
Anonymous Reply
Obviously you're supposed to summon it in Face-Up Attack Position first, then baiting the opponent by switching it into Face-Up Defense Position later on, or let your opponent use Etaqua/Econ 1st effect on it.

Then when your opponent attacked it, activate your Spikeshield with Chain you already Set beforehand.
3800 beater in unga bunga 1900 atk vanilla deck.
Tribute five headed dragon, 10k atk, instant farming
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So raw power farm deck still works in current era? All the LDs (gates or events alike) have some sort of ways to screw you. Like man eater, conclave; even the useless vehicroid deck can screw you with no entry and shield crush.

And good luck farming after putting in 5 dragons + poly + GMG (7 cards) in your sylvan/ aromage deck. I think it's highly consistent.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Again, read carefully. I never said putting Dragons into Sylvan/Aromage-Ra deck, I said a deck that uses GMG + FHD for farming, would farm in the same way as Sylvan/Aromage-Ra deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And yes, raw power farm deck still works. Even better in fact, now that Marik gets "Power of the Tributed" Skill for Ra farming decks.

Also, Jesse's AI is bad in terms of using Conclave :p
He always use it just to get rid of my Rosemary/Carrot during my Draw Phase, which I can simply resummon during my Main Phase.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I never have problem either with my Aromage-Ra deck during Syrus event. I also used Aromage-Ra deck against Elegant Mai :)

Power of the Tributed is such a good skill since it cuts the stalling process, I no longer need to get 9000+ LP first since I can rely on my monsters' ATK as well.

The only time I need to go 9000+ LP is in Syrus event, since he's in GX world which sadly means no Marik, haha
This would be the best farming card in the game hands down
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You ain't farming crap with 4000 atk, and no, not many (good) card have 2000 original atk.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol what are you farming with 4000 ATK, carrots and cabbages?
<< Anonymous(NeonGboy)
Anonymous Reply
In an elements unite farming deck, you could tribute gate guardian for this thing, letting you drop one union attack and get the "tribute summon" bonus.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Although beware that you need to summon him before the last turn, so use good goblin housekeeping or something to make sure he isn't on the bottom of your deck.
great add to silvan farm deck
<< Anonymous(astral)
Anonymous Reply
Best card in this box

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