Fear the Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom: Yami Bakura unlock event

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update 23/03/2017
Yami Bakura event (Jun 28 - Jul 10)

Unlock event details

Collecting Dice faster

Character details

Farming Lvl 30

Farming Lvl 40

Farming Lvl 50


Period (GMT +00:00)Jun 28 - Jun 10

June 28 right after the Mokuba event, "Fear the Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom" event will be up. New Rewards will be added!

Possible New Rewards!

Note:Information on this section is unofficial and not founded by GameA, but be credited to people who uploaded images to Imgur.

[UR] Snipe Hunter

ATK 1500/DEF 600
You can discard 1 card, then target 1 card on the field; roll a six-sided die, and destroy that target unless you roll a 1 or 6.

[SR] Kuribandit

ATK 1000/DEF 700
During the End Phase, if this card was Normal Summoned this turn: You can Tribute this card; excavate the top 5 cards of your Deck, you can add 1 excavated Spell/Trap Card to your hand, also send the remaining cards to the Graveyard.

[SR] Fiendish Rhino Warrior

ATK 1400/DEF 900
Fiend-Type monsters you control, except "Fiendish Rhino Warrior", cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can send 1 Fiend-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, except "Fiendish Rhino Warrior". You can only use this effect of "Fiendish Rhino Warrior" once per turn.

[R] Mask of Darkness

ATK 900/DEF 400
FLIP: Target 1 Trap Card in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand.
For more information or details of cards that was previously leaked and datamined, click the link below!


"The Destiny Board of Doom" is an event in the game. During the event, Yami Bakura appears at the gate and players are able to duel against him to unlock Yami Bakura and earn prizes. Collect the "Ten-Sided Dice" and use them to challenge him to earn points which gives exclusive cards, sleeves, mat and icon.

Event flow

1Collecting Ten-Sided Dice by winning duels against Standard Duelists, Legendary Duelists, and the Vagabond.
2Challenging Bakura at the Gate once you obtain required amount of Ten-Sided Dice.
3Earning "Points" after duels against Yami Bakura based on Duel Assessment to unlock him and get cards and rewards.

Three goals you should achieve

1. Unlock Yami Bakura!

3. Aim to get drop skills

2. Get event-exclusive cards!

Collect Ten-Sided Dice

You can obtain Ten-Sided Dice by winning duels against duelists that appear in your duel world.

Challenge Yami Bakura

Required Ten-Sided Dice and acquired Points

Yami Bakura's
Required Ten-Sided Dice (QTY)Acquired Points
105DA x1
2010DA x3
3020DA x7
4040DA x18
500DA x20
Note: DA = Duel Assessment

Yami Bakura Lvl 50

Yami Bakura lvl. 50 will spawn in Duel World like Yugi Muto did. You are not required to spend any "Ten-Sided Dice" to duel him. You can obtain special Reward(s) and a large amount of Event Points by defeating him!

Event Exclusive Skill "Destiny Board of Doom"

During this event, Yami Bakura will always activate "Destiny Board of Doom", which is an event exclusive skill that works differently than the skill that you can obtain when playing as Yami Bakura. In this event, it comes with some "special" rules:

  • Yami Bakura begins the duel with "Dark Necrofear" in the graveyard.
  • Yami Bakura always goes first.
  • Yami Bakura will automatically win the Duel at the end of the player's 5th turn.
  • This skill is negated when "Dark Necrofear" is no longer in the graveyard.
  • The "Dark Necrofear" that is in the graveyard at the beginning of the duel cannot be special summoned from the graveyard, as it has not been special summoned properly prior to being sent to the graveyard.

Event point rewards

Note: All rewards on this page are subject to change, and will be updated soon.

By earning certain amount of Points, you will receive Gold, jewels, Gems, Duel Orbs, Cards, and the special character, Yami Bakura! Here is a list of required points to unlock Yami Bakura and get cards.

Event exclusive rewards

This table does not show Jewels, Gems, Gold, and Duel Orb.

100,000Man-Eating Treasure ChestMan-Eating Treasure Chest
200,000Yami Bakura unlocked!
360,000Bakura Event Event Card Sleeve
650,000Headless KnightHeadless Knight
1,100,000Bakura Event Event Game Mat
2,000,000Dark Spirit of the SilentDark Spirit of the Silent
3,000,000White Magical HatWhite Magical Hat
4,000,000Event Icon

The amount of obtainable items in total

JewelUR x4, SR x8, R x22

Drop cards

Here is a list of duel rewards cards only Yami Bakura drops.

Yami Bakura decks

Note: There might be some changes in the deck that he will be using, this section will be updated once confirmed.

Yami Bakura Lvl 30-50

For a deck Yami bakura Lvl 30, 40, 50 uses, click/tap the button below!

Yami Bakura Lvl 20:

GerniaGerniaGerniaWinged MinionWinged MinionWinged Minion
Electric LizardElectric LizardElectric LizardSorcerer of the DoomedSorcerer of the DoomedThe Portrait's Secret
The Portrait's SecretDoma The Angel of SilenceDoma The Angel of SilenceSpiritualismExchangeCall of the Earthbound
Dark Spirit of the SilentDark Spirit of the Silent----

Yami Bakura Lvl 10:

Archfiend MirrorArchfiend MirrorArchfiend MirrorMeda BatMeda BatMeda Bat
Souls of the ForgottenSouls of the ForgottenSouls of the ForgottenLady of FaithLady of FaithLady of Faith
One Who Hunts SoulsOne Who Hunts SoulsOne Who Hunts SoulsElectric LizardElectric LizardElectric Lizard
Terra the TerribleTerra the Terrible----


How to see regular Legendary Duelists?

Tap the "Gate" button at the top left of the screen, then a pop-up menu will show up. Now you can choose "Fear the Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom" or "Yu-Gi-Oh". Since you want to have a duel as usual, tap "Yu-Gi-Oh". I however recommend you having duels against Pegasus as much as you can while he is at the Gate, since the event is for a limited time.

Whhat is 10-Sided Dice?

Yami Bakura uses 10-Sided Dice in original manga.

The Destiny Board

In JP version, the Destiny Board shows DEATH instead of FINAL.


Hot New Top
got this much
Ok. I'm fine. LOL
Ok. So I just finished his event (got 4000000).
I must say that his drops and prizes are crap!
I mean, come on, at lvl 40 his card reward sucks.. And at lvl 50 they are the same?! Also.. the multiplayer for lvl 50 is almost the same as 40.. why?
Anyway. about the char: For a twisted psycho thief he's actually a pretty cool guy. He congratulates you when you win and sugest you to try agian when you lose. Seto Kaiba is still the biggest douchbag in yu-gi-oh, no comparison lol.
Also, Bakura's duel song is really awesome. The violin really got the mood for the fights.
New skill for bakura is balance
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
thats is a common skill for every character you dumbass are you new ?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
thats is a common skill for every character you dumbass are you new ?
Im done with the event
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
And all cards obtained
So I can't obtain board of doom skill??
<< Anonymous
Kyn Reply
You can but it's destiny board a drop skill and it's kind of different you have to be at 2000 or less LP and necrofear has to be in graveyard
<< Anonymous
Kyn Reply
You can but it's destiny board a drop skill and it's kind of different you have to be at 2000 or less LP and necrofear has to be in graveyard
I Farming Lvl 30 but instead of using Gravedigs/Disappear, i use "Soul Demolition" ( so i can lower my LP to 1000 and get "Comeback Victory" and "Low LP" Duel Assessment w/ 2500+500 points. Usually get 4000+ DA points (the highest is ~7000 by getting "Over 5000 Damage!" DA and use several foil cards) if the cards i need in my hand within 8 turn. The condition of activating Soul Demo effect is u should have at least 1 monster in u'r grave too and have Fiend-type monster in u'r field. So i use several Lvl 5-6 Fiend-type monsters in my deck and when i tribute summon them i fulfill both condition in the same time. Pretty good strategy for a noob isn't it? (n_n)v
What happens with the leftover dice? do they get converted into gems? because if not I am going to use them to level up my characters
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
in coins!
<< Anonymous
Vigoureux Reply
A meager 3 gold coins per dice...
I need your advice, I have 8 million points or so and around 500 dices. Do I farm the level 40 for money and SR UR gems or should I only do level 10 to level up my characters?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Just use other characters to farm for their skills. Like Pegasus for Toon World Skill,etc.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Thank you for the advice. That is convenient, I'm training pegasus to 30 right now (:
Why the first deck? If you have to win before the opponent's 5th turn, why should I have only lifepoint's in the deck?
This event is just right in it's difficulty level. Even if you're f2p, you can get 4M points before the deadline without using any of the free duel orbs. I am f2p, and now at 3.5M points. And I lose a lot of times too.

4 more days left guys. Good luck!
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Im f2p and already at 5.4M dont even care about the point grinding him for gems lots of gems reward
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
already at 6m still grinding for gems,gems,gems,gems,coin,sr ur stone
Hit 1.5m points and a weird pic of bakura came on screen - why was this?
<< Anonymous(k)
Anoymous Reply
You mean a picture of Zorc (the ritual monster)? If so, it means Bakura's in Duel World with his lvl 50 deck.
<< Anonymous(k)
Anoymous Reply
Pretty neat, I like it.
<< Anonymous(k)
k Reply
Yeah that was it, makes sense now !

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Hahaha Is easy get 3 wyvern:)
finally i got that flat dragon after farming mokuba 15 times a day damn the stress
Yeah the game basically shit on you by giving you that card prismatic, I'd scrap it for the ...
why release cards which were originally banned. why not release pot of greed???
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