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28th Mini Box: Chronicle of Glory
update 24/11/2016

Judge Man

Judge Man
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeNormal


This club-wielding warrior battles to the end and will never surrender.

How to Get

PackUltimate Rising [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


2200 is decent but it is overshadowed by other 1 tribute monsters that has higher attack. Its low defense also makes it not very viable to use due to many position switching cards available. Its redeeming quality is that its a normal monster, usable with Order to Charge in a normal monster deck.


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i just like for collection
I like how edgy the new comment are here when they forget that Judgeman was like Axeraider. They are SR and UR because this was in the first packs BEFORE 1700 was a common thing and that Talware and 🔥 isnt even in the game. Stop being idiots.
convert for sr jewel then
Someone should update this page. I mean the card has worse stats than Talwar, Summoned Skull, Luster Dragon and White-Horned Dragon are all much better 6 star monsters.
<< Anonymous(DaSwifta)
DaSwifta Reply
Forgot to mention Chaos Command Magician. And also Dark Magician Girl due to their Spellcaster synergy.
judge man is edged out in stats, but it is searchable by blue dragon summoner. so it is still good if you use blue dragon summoner.
<< Anonymous
DaSwifta Reply
But Luster Dragon is also searchable by Blue Dragon Summoner and that one has 100 less DEF but 200 more ATK, the main difference being that one has Dragon synergy which Judge Man doesn't have.
Beast of Talwar and emerald dragon are rares and are stronger.
Worst SR to be released imo
You forgot clausolas
Ally of Justice Clausolas has more, maybe highest, base ATK at 2300. Also, Machine King comes out essentially at 2300, but gains an additional 100 ATK per any other Machine-Type Monster(s) that happen to be on the field.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But these are machines. Judgeman can syn with blue dragon summoner. Its unqiue of its kind currently.
<< Anonymous
TypicalAnimuVillain Reply
Eh, still sucks ass. I still remember the moment I draw an SR, wishing it to be Twister or Ladybug, and then this 🔥ing card came out. God. Never before have I desire to destroy the world so badly.

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They put Neos Alius in a mini box and in two structure deck
nope quick effect also work in damage step effect activation, so if your opponent active koga eff...
Best brick is "Brick with Eyes of Blue". Fear my Brick.
They don't want Sphere because they don't want to change your monster into defense posi...
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