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update 19/09/2016

Destiny End Dragoon

Destiny End Dragoon
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeFusion / Effect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Ignition Effect / Trigger Effect
Supports ArchetypesDestiny HERO


"Destiny HERO - Plasma" + "Destiny HERO - Dogma"A Fusion Summon of this card can only be done with the above Fusion Material Monsters. Once per turn: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; destroy that target and inflict damage to your opponent equal to its ATK on the field. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this effect. During your Standby Phase, if this card is in your Graveyard: You can banish 1 "Destiny HERO" card from your Graveyard; Special Summon this card.









How to Get

Under construction.


ActionsCannot conduct Battle Phase / Activates from your Graveyard
Banished categoriesBanishes from Graveyard for cost / Banishes from your Graveyard
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Monster Cards
Summoning categoriesStrict Fusion Summon / 2 Fusion Materials / Special Summons itself from your Graveyard
LPDamages your opponent

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Hot New Top
Wouldn't be too overpowered in the current game, especially with cyber angels and and aliens floating round.
<< Anonymous
Growlrice 4days ago Reply
But if they are named Destiny HERO Plasma in their field, you can fusion summon that card using it. No substitutes. Just changing identity. Nice and easy.
<< Anonymous(Growlrice)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
How in the heck do you change your monster name to D hero plasma? Last I checked, E hero prisma is still not released yet in DL
<< Anonymous
Mah boi 3days ago Reply
Fusion tag, maybe?
Well, now that we have Fusion Reserve and a 2nd copy of Plasma available, Summoning Destiny End Dragoon wouldn't be hard to do.
<< Anonymous(Mah boi)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Fusion tag won't work since neither plasma nor dogma is a fusion monster.
Anonymous 5days ago
why is Konami sparing with cards like this it would be so nice and fun to play with
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
because you will crying and asking for nerf it if it were available on pvp
<< Anonymous
Valencia 5days ago Reply
I also want this card.
need this card asap
The only answer I have for this card is my Masked Beast deck. Well its the only thing I have.
<< Anonymous(Anomoly)
Anonymous Reply
I just use chthonian polymer. Its how I tend to beat lvl 40 Aster.
fuck this shit dont ever release it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nah... maybe just 1 would be cool, remenber that we only have 1 plasma and dogma still needs to be released
LVL 50 Aster event plz
burn it, then shit on his dad's grave and rub his smug face in it
I hope it would be Aster lvl 45 reward
why make such broken cards
What a fvcking card! Spent lot of white gate keys only to face this trolling meme
Amazing card. But he's ugly af.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Let's just be glad he has the dragon head on his chest, not the way Zorc had his dragon head...
Way too overpowered for this game. I really hope players wont get this card, else it will quickly dominate all modes.
<< Anonymous(Steel)
Anonymous Reply
Have you seen dakini? Unlike dakini, this card isn't a continous auto plus at end phase. And it's a fusion, which requires heavy recources.
So no, this card isn't overpowered especially when you look at dakini
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy Reply
You Summon this card and it's way better than Dakini. Ability to murder the enemy with burn damage + self-revival, this is nothing to sneeze at. Would be difficult to Summon though.

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300 atk per alien counter you dumbass 2 counters = 600 atk times 2 aliens = 1200 atk bro do you e...
loool that sounds like me!
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