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One of the most Broken cards in yu gi oh ... Just like "Ancient Gear Chaos Giant" ... Please Konami do not release these broken cards in Duel links !!!
Aster lover
What if it was just one and they raised our lp? I just want one... Probably too bricky to have more.
Yeah if they think its OP whenever lvl40 Aster gets it just imagine the try hards in PvP with this 🔥 in their decks. It'll be a 🔥 ton of D-Hero decks then let alone them got damn damn near impossible masked hero ankis when they have 3 of them and 3 mask changes. They have this 🔥 with the ankis I'm deleting duel links
<< Anonymous
Lovely Aster
Invincible Aster Event: drop rewards- destiny end dragoon, dynatag, dystopia, misfortune, clock tower prison. Almost everyone quits duel links and the game is gone. He is just too powerful. lol
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
keep dreaming
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Boy you're asking for too much at once
<< Anonymous(Lightning Dragon)
And also Crowler has an epic voice line for that JOIN US CHAOS ANCIENT GEAR GIANT!!!
Dude, everything can be added to this game. Even judgement dragon, as long as it's limited to 1
<< Anonymous
However, some cards can still be abusable even if it's just 1 copy.
<< Anonymous
Hmmm you reminded me of Woodland Sprite.
Broken what?? Without Destiny Fusion this card is nothing more than target for Cyber Stein meme deck
<< Anonymous
This card doesn't need Fusion Destiny to be OP in DL. Fusion Destiny merely makes this card easier to summon, which would make it overly broken actually.
Lol "broken" you need 3 cards combo to bring Destiny End Dragon, also it material are 2 monters that can't be normal summoned having 3x Plasma & Dogma will makes your deck brick and having less will makes your deck incosistent
<< Anonymous
Yami Aster
Even just having two of those can make the deck bricky since I remember from the last special duels requirements. Really the only way to get dragoon out more quickly is fusion destiny, which I doubt they will give us soon. Fusion cards now are all about getting it fast from the deck and the days where polymerization was good are pretty much gone. Even necro fusion is no good for the dragoon.


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They have problems dealing with it. That's why they always run stuff like plasma, lava golem...
I mean, did anyone find this infernity deck as a winner deck? It has no chance to win a game agai...
P2W Whales just Copy/Paste the decks that Dkayed posts that have like 3 of a Main Box UR, sometim...
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