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update 12/06/2019

Skull Meister

Skull Meister
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeQuick Effect


During either player's turn, when a card effect is activated in your opponent's Graveyard, you can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard to negate the effect.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable
70,000 xGold
SR Jewel x7
Stone of DARK x70
OtherD.D. Tower - Dark Dimension [SR]




  • Can be discarded to negate opponent’s card effects that activates from the Graveyard.


  • Weak DEF stats.
  • Can be situational as not every deck relies on effects that activate from the Graveyard.


  • This card is most suitable to be used in a Fiend-type themed deck, such as Archfiends, because you can still discard this card as a cost for Call of the Archfiend, in order to summon higher level Archfiend monsters to the Field.


These are some of the cards that are used in current meta decks that can be countered using Skull Meister’s effect.

  • Paleozoic Canadia (and the rest of the “Paleozoic” monsters) have effects that Special Summons themselves from the Graveyard, so Skull Meister will negate it.
  • Snoww, Unlight of Dark World and Broww, Unlight of Dark World have effects that activate from the Graveyard, after they were sent there.
  • Destiny HERO - Celestial can banish itself and another Destiny HERO monster to draw 2 more cards.
  • Sylvan Marshaleaf has effects that destroys your opponent’s monster while Sylvan Komushroom has effects that destroys your opponent’s Spell/Trap, which activates from the Graveyard.
  • Amazoness Baby Tiger special summons himself from the graveyard with his own effect when an Amazoness monster is summoned to your opponent's field.
  • Bacon Saver is used in Zombie decks as a way to stop attacks.
  • Machine Angel Ritual and Hymn of Light are Ritual Spell cards that can be banished from the Graveyard to protect opponent’s Ritual Monsters.
  • Bujingi Sinyou and Bujingi Quilin are some of the Bujin monsters that can be banished from the graveyard to trigger their effects.

All these effects are negated by discarding Skull Meister.




ActionsSends itself from hand to Graveyard for cost
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the effects of your opponent's Effect Monsters / Negates the effects of your opponent's Spell Cards / Negates the effects of your opponent's Trap Cards


Hot New Top
You mean sleeping with
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gamea community still sleeping on this one
Meta killer
This card hard counters survivals end, vampires and paleozoics it's so underrated
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Even diamond cores gy effect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't forget AG castle and gear town
Well we got the first relevant hand trap.
Now which cards have effect in gy? (apart of sylvans): onslaught, celestial, malicious, cell recomposition, basically every bujin, some equip noble knights...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, because the card should be in the gy, theres not spellbook card that have an effect in gy (not in dl)
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
What about Prophecy Destroyer? Many spellbook players use "That Grass Looks Greener" along with Prophecy Destroy for an OTK.
<< Anonymous
Mah boi Reply
Bacon saver, Destiny Hero Dreamer, Arkbrave Dragon, Kidmodo, Rose Lover (it isn't exclusive to Sylvan decks)
<< Anonymous(Mah boi)
theone Reply
Sadly doesn't work against Dreamer as its effects occurs during the damage step..
Lets see: dark, lvl4, 1700 atk body and a hand trap. The only thing what would make this thing EVEN better is that you can use it´s effect in the damage step.
Nevertheless, if we get a copy, I´m running it!
To end this post, that card art THO´!!
<< Anonymous(oldtimer)
Neia4Waifu Reply
This negation effect can be used in the Damage Step.
<< Anonymous(Neia4Waifu)
Oldtimer Reply
If I remember correctly. In TCG, yes. In the OCG, no. Duel links follows the latter, so, sadly it won't.
<< Anonymous(oldtimer)
theone Reply
Can confirm that it can not be activated in the damage step - just faced masked and was unable to stop Destiny Hero - Dreamer from activating its effect from grave as the text states "During damage calculation..."
Varian Wrynn dead and his soul linger on Duel Links. All hail the dead king!
<< Anonymous
Killer Queen Reply
Alliance filth.:P
Got 3 copies and I don't use any. It ruins my flow for very conditional, maybe effect.
Mard Geer tartaros
Gimme a copy already!!!

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Works well with Red-Eyes deck. You can send REBD to GY by RE Insight or Card of Red Stone then ba...
This is the same degenarative OTK deck like blackwings that spammed Hey Trunade and Raikiri ! Lim...
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