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update 29/05/2017


Obtainable score7,000 - 8,000
Essential skillBalance
Essential cards


  • Safe approach compared to 1 Cerberus.
  • Uses a droppable skill that all LDs can get.


  • Requires 3 Cerberus and 2 Unhappy Girls.
  • Requires Balance skill.
  • Can be costly to make because of the wonder wands and cerberus from card trader.

Example deck

Mythical Beast CerberusMythical Beast CerberusMythical Beast CerberusThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlAutonomous Action Unit
RiryokuWonder WandWonder WandTwisterTwisterTemple of the Kings
Murmur of the ForestYamiCard RotatorHieroglyph LithographHieroglyph LithographBlue Medicine
Mooyan CurryHidden Spellbook--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.

How to use this deck


Similar to the High Score Cerberus deck, this deck is made to farm the LDs and it is viable with most of them, with the exception of Kaiba, Joey, and Bandit Keith. Main difference between high score cerberus deck is the stability. Against certain LDs you might not survive their attacks if they get turn 1 and managed to summon multiple monsters that can deal more than 4,000 damage and you don't have any protection spell/traps. This deck has a much safer approach compared to the Cerberus and be able to obtain 7,000+, with at least a prismatic then you can reach 8,000.

The Unhappy Girl or Cerberus

Because of the skill "Balance", you will be guaranteed to get either one of these.

Unhappy Girl
If you get Unhappy Girl, normal summon her and stall the duel until you get Cerberus. This works because the AI will not attack her in order to not get their monster "locked". If they summon monster(s) with high attack that equals to greater than 4,000 after attacking your Unhappy Girl, then the AI will attack. Equip her with Wonder Wand to prevent this, otherwise, equip it only when you already have Cerberus on the field.

If you get Cerberus in your starting hand, normal summon him and use 1 or 2 spells to increase his attack. If you can stall for a couple of turns, then stall until you have another Cerberus in your hand before using more spells in order to buff both of their attacks. It's recommended to normal summon the second Cerberus when you have at least 3 spells readily available. This will make his attack to 2400, which most LDs can't reach.

Getting to 100 LP

To get to 100 LP, it's safer and more reliable to use spells to manipulate your LP instead of getting attacked and adjusting to it. Use spell cards to recover your LP to 4600 and spells that reduce your LP by 4500 to get to 100 safely.

To heal by 600 LP, use Blue Medicine and Mooyan Curry, the spell cards to reduce your LP are the ones that are interchangeable. Use Autonomous Action Unit to get special summon bonus, then Twister to destroy it as well as 500 damage to yourself. Hieroglyph Lithograph for 2000 more damage. Use the last twister on any spell card that you have or your opponent spell cards.

Important: Don't reduce your LP in the early turns when you are against certain LDs like Mai. They have cards that can reduce your LP, and if you are already low, they will use it to finish you off.

Tips and tricks

Wonder Wand
Equip wonder wand on the unhappy girl and activate the effect to be able to draw 2 cards. This can speed up the process so it doesn't take as long. You will not lose out on the attack increase since you can use Hidden Spellbook to retrieve it later.

Murmur of the Forest
Use this when you already have a field spell activated, it will return it back to you so you can re-use it again, adding another spell counter to cerberus. Since Riryoku is not used to halve your opponent's attack, it's recommended to use murmur on higher attack monsters.

Hieroglyph Litograph
This is so you can hold up to 7 in your hand, but if you want to keep more than 7, set them on the field instead and use them all in a turn when you have the Cerberusses ready. This can be faster than using spells one at a time per turn.

Card Rotator
Since this is the only card in the deck that can let you deal damage to your opponent, keep this and don't use it until your last turn. If it got discarded, set and use hidden spellbook later on.

Hidden Spellbook
This is used to retrieve your spell cards for more spell counters. If you want to adjust your LP again, you can bring back the heal spell cards, otherwise the best card to retrieve back is always murmur or wonder wand.

Boosting your score

Be sure to put glossy cards in the deck if you have them, each use of glossy cards gives an extra 100 points, and prismatic cards give 200 per use.

Other alternatives

Abyssal Designator
Abyssal Designator
You can always use this instead of Hieroglyph Lithograph. Seal of the Ancients can also work.
An alternative to twister. This won't lower your LP, but you can use cards like Burning Land or Mask of the Accursed for that.
Any field spell can work if you don't have Yami.
Gravity Axe - Grarl
Gravity Axe - Grarl
Instead of Wonder Wand. This can lock their position which is useful against certain LDs. Use Shard/Jar of Greed to draw more cards if you want to use Hidden Spellbook
Big Bang Shot
Big Bang Shot
Allows you to deal damage for the final turn instead of using Card Rotator.
Goblin's Secret Remedy
Goblin's Secret Remedy
1 spell card to heal 600 LP instead of Mooyan Curry +
Blue Medicine.
Pot of Benevolence
Pot of Benevolence
Can be used instead of Hidden Spellbook, but if your deck has no trap cards then you will lose 100 pts.


Hot New Top
Any substitutions for Unhappy Girl because I only have 1 and don't have gems to buy packs?
Why is there a temple of the kings in the deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's for the second twister
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just use that glossy shit
<< Anonymous
Jellinho Reply
I have difficulties with the cerb deck, why do the spellcounters dissapear after each turn? But if you watch aany youtube video they stay?
<< Anonymous(Jellinho)
Anonymous Reply
Don't attack with Cerb until the last turn, its Spell Counters reset in the End Phase of the turn it battles.
Just use abyssal instead
I kind of like Seal of the Ancients, but you sometimes can't use it.

The disadvantage is that your opponent NEEDS to have at least 1 face down card for it to activate.

Scenario 1: You start first, have 1 cerberus in hand with 2 Seal of ancients. 2nd turn - Opponent summons 1600 ATK, then ATKs. 3rd turn - Yami. 4th turn - he summons 1400 ATK, you're done
Dr Agon
this is my version,
adjust ur life point to 100,
using : 4xhirograph something,1 remedy, 1 twister.
<< Anonymous(Dr Agon)
Dr Agon Reply
this should be can replace riryoku, and this ia N rarity
<< Anonymous(Dr Agon)
Kirakuin Reply
No, Gift of the Martyr cannot replace Riryoku. You will only gain the original ATK of Cerberus (1400).
How exactly does one use this deck to farm Ishizu? :S
<< Anonymous(Jutah)
Anonymous Reply
You need lots of twisters in order to get rid of necrovalley. Even then it's harder than some other methods but it's doable
<< Anonymous(Jutah)
Muh Yellow Keys Reply
Doable but not worth it. Especially if you have to spend keys.
<< Anonymous(Jutah)
Anonymous Reply This is way better if you wanted to farm Ishizu.
<< Anonymous(Jutah)
Jutah Reply
Thanks everyone. When I read the part "(...) this deck is made to farm the LDs and it is viable with most of them, with the exception of Kaiba, Joey, and Bandit Keith", I honestly couldnt figure out how to deal with GK's Assailant with this deck.
Card rotator make you discard 1 card.
-1 spell
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You just use 2 Cerberus on the field, as there is only 1 Riryoku. If you play it well you can achieve about 14k ATK with just 2 Cerberus. You can discard the third one for Card Rotator cost.
nice deck
really good to farm skills:)
Chang Chee Ken
well, I can farm with cerberus without losing very easily. This is a nice aprouch but need more cards, to get worse results
Can you please make a farm deck for players who joined after Ultimate rising/age of discovery were discontinued?

I use this website for all my needs and would greatly appreciate it! <3
<< Anonymous(james)
For new players Reply
1) Autonomous Action Unit and Twisters are there just for LP decreasing purpose. Spell and Trap Removal aren't crucial except to remove Tea's Solemn Wishes, and you can always use Wild Tornado and Remove Trap for it. The total of LP decrement for Ultimate Rising cards are 2500LP, so you can replace them with 3 Abyssal Designators/Seal of The Ancients to reduce your LP by further 3000.
<< Anonymous(james)
For new players Reply
2) Replace Mooyan Curry and Blue Medicine with Goblin's Secret Remedy and Red Medicine. You will gain 1100 LP. You will reduce your LP by 5000 and increase your LP by 1100. 4000-5000+1100 = 100 LP which is the LP needed for LP on the brink assessment.
<< Anonymous(james)
For new players Reply
3) You can always replace Card Rotator with Stop Defense or Shooting Star Bow - Ceal.
<< Anonymous(james)
For new players Reply
4) Replace Hidden Spellbook with Pot of Benevolence. If you want extra 100 pts for Trap Activation, use general trap such as Lightforce Sword that you can activate anytime in the duel.
I like that this deck has/aims for consistency. The problem with a lot of decks out there is that there is no consistency. Would be great to have a consistency level associated for farming decks. and why is Temple of the Kings there? for the trap activation?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, i think so too about the temple of kings. Like in this scenario I've had 3x: hidden spellbook was excatly my last card but I needed to fix my ending health but I couldn't since hidden is a trap and (you know) plus I was already out of cards and ready to attack
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ Actually, this is a big help! I don't use hidden spell book anymore it sucks! I now use "pot of benevolence". It's a spell and much easier/quicker to use. Plus with the pot you can manage your oppos deck to make sure they don't deck out before you since the pot of benevolence allows you to send 2 cards(total) so like 2 cards from oppo's grave back to em or 1 to them a 1 to me to not deck out

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