High Score Balance Cerberus: deck recipe

How exactly does one use this deck to farm Ishizu? :S
you don't!!! I would strongly advise Ruroshin's methods on youtube.
Here are the links:
You can never use Cerberus to farm Ishizu.
You need lots of twisters in order to get rid of necrovalley. Even then it's harder than some other methods but it's doable
Muh Yellow Keys
Doable but not worth it. Especially if you have to spend keys.
Anoymous This is way better if you wanted to farm Ishizu.
Thanks everyone. When I read the part "(...) this deck is made to farm the LDs and it is viable with most of them, with the exception of Kaiba, Joey, and Bandit Keith", I honestly couldnt figure out how to deal with GK's Assailant with this deck.


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^Yeah, pretty much similar to sixsam dual wield. There can't be two x-saber on the OP field
I have some bad news for you that involves Infenities then.
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