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The main play of this deck is to get Ultimate Insect LV5 and Ultimate Insect LV7 out, either with their previous form's effect or with other card effects. Although bringing them out by the effect of their previous form is more desirable, since it allows you to lower your opponent's attack and defense. Use the skill Restart to try and get a playable starting hand.

Example deck

Ultimate Insect LV7Diskblade RiderDiskblade RiderHarpie Lady 1Ultimate Insect LV5Ultimate Insect LV5
Ultimate Insect LV5Ultimate Insect LV3Pinch HopperPinch HopperPinch HopperInsect Imitation
Insect ImitationInsect ImitationSuper Rush HeadlongLevel Up!GamusharaGamushara
Curse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.
Check here!

How to use

Summon Ultimate Insect LV5

Many of this deck's strategies revolve around Ultimate Insect LV5, so summon it as soon as possible. You should be able to easily special summon Ultimate Insect LV5 with these cards:

Level Up!

You can use Level Up! to special summon Ultimate Insect LV5 by sending an Ultimate Insect LV3 you control to the graveyard. You can also special summon Ultimate Insect LV7 by sending an Ultimate Insect LV5 you control to the graveyard, but this method is not recommended as you only have one copy of Ultimate Insect LV7 in your deck and you will miss out on his amazing debuff effect.

Buff and Debuff

When an Ultimate Insect monster is special summoned by the effect of their previous form, they gain debuff effects that affect all your opponent's monsters, as long as your Ultimate Insect remains face-up. Combine this debuff effect with monsters that boost your attack and even your low-leveled monsters would be able to take down your opponent's boss monster.

  • Harpie Lady 1 gives all your WIND monsters an attack and defense boost of 300.
  • Diskblade Rider can boost himself 500 attack points by removing from play a Normal Trap card in your graveyard.


As they have very weak defense points, your opponent would usually try to change your Ultimate Insect to defense position to destroy them. Use Gamushara to punish their strategy by suddenly changing your Ultimate Insect to attack position and doubling their damage. Works much better if your Ultimate Insect has his debuff effect active.

Other useful cards

Whirlwind Prodigy
Whirlwind Prodigy
Can be used to easily tribute into Ultimate Insect LV7, but you will not gain the debuff effect.
Search out Ultimate Insect LV3, Pinch Hopper or other Insect-type monsters with 1500 or less attack
Cost Down
Cost Down
Can be used to Normal summon Ultimate Insect LV5 with no tribute.
Limit Reverse
Limit Reverse
Revive Pinsh Hopper and have him be desroyed to special summon a High Leveled Insect-type monster from your hand.


Hot New Top
As kog with this
<< Anonymous(cjr9)
Anonymous Reply
What are those three common spells?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Level modulation
<< Anonymous(cjr9)
Anonymous Reply
Level Modulation can be a fantastic recovery, but be careful of the opponents brand new +2 hand. Another fun option to this is running Lvl 3s, and using Powerful Rebirth at the end of their turn. You'll get lvl 5 (with debuff) on the turn rollover... And a useless continuous for a parallel twister if you're feeling adventurous.
It's a pretty fun deck to play. However you need to ensure you pack some anti destruction effects because they're vulnerable to that.
If you had Lv5 or Lv 7 insect and they get destroyed, it's very hard to build back up from that, which is why imo anti destruction would be useful.
<< Anonymous(Someone.)
Leukocyte Reply
Try using Bandit Keith's skill Baggy Sleeves. Really helps recover from one of them getting destroyed. Although it's only by battle, so there is that to consider.
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
Anonymous Reply
" Leukocyte
Try using Bandit Keith's skill Baggy Sleeves.
That is seriously one of the most stupidest, suggestions ever. Ultimate insect's effect is that it reduces the opponent monster's attack, so it's very unlikely that it's going to be destroyed in battle. The opponent will most likely use many of the various destruction cards in the game: SRH, man-eater bug,tribute to the doomed, etc.
Ayo gamea? You can't use Insect Imitation on Pinch Hooper to get the Pinch Hopper effect
It'll miss timing
<< Anonymous(Moody)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Moody)
Anonymous Reply
Still you get ultimate insect level 5. And if you don't have insect imitation in your hand, you can use pinch hopper's ability. Works nicely both ways
Total Decay
Why not use this one? It is more useful in the current meta.
<< Anonymous
Total Decay Reply
The insect can be destroyed by a variety of ways but once SM Lv8 comes on the field, only traps will be useful. Then the focus shifts from the insect to the Magician. 1 mirror wall and 1 anubis can be replaced by 2 Seven tools/trap jammers
<< Anonymous(Total Decay )
Total Decay Reply
Although I don't think this deck is KoG worthy. Atleast I didn't reach KoG with this. Balance Anti-meta statue and 3SD Toon Barrel dragon + Toon kingdom helped me reach KoG
<< Anonymous(Total Decay )
blastfomy Reply
security orb can take out silent magician easily
<< Anonymous(Total Decay )
St0rm Reply
The problem as a PvP deck is that it doesn't pack the punch that a straight-up Silent Magician deck carries. Silent Magician is easier to get in play, more powerful, and isn't hurt by using Level Up! as a summoning strategy. Ultimate Insect isn't really viable in PvP if you want to compete. If you want to have fun though, that's a different story.
Here is deck very consistent against SD Lv45; with Auto-duel, and a quite good Tier 2 deck : 2 LV7, 3 LV 5, 3 LV 4, 3 Pinchoppers, 2 SRH, 3 Level Up, 2 Wall of Disruption and 2 Regretful Rebirth. Skill ; Low Level Draw. Regretful Rebirth is a must have in this deck because it enables you to have your Ultimate Insect LV3 on your field next Standby Phase if it is destroyed by battle.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
+ 2 Man Eater Bugs
My budget lvl insect
Pretty much helps me alot
My budget lvl insect
Pretty much helps me alot
i prefer running this deck with silent magician i dont use none of those extra monsters
Here's my shitty deck. Thinking about replacing some cards with more defensive cards like S. Kuriboh
<< Anonymous
Thewrudio Reply
Replace ultimate insect lvl1 with gokipon and play it with the skill Restart, it helped me out a lot
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I wouldn't run insect lvl 1 and lvl 3 at all. Just cheat lvl 5 in play with pinch hopper. Also play some E-Cons.
Some worm bait could also help to trigger your uprising skill.
Hey, this is my updated deck for Silent Magician, it's self explanatory, added few cards to compensate for its weakness to traps, only thing are monster effects, so if you are against statue control or something in that way, you won't have fun, until Platin it works perfectly fine, anything above, well, you'll have difficulties
This is not perfect but it works well in plat... good counter against toon deck and decent vs. Red Eyes... if the draw full red eyes comb on first turn with champs vigilance then u r ded.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Almost every deck is dead when the red-eye player draw REBD combo with champ vigil on turn 1.
<< Anonymous
Total Decay Reply
Not always.. I remember my final game from Legend 3 to KoG this season. REBD player went first, used insight and set 2 traps. I guessed one of them has to be CV, so I used Toon Kingdom as bait to force him to use CV, then 3SD TBDragon, forced the other trap with its effect and set 2 rare metalmorphs. It was game over right there.
Ultimate insect deck, yet silent magician is essential. Seems legit.

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