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Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 02/05/2019
Season 38 DurationMarch 1 - April 1

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Number of users per deck

Ancient Gear15
Buster Blader DNA Surgery2
Cyber Angel2
Cyber End1
Cyber Stein1
Destiny Board1
Dino Survival's End26
Fairy Tale2
Fur Hire5
Hazy Flame2
Koa'ki Meiru19
Masked HERO11
Mecha Phantom Beast1
Nephthys Ritual1
Nephthys Yubel9
Sea Stealth Attack2
Silent HERO1
Silent Swordsman Amazoness1
Wheeleder Synchro1



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SahloupaThe Tie that BindsMarch 24

A comment from Sahloupa:
Reptiles better than Dinosaurs. With the nerf of Koakis and Vampires, Aliens have actually better chances to reach King of Games. This deck can beat every meta game if opened well, and ideally with A Cell + Powerful Rebirth/Brainwashing.

Unfortunately, Aliens don't have a direct way to deal with Yubel, beside having 4 cards: Econ, Powerful Rebirth, Overlord and a monster on the field/grave, and that makes it the worst match up for Aliens. You basically take Yubel Incarnate and tribute it, but if you want, you can tech in SRH or Offerings.

The rest are standard matches, you can win easy, like you can lose easy (that includes Dinos).
Hey Trunade is gone now from top tier decks now which makes it a healthy environment to make your combos and do well.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TurlesParasite InfestationMarch 15

A comment from Turles:

I just copied the deck version you posted to see if it works (it does!) Try to flip Rocket Hand only in dmg step or at the end of the enemy`s turn to avoid canadia. Can have some trouble against dinos if you start second.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
capslockParasite InfestationMarch 17

A comment from capslock:
Amazoness Swordswoman + Rocket Hand combo is great in the current meta versus high attack monsters such as Reacter Dragon and Maximus.Anti-trap decks are somewhat difficult to play against since half of the deck becomes useless.

I won several duels against Buster Blader by
setting a sneaky Swordswoman and ending my turn. It is probably a good idea to make room for two or three copies of floodgate to prevent OTKs. I have seen several people running similar decks with Odion's skills but I think the better option is to play parasites because of the fast paced meta.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
CoffeeverParasite InfestationMarch 18

A comment from offeever:

Parasite Infestation for dinos. Skull Meister is great is this meta. Gravity Lash catches people off guard.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
NEO-ProudParasite InfestationMarch 25

A comment from NEO-Proud:
Set up a field where Amazoness Queen and Sword Woman or Tiger (or both) are key to try to win with this deck thus creating a lockdown so the effects of burn with Lava Golem, Jade Insect Whistle and Sword Woman itself will prevail. The traps will be aid to delay the duel. The Skull Meister really is indispensable for this meta against Yubel, Koa'ki and Ancient Gear.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
VorkhalParasite InfestationMarch 26


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
stegioMind ScanMarch 28

A comment from stegio:

I just copied and changed an older version of Amazoness deck, with the input of skull meister i can easily avoid survival's ends effect and all graveyard effects, also power of guardians equip spell card helped me a lot to defeat tough opponents such as anciet gears and yubel.

Ancient Gear


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RodarkMiddle Age MechsMarch 3


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LanaMiddle Age MechsMarch 6


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DokxaMiddle Age MechsMarch 9

A comment as Dokxa:
Didn't like the hard-disruption back row version with x3 Canadia and x3 floodgates, so decided to tech against bad matchups while running a solid core. I would add a third CC if I had it, it's so versatile and useful here as ECon. Same with Breaker, I really like that thing, but I only have 2, so I teched against the new Dinos and heavy back row decks with XingZhen.

It prevents trap spam if used correctly and adds a new target to be destroyed, protecting your board. Gotta say I won 4 games only via his activation. Using Canadia from graveyard it's really useful too, as it enables a body for Reactor or simply protection.

Anyway, simple deck, simple idea. Get your combo running, think ahead and don't overdo as your resources are limited. Btw, the second fortress was MVP, preventing Reactors to be targeted and adding more consistency against both Dinos and Koaki. Few expect a second fortress as everyone is only playing 1, so they think they are safe once the first is destroyed.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SpiidoBalanceMarch 10


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ハイゼンベルク@風見鶏′Middle Age MechsMarch 11


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Jo_Middle Age MechsMarch 13

A comment from Jo_:

My first king of games. Hands down the best Ancient Gear deck I’ve used that is CONSISTENT. I climbed from gold to KOG in roughly 3 hours. The deck speaks for itself. The goal is to get UAGG out first hand. I was able to get him out first hand 75% of the time. The other 25% Ultimate pound was king. Most people use gear town to special summon AGRD. This deck uses AGRD as back up.

Gear town is mainly if you can’t get UAGG out. Use gear town to summon AGG or Ultimate pound with one tribute. Use gear frame or gear wyvern to get AGG or Ultimate pound in your hand and pulse minds to buy you time to summon AGG or Ultimate pound. Literally, this deck worked wonders. If you need a card you have a way to draw it without waiting. Only one deck was a problem. Well, really only one card - Koa’ki Meiru Ice.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MingMiddle Age MechsMarch 14

A comment from Ming:
Forbidden Chalice is for Yubel and Amazoness, and Skull Meister is for Dinos.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KarnageMiddle Age MechsMarch 17

A comment from Karnage:
The most important factor was knowing what time of the day to farm ranked

Bocah Indo

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Bocah IndoMiddle Age MechsMarch 17

A comment from Bocah Indo:

Easy Win Streak with this deck. Use skull meister to counter graveyard effect. Use e-con to take enemy monster that have triggered effect if you go 1st or just canadia that monster.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MoistBreadMiddle Age MechsMarch 18

A comment from MoistBread:

First time KOG. Pretty simple Ancient Gear Deck, main goal is to get Reactor Dragon out and start your combo. I added UAGG as a backup plan in case I somehow couldn’t use Reactor, and a few times (including my last game for KOG) Id just summon UAGG and win easily. With Wyvern and Frame its pretty easy to get the fusion material.

Pulse Mines was the real mvp, in many occasions it saved me from getting otk’ed, giving me enough time to win the duel. Chalice was added because of Yubel. Double cyclone was great for backrow removal while also being able to pop Gear Town or Ancient Gear Fortress.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
T-VirusMiddle Age MechsMarch 15
SithariMiddle Age MechsMarch 16
BotelhoPintoMiddle Age MechsMarch 23
DjaroMiddle Age MechsMarch 29
FerMiddle Age MechsMarch 31


Hot New Top
New f2p deck
Farm prophetic sartorius
ex vampire player
Im actually glad about the current ban list, it was the most harmless Ive seen in a while. As soon as it's applied most we will see more and more different decks listed here because they won't have to deal with Koa'kis. I'm currently playing dinosaurs and damn braaah, babycerasaurus is MVP, by the time it gets touched (if such thing actually happens) I bet there's going to be another F2P deck, so I don't really care.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If Dinos dominated 90-100%, it will be nerfed. The ban list is all about promoting deck diversity on the game, which everyone likes.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
skull meister says hi and I dont think dinos are too op, it's not the kind of deck that otks too easily. Btw, Im glad they are adding decks like these, that says a lot of good things about duel links
<< Anonymous(ex vampire player)
Anonymous Reply
I really like the dino deck, it's really effective even if skull meister is around
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't get me wrong but Dinos are really healthy. So many counters to them and they don't OTK much. Somewhat like Vamps in terms of agressivity
An Oviraptor
they finally cleaned
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
Bums blazing
anti meta and dinos are f2p

from Komoney to => Kohoney
It looks like they really understimated mecha phantom beasts, they are good enough against the current meta decks

Just reached KOG yesterday so I wanted to post it up here. Then I saw GNCell. DAMN IT!!
<< Anonymous(Gohjira )
Gohjira Reply
Inb4 I copied GNCell and post it up as my own.

I was actually running meta weekly 63 champion's deck but I preferred econ over hey tru all because AG was by far my biggest problem hence why our decks were similar
<< Anonymous(Gohjira )
Karakuri Reply
How the deck doing?? I play karakuri with 2 cash 2 hey 3x Canadia no skull no floodgates no ancient fairy but stardust for yubels i think skull meister is needed and found hey important cause Canadia kills komachi
<< Anonymous(Karakuri)
Gohjira Reply
This is definitely still kog worthy. My deck is centered around countering AG hence the skull meister, econ, floodgate, cosmic and giganticastle. So from your comment, I see no outs for ag. Also you don't really need afd if you know how to miss their timing and if you have arm+offerings. Canadia is definitely a pain between the cheeks. One way is just setting a nisamu
<< Anonymous(Gohjira )
Anonymous Reply
I'm a big fan of 3 offerings to the doomed in Karakuri but floodgate is not bad
Anti Meta seems totally competitive and most of its cards are from the card trader lul
Duel Links Ace just uploaded a TOTALLY META NATURIA DECK... holy cow dudes what the hell... Legend 3 easily, but definitely KOG stuff 'cause that guy uses to go back to Legend 1 just for the sake of recording more decks. It's f2p as long as you have the old cards, which means it's f2p if you were a SSA player and purchased abyss encounters back in the day.

All the replays here if u want 2 watch them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or used the UR Dream Tickets to get copies of Ties.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Duel links Ace has some decent building deck skills, Ive seen quite a bunch of great builds created by him, yep, it looks like geargia but with counter traps and naturias, crazy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I dint know the traptrix card could be so useful in a naturia deck, btw I didn't know this duel links ace guy, he's good
<< Anonymous
Norien Reply
Naturia Meta? I like to see creative builds instead of the common and popular decks. That's nice
Skull meister is mvp
Hai March KOG ^^
<< Anonymous(A1)
Anonymous Reply
With only 6 cards good job
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Anti-trap deck is the most 🔥 deck ive ever seen
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Here you go...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Here you go...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Most OTK decks are brain dead
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thanks to yubel raises her popularity that 🔥 deck is dead now, a 🔥 deck that live just about one week

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