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Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 02/05/2019



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Tea-RexSealed TombsMarch 20

A comment from Tea-Rex:
How to use: The core strategy of this deck is to get out silent magician with your breaker or recruiter while the rest of the deck is designed to counter most of the current meta decks by stopping them from banishing or reviving cards from their graveyard, which is insanely strong against Dinos but also against Masked Heroes and Koaki Meiru.

Chaos Hunter stops Koaki from summoning Maximus when they open up with Urnights effect. Ancient gears have a really hard time to get over your silent magician lv8. The hand traps also come in handy to power up your silent magician and prevent OTKs. The deck struggles against trap heavy decks like burner decks or amazoness, but those matchups are by no means unwinnable.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
[DS]Riskaaa_Parasite InfestationMarch 24


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
eb123Parasite InfestationMarch 26

A comment from eb123:
This was the easiest KOG climb. After failing with dinos, yubel, ancient gears, all sort of nephtys variations, koaki meiru (pre and post nerf) I settled for pure annoyance. The deck is surprisingly consistent. The princesses are for deck thinning. Generic traps shut down most meta decks. I thought I'd have a hard time against yubel/Phoenix decks but I won every duel. (Luckily most yubel players play with yubel as character so as long i don't set alk traps in first round I can hold them back). Surprisingly good against dino, gears and kkm.


YT L Games

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YT L GamesBalanceMarch 13

A comment from YT L Games:
This was an easy climb! Managed to go from legend 1 to KoG without taking a single loss! Fast wins too! Video will be out on my channel at L GAMES very soon!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
W.DBalanceMarch 14


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HexieBalanceMarch 15

A comment from Hexie:

I used Anti-trap deck to hit KOG this season. Quite easy climb. The worst match up are definitely Lavals. Power of the Guardians MVP. I won a lot of games bcs people didn't read what it does xD


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MakerwulfBalanceMarch 18

A comment from Makerwulf:

So pretty much this anti trap deck you want to get the guardian Solomon's scolding Mage power or axe in the first turn that's the ideal hand you have the other trap for the mirror match and the super rush for the mirror match and you will run into a lot of mirror matches this deck is becoming more popular but it's pretty fun and the easiest kog by far.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WindBalanceMarch 17
el_peruch0BalanceMarch 27



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ChanceBeatdownMarch 23

A comment from Chance:

Running three cosmo brains to make a consistent blue eyes deck since trick up the sleeve was changed, I wanted a way to have a steady cycle of blue eyes and this does the trick I’ve been playing for about 5/6 months I mention this because there’s a lot of gem grinding for some of this deck and it’s not cheap to get three cosmo but for as much as I play this game it was worth it.

I tried a few different support magic and trap cards before I came to this after I set this deck to this version I went from legend 2 to KOG in about 45 minutes it overpowers almost everything, if you play your cards right you can win against almost every matchup even buster and yubel with the right timing.

Buster Blader DNA Surgery


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LuxunGritMarch 7

A comment from Luxun:
One more kog with bb
Much harder than last season, or maybe it is me that is kind of getting tired of the game...
Anyway: DNA totally counters dino, but only if you play first or are lucky enough that they haven't sent the trap to the grave by the end of your turn. However, once you use it, dinos are dead. Almost none of them are using backrow removal, so dna cannot be removed from the field.
Against koaki it's easy enough, but bb can brick, so it all rests on your opening hand.
Forbidden dress saved bb fusion from dino's trap and koaki ice. Karma saved me from vamp many times and it also won me some ag matches. Ag is the hardest thing you'll face. Go for stardust asap and try to finish the duel as quick as you can.

UX• kueapem

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
UX• kueapemLast GambleMarch 7

A comment from UX• kueapem:
IDK why balance version of BB always give shit hand in this season, so i used last gamble and its work with me, sometimes bad hand strikes like 3 DNA surgery in opening hand, but with koaki everywhere in ranked, so not an issue, hard matchup is vs AG (if he popup our DNA Surgery), tricky matchup vs dino. MVP is Magic Drain, its save my ass so many times.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DrHeisenbergWhat Grows in the GraveyardMarch 6

A comment from DrHeisenberg:
I'd like to share my March 2019 KOG Deck.

I used a Control Deck, skill is What Grows in the Graveyard. D.D. Assailant and Breaker the Magical Warrior are this build's main players. As substitutes, I added Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf and a Man-Eater Bug. Three Junk Synchrons complete the Monster-Board (for the main purpose of summoning Armades, of course).

Additionally, I added some F2P backrow as well as two Econs to deal with stronger monsters. This deck proved to deal surprisingly well with every current Meta (and Non-Meta) Deck - there was no real bad matchup. 42 wins.

Cyber Angel


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JethLevel AugmentationMarch 7


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
lioLevel AugmentationMarch 8

Cyber End


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Zanzibar!420Cyber StyleMarch 28

Cyber Stein


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
flopmanLast GambleMarch 26

A comment flopman:
This is a fun rogue deck before Last Gamble was nerfed. Could still be viable tho.
The goal is to stall until you have a DNA surgery, a Stein and a Charging Cell in hand. Trunade helps too.

Use DNA to change everything to a Psychic type, summon Stein, equip with Cell and summon the fusion dragons to clear the field.
The element of surprise is what made this deck because most people assume it's Koa'ki defense from the first few cards.

Destiny Board


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
OverhaulDestiny BoardMarch 2

A comment from Overhaul:

This deck is very hard to use and only recommended for experienced players. Main WinCon of this deck is getting your LP below 2000 and discarding Dark Necrofear to trigger skill and stall till you win through Destiny Board. 22 cards in the main deck are to avoid deck outs vs Amazoness/stall decks if it comes down to this.

The extra deck is just bluff. Good match up vs Koaki, Amazoness etc. AG is a match up you can win if you play smart with Rainbow Life + other traps. Econ is very good because once you activate Destiny Board they will go offensive and are vulnerable to EconTake Plays.

Dino Survival's End


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
マジカルミステリーツアーDinosaur KingdomMarch 1


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BL☆CKDinosaur KingdomMarch 3

A comment from BL☆CK:

The key is to send Survivals End to the graveyard using marrella. If you have survivals end in your field and a paleozoic monster in the field you can activate it and special summon baby dino from your deck then chain survivals end on the graveyard to destroy 1 card. Don't chain your paleozoic cards to their traps in mirror match.

Match up againts:

  • AG deck: they cant go through your monster with your dinos with wyvern. Careful not to pop their gear fortress sometimes they set it.

  • KM deck: as usual use canadia to stop urnight.even koa'ki monsters cant go through your dinos except maximus.

Your worst enemy is DNA surgery and parasite paracide.



Hot New Top
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check all these Laval KoG decks at page 4.. it is amazing... this prove Laval is meta

Laval + Neos Fusion + King's Consonance = F2P strong version still can hit KoG veyr strong deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
..11 months ago, go buy some glasses
It's weird when ppl say it's easier to climb at the end of the season, well in this season and the last one I climbed to legend 3 on the 1st and 2nd day and didn't play till the last 3 days as I rarely find a time to play, all I faced were full KOGs players with optimal meta decks, yesterday I kogged for the 12th time and all I faced were pre-nerf Koa'ki, optimal AGs, good players with Dinos and some lavals.
My early season KOGs were easier than my last 2 as I faced more Platinum-legend players in legend at the beginning/mid- season than the end!.
<< Anonymous(X3)
Hiccup Reply
they must be talking about silver rank...
<< Anonymous(X3)
Anonymous Reply
On 3/29 almost all of my legend duels were AG, Yubel, and wildheart/tenkabito decks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
too many yubel decks
<< Anonymous(X3)
Noah D. Reply
For me it is true. I struggle climbing to Legend from Platinum and then climb too easily to KOG...
Let's not complain. The meta is healthy. I just got to KOG with YTdan hazy deck. Minus some cards, but HAZY. Simple just a beatdown deck. Anyone can KOG.
<< Anonymous(Ren)
Anonymous Reply
Exactly, anyone that understands the game and puts a little effort can get to KoG.
<< Anonymous(Ren)
Noah D. Reply
I myself got to KOG using Red-Eyes Buster Deck with Parasite Infestation for the skill. I am a free user and I got most of it by completing all quizzes. It also helps me better counter or play smarter against any deck since I had the idea how their deck works...
Arya Stark
GameA, my skill was balance, not destiny calling...
<< Anonymous(Arya Stark)
WoodFrJared Reply
Fixed :)
<< WoodFrJared
Arya Stark Reply
Oh. I see now. Thank you.
Wow, admin deleted my post about people who cheated on KaibaCorp Bling skill. Are you one of those people? I saw your decklist after the duel and I didn't find any prismatic card, but during the duel you used the skill to grab prismatic Diamond Core, how is it possible?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I dunno why your post gets deleted, but I have a feeling the foils you see in the decklists are based on your own foils instead of the user's.

I started thinking about that when I saw Vagabond using a prismatic Enemy Controller, but when I checked the decklist, there's none. In another time, a decklist has a glossy card when it wasn't glossy in the duel. I do have a glossy version of that card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I had dueled against KaibaCorp Bling Gem-Knight deck, my opponent used the skill to grab prismatic Grass Looks Greener. When I checked his decklist it was there, and I don't have any prismatic Grass in my collections. As for Koa'ki deck, I have glossy Maximus and Ice but when I saw "the cheater" decklist, all cards are regular. Nothing glossy or prismatic.
When you always brick at rank up KOG

Then loses 3 straight and derank.

Wins 5 to rank up. Yay! Oh what Legend 3? wtf

Loses 3 straight derank.. sigh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Been there, from almost being KOG to legend 1 xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I came back from a longish break and had to climb out from rookie.

15 bricks it took me to get from R1 to bronze. Had to switch to Mermails to move, I was using U.A.
Everyone is playing Skull Meister to counter most graveyard decks. Just to tell that in the ladder, you don't need such a tech. You just ruin your deck by doing so.
<< Anonymous
Emperor Reply
But, I'm already KOG and I faced those who used it against. One guy was lucky and was able to drop 3 Skulls to disable my Vampire plays, others just drop one and lose afterwards. I'm the one who posted btw, and my deck is the post ban Vampires
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it's late in the season, most of decks would be able to reach kog by now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wrong word my freind. You will see Vampires here at the start of the next season.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Most decks need it, stupid.
That "Exodia FTK" it's not FTK, is a normal version
Why is that there's always people play AG in the KOG? Fun decks isn't fun anymore. Okay.. is that it? Okay.

- 3 consecutive Crowlers

me: Yubel *clap clap*
Yubel: Hold my beer.
Phoenixes: rrrrrrrrrrrrrr
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
AG is top tier right now, thanks for updating banlist and nerfing Koa'ki ^^
None of these decks really stand out :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I like that monarch deck. Loved monarchs in the TCG.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, a lot of ancient gear going on. Plus some of the old tried and tested decks.

We are getting a new monarch though, one of the better ones too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wouldn't that means the meta is balanced, though?

As no deck is obviously OP compared to others.
7 masked heroes, that deck is really ever lasting.
<< Anonymous(<Bard>)
Otto Reply
Waste so much money, it's gotta be
<< Anonymous(<Bard>)
Anonymous Reply
And we know we're getting more of them in the future.

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