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update 22/05/2017

Spear Dragon

Spear Dragon
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent. If this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Damage Step.

How to get / rarity

PackEchoes of Silence [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Attack is high for a monster that doesn't require a tribute. It can go higher by using Mountain or Rising Air Current field spell.
  • It inflicts battle damage upon attacking a defense position monster with lower defense than this monster's attack.


  • When this card attacks, it switches to defense position. Defense is 0 which makes it an easy target.


0 defense countermeasures

Use Half Shut on Spear Dragon to protect it from attacks when it's on defense position. When it switches to defense position due to its effect, Labyrinth of Nightmare switches it back to attack position at the End Phase. Gamushara can switch Spear Dragon to attack position when it's targeted by an attack, it also inflicts damage equal to the attack of Spear Dragon when the attacking monster is destroyed by battle.

Attack Boost

Spear Dragon can get a very high attack along with Rising Air Current. The decrease in defense doesn't matter since it has a very low defense to begin with.

Switch to another Dragon

If used in a Dragon deck, you can use Dragon's Rebirth after it attacks to do a second one, or to prevent yourself from being vulnerable.



ActionsChanges Battle Positions
Attack categoriesPiercing


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TitledTilted 22days ago
This card is amazingly underrated. Ive been lucky to score 3, and has been running this as a beatstick in my red eyes (ties that bind skill) deck, and this is an amazingly threatening monster that completely destroys exodia along with red eyes fast pace. The piercing is devestating if used right, 1900 base atk is insane even if you do not attack with it, very satisfied with getting 3 of this. Furthermore,i experimented a bit and super rush is obviously super good with this too. Try 3 of this in red eyes. You wont regret it
<< Anonymous(TitledTilted)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
In the 1st place, trying to get 3 Spear Dragon is just pure bad. Running it alongside Red Eyes is just another level of bad. I mean, the guy did says he's beating exodia deck which mostly runs by either bad duelist or memer
<< Anonymous
TitledTilted 21days ago Reply
Sure, i dont run a refined version of red eyes with 3 wyvern or gozuki. Since I have 3 spear dragons, I experimented with it in dragon beatdown and red eyes and really saw a potential in red eyes, as the red eyes can be board prescence, making your opponent scared to go aggressive on your spear dragons. And if they go on defensive, piercing from spear every turn is pretty devestating
<< Anonymous(TitledTilted)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Im just saying with super rush and other defensive cards around, with this card having high base atk and piercing on its own, people do underrate the power of this card. Exodia decks may be a meme, but i ran up against many exodia deck that just straight up have head in their hands, and win after i destroy 2 or 3 monsters. With piercing, I'll kill them faster, through their Blue dragon summ
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
I think you're on to something using it with super rush, it also can put Winds in the graveyard for desert twister if you are using Votd or kidmodo to filler in your red eyes beatdown decks
Johndoe599 27days ago
Level 4 beatsticks that are only beatsticks should not be UR. They're almost never worth it. Not only do they often get powercreeped out by an N or R card in the very next pack or so, but they're not even extremely valuable when they're freshly released.

Are there that many competitive decks with Blazing Inpachi that wouldn't also work with Great Angus? These marginals gains in ATK rarely tilt a game one way or the other in a meta swarming with non-battle removal like SRH and tribute to the doomed, and even moreso swarming with cards that change battle positions like econ, security orb and windstorm that are all staples. Not to mention Mirror wall or even wild tornado for goodness sakes.

Obviously the higher attack on any monster the better but let's be real, you won't win many games with an 1850 beater that you wouldn't have won with an 1800 or even a 1700 in its place, especially if those weaker monsters have actual useful effects or a better DEF. It's all just superficial. Of course the first 1900ATK level 4 should be rarer than most but I think SR is sufficient.
<< Anonymous(Johndoe599)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Poppy as your D**K?
<< Anonymous(cheesteakie)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
They don't have to be ultra powerful but In need theory they should be the best cards in the game, which you can certainly argue this card is not one of. In fact, you could probably list several SR and maybe even a couple R/N cards that are superior to this card. For fairness you could even use cards in boxes of the same size like the SR super rush headlong which should probably be an UR instead
<< Anonymous(cheesteakie)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Why make a card ultra rare if it's not ultra strong relative to non-UR cards in the game? Why else should a card be in the highest tier of rarity?
<< Anonymous
Johndoe599 22days ago Reply
That's a good point. Technically speaking, you have the same odds of pulling this card as you have to pull any of the SR cards (1 out of however many packs you have left because there's only one of each SR In a box). With that said, there's only two spots for URs in a box, only two spots for cards that in theory are of of the highest caliber - why waste one spot on such a mediocre card?
For9otten 23days ago
I hope and wish if there is a rational reason why this is an UR card. There must be an idea behind this (?)
<< Anonymous(For9otten)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Konami says it's 1900 base atk, piercing damage and 2100 atk when Mountain is active on the field. That's enough for a card to be UR.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Without taking account of its drawback or the fact that standard beater are going to be powercreep'd quickly. Typical komoney
Anonymous 28days ago
yeah another 1900 atk beater :v but it effect goblin attack force
<< Anonymous
sjp91 27days ago Reply
This card is arguably better than GAF since it has trample and unlike GAF you can switch it to attack mode at the start of your turn whereas GAF more or less forces you to wait 2
<< Anonymous(sjp91)
Leegend 24days ago Reply
"trample" HA another MTG player!
<< Anonymous(Leegend)
sjp91 24days ago Reply
Wrong mate,I haven't played mtg before although I have heard the term "trample"used by yugioh players before piercing damage is another way to describe this card(and others)effect,silly dolt don't you realize that when you assume you're making an ass of you and me?
Anonymous 25days ago
This card screwed me out of my Silent Magician Lv 8
Anonymous 26days ago
you need 3 copies because has no defense
Konami fan 26days ago
Wow! Another metagame defining card! HARPIES WILL RISE AGAIN! This pointy nose beatstick will be making its way into every deck!! 1 month time you will wish you trampled through this box 3X JUST FOR THIS BADBOY! WATER FIELD SPELL ONLY MAKES IT STRONGER! MAKO DECKS WILL WRECK AGAIN! 9/10 for usefulness and effectiveness in meta! See KOG boys!
SalamanderOP 27days ago
UR !!! lol
i think that card is just normal .
<< Anonymous(SalamanderOP )
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
because of the high attack factor and its effect m8
<< Anonymous(SalamanderOP )
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
It doesn't matter what you think
Valencia 27days ago
It is finally coming! Yes!
Anonymous 27days ago
This is worse than piercing moray who is a SR. Dafuq Konami? How you gunna put this shit card next to a beautiful sexy Silent Magician? Is this your kinky way of having some pointy long nosed flapping winged goblin next to a Smexy Silent Magician Lvl 8 to make some kind of porn joke? Damn you Japanese hentai lovers, damn you all !!
Anonymous 27days ago
Low, use giant soldier of stone tomorrow bitches
Malefic 28days ago
Combo with Gamushara?
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
If you have them both. This card is UR and gamushara is event exclusive. Getting multiple copy for gimmicky strategy is not worth it.

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