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update 03/03/2017

Pinch Hopper

Pinch Hopper
Monster TypeInsect
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect


When this card you control is sent to your Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Insect-Type monster from your hand.

How to Get / Rarity

PackFlame of the Tyrant [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can special summon high level insect monsters quickly
  • Usefulness will scale well with newer cards


  • Weak stats
  • Can only special summon Insect type only and must be from hand



Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your hand


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but why you can use the effect of "ancient dragon", when at the same time is triggered "golden aple"?

Ancient Dragon say "when ..., then you can" same like the pinch hopper!
To clarify for everyone curious as to why you can't activate the effect after tributing:
"When"-"you can" effects miss their activation window if they're not the last thing to happen. So, if you tribute him, the last thing to happen is the monster being tribute summoned, not hopper going to grave.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When the GK Recruter is tributed the effect works. It's not the same thing?
<< Anonymous
answering below Reply
recruiter is mandatory so it cannot miss timing
<< Anonymous
explaining below Reply
Gravekeeper's Recruiter effect is "When"- only, different with "When"-"you can" effect. That's a mandatory effect, means if the condition ever meet, the effect will always active except being negated (eg. by card effect). The other similar effect type is "If"-"you can". To be simple, it's the same as "When"- only effect except you can choose to active it or not. CMIIW.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Blue Dragon Summoner = "If" - "You Can".

So, you say it's the same as "When"- "you can", but it's not - because BDS works with a Tribute.
Missing the timing: Because the effect of "Pinch Hopper" effect is an optional "when... you can" Trigger Effect, "Pinch Hopper" being sent to the Graveyard has to be the very last thing that happened in order for you to activate its effect. So if you Tribute "Pinch Hopper" for a Tribute Summon, you cannot activate the effect of "Pinch Hopper" because the last thing to happen will be the Summoning of the Tribute monster. Also, if you Tribute "Pinch Hopper" for "Cannon Soldier", the very last thing that happened will be the 500 points of damage inflicted to your opponent, so the effect of "Pinch Hopper" will not activate.
Hey everyone,

Sometime, when the pinch hopper is killed by an other monster, there is an electric effect on the card and I can't use the special effect of the card. It's the same when I 🔥 the card on a bigger monster. Is that normal ?
How can I trig the effect correctly ?
<< Anonymous(Balvorn)
Pugsley Reply
That means that the effect was negated.
This can be caused by a handful of cards like wicked flaming breaking flamberge and some of the element monster!
<< Anonymous(Balvorn)
Balvorn Reply
Hmmm I should be more attentive next time :/
Ty dude !

Have a nice day !
This monster will not function if there is currently an effect on the stack.
*if you sacrifice this card as a cost for activation, the effect will not work. Message: "Missed chance to activate effect!" will be displayed.
<< Anonymous(Nerobyrne)
Gilgamesh Reply
It makes no sense. The description is very clear: "When this card you control is sent to your Graveyard". Well, if you use pinch hopper to tribute summon a monster, it is sent to the graveyard, no doubt about that. The effect should apply in this case.
<< Anonymous(Nerobyrne)
Anonymous Reply
Game Rules and Language Rules are not the same.
I think everyone should report this bug.
Pinch Hopper effect doesnt work when using it with multiplication of ants. PLEASE FIX THIS! (also it doesnt work when it is tribute summoned, i dont know if this is supposed to happen)
<< Anonymous(AMCampu)
Nerobyrne Reply
This is not a bug, this is a real rule in Yugioh. If an effect activates as a trigger effect, it cannot activate in the middle of the chain. You can never activate an effect in the middle of a chain. If you want to chain an effect, you must first wait for the most recent activation to resolve.
Pinch Hopper hits the grave as a cost, not as a result.
When I sacrifice it to invocate a insect type , I can't use the effect ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I keep seeing an issue with this card that says "You missed your window to activate pinch hopper's effect" But i haven't been able to find a consistent instance where this happens.
<< Anonymous(BaconLad)
Flay Reply
That also happened to me recently. When I tribute summon using this monster, it says you missed to activate its effect. Maybe it needs to be destroyed, rather than sacrifice? Or a bug?
<< Anonymous(BaconLad)
Anon Reply
I think you need to edit settings in game.
Can this summon the great moths?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Read Great Moth and you'll have your answer.

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