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update 15/02/2017

Owner's Seal

Owner's Seal
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Return control of all monsters on the field to their original owners.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstStandard duelists
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Standard duelistsN


Not versatile since the effect of this card works well only when your opponent controls your monster.


ActionsChanges control

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Nice to know it can only be used if your opponent has your monster who's the genius that did not put that HUGE GAME CHANGING DETAIL ON THE DAMN CARD?!
<< Anonymous(HapaJJ)
retard Reply
<< Anonymous(HapaJJ)
Anonymous Reply
Erm, duh?
<< Anonymous(HapaJJ)
SMH Reply
the first word on the card description is RETURN.
RETURN - verb (used without object)
to go or COME BACK, as to a former place, position, or state.
So if it has to come back, you have to lose it in the first place. So yeah, there's your lesson.
<< Anonymous(HapaJJ)
Anonymous Reply
yeah like wtf i thought it was like a black hole or smething
I cant use owners seal
I can only set it
<< Anonymous(J4M1)
Delta162 Reply
same, this screwed me over so many times
<< Anonymous(J4M1)
Anonymous Reply
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I tried to use this card against a ritual moneter, and failed miserably while hoping I would draw a much needed relinquished
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Reliqunished doesn't take your monster, it equips it. Dark necrofear, Lava Golem, Jowls of Dark D. and Enemy Controller's second effect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Reliqunished doesn't take your monster, it equips it. Dark necrofear, Lava Golem, Jowls of Dark D. and Enemy Controller's second effect.
I cannot activate it save my life
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have this problem as well. wtf how do you use it?
<< Anonymous
JAY Reply
Lost a duel because this card doesnt work, freaking lame
Not that useful, most common control cards are flip cards. "Flip: Take control of 1 [attribute] monster your opponent controls, while this card remains face-up on the field"

Activating Owner seal gives you the card, then gives it right back to your opponent.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
One word: ECon
This card can be very useful in combination with mystic box. For example when you encounter suijin, you can summon a weaker monster, then use mystic box to destroy suijin. Activate owners seal to regain control of your monster, then you can enter battle Fase.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nice, kinda costly but it might work in a last gamble. Thank you :)
This card needs to be buffed to work around relinqueshed this makes no sense to why he can equip your monster but owners seal doesnt work against that
<< Anonymous(anon)
smauricio-br Reply
the card equipped to Reliqshed is no longer a monster, it becomes a equip spell
You can combo this well with lava golem nimble misasabi mystic box and the trap that special summons a monster on your opponents side of the field
What happens with fusion monsters? If this card goes into play will the opponent need to re-fuse his monster?
not bad for farming gardius
Does not work.
oh many people have same problem. i got so frustrated this card cant activated
It only works when your opponent has your monster

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You suck a yugioh
Fúck you gamea for not posting true kog decks and shítty noob decks instead
It did affect a little bit, but most BW player only run 1 Raikiri. So now, they can only use 1...
Well, spirit monsters are like that in general. Izanagi and mirror of yata can remove iwato side ...
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