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update 14/03/2018


Example Deck

Mariña, Princess of SunflowersGigaplantGigaplantGigaplantBlazewing ButterflyChemicritter Carbo Crab
Chemicritter Carbo CrabRose LoverRose LoverRose LoverSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush Headlong
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerSuperviseSuperviseSupervise
Mirror WallMirror Wall


[Skill] descriptionUser
Beatdown! (skill)
This turn, the ATK of all face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters of Level 5 or higher on your field times 300. This skill can only be used once per turn
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba

How to Use

Chemicritter Carbo Crab

Chemicritter Carbo Crab is a great search card, because it can search out Any of your Gemini monsters while also setting up your graveyard. This monster is quite lacking in power, but if you manage to let it stay on the field long enough you could get some amazing card advantage out of it. What you can do is, send Gigaplant from your deck to the graveyard and add Blazewing Butterfly to your hand.

Summoning Gigaplant

The best way to summon Gigaplant is through Rose Lover. Remove from play Rose Lover in your graveyard to special summon Gigaplant or any other powerful plant type monster in your hand, then that special summoned monster will not be affected by trap cards for that turn.

Blazewing/Supervise combo

Another way to special summon Gigaplant is through the Blazewing Butterfly/Supervise Combo. Summon Blazewingwing Butterfly and equip it with Supervise. Then with Blazewing Butterfly's effect send it to the graveyard bring along Supervise. Now you can special summon Gigaplant with it's effect active, and with Supervise revive another Gemini monster in your graveyard.(i.e. Another Gigaplant) Then with the active Gigaplant you can special summon Marina, Princess of Sunflowers from your hand or graveyard.

Marina, Princess of Sunflowers

Marina, the Princess of Sunflowers is a powerful 2800 ATK monster that you can special summon with Gigaplant. Her effect also makes it when your opponent destroys your monster either by battle or with card effect, you can turn it into a 1 for 1 trade and destroy their monster also.

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IGN PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
YatsuoKogameRestartMarch 29


Endless warm worm!!!!
writers, c'mon
Honestly this looks more like "Staple-filled" deck rather than Plant or gemini deck. Not hate but, 7 staples with no real synergy, really?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Normally I'd say "this served as reference. Learn to build your own deck". But this time...

Damn that's a no brainer sample deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh wait, it's been modified.

Just now is a different deck with 3 kunai with chain
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh wait that is another insect sample deck.

Feels so stupid now
Ill Blud deck plant version
why beatdown? this type of deck should use restart ...

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Can you give me aids pls?
What? Make sense please
just hit KOG with this in special duels, but put double cyclone instead because once you use neos...
In a shocking move, it's also the first box to contain anime-only cards, including fan favou...
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