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update 18/07/2017

Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch

Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
Monster TypePyro
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect


If this card is Tribute Summoned: Discard 1 random card from your opponent's hand, then, if it was a Monster Card, inflict damage to your opponent equal to its original Level x 100.

How to get / Rarity

PackSelection Box Vol. 01 [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Great Attack stats.
  • Requires 1 Tribute monster for a tribute summon.
  • Potentially damages your opponent’s Life Points based on the card discarded from their hand.


  • This effect can only be used once, upon Tribute Summoning this monster.
  • The effect of random discarding from opponent’s hand is inconsistent and not highly reliable.
  • Weak DEF stats susceptible to position switching plays.


  • Gemini Imps can be used to negate Thestalos the Fire Monarch’s discarding effect.
  • Thestalos the Fire Monarch’s effect activates upon Tribute Summon, therefore if you activate Floodgate Trap Hole, it is chained to Thestalos the Fire Monarch’s effect but will not negate its effect.

Speed Summon

Treeborn Frog can easily be used as a single tribute to summon this card. Use Soul Exchange to use one of your opponent's monster as tribute. You can also use Enemy Controller tribute control effect to use your opponent’s monster as tribute.


Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal is the direct combo synergy to Thestalos the Fire Monarch, because Berlineth’s effect when it was used to Tribute Summon, will be triggered to banish 1 card from your opponent’s hand until the End Phase (Your choice of card). Pyrorex is able to be Special Summoned when your graveyard has exactly 5 FIRE monsters.





Hot New Top
I pretty much win every time I play this card when I'm already in the lead...bad opener though, and not great if you don't have advantage
I just found it. It's already in datamine, ready to be released soon i think, but i don't know when konami will release it exactly...
So I got this dude twice in 5 packs (I'm F2P and reset the box after every pack cuz I own a playset of nearly any SR). Is it worth to build a deck around him? I have no Berlineth, no Treeborn Drog and only 1 Soul Exchange.
<< Anonymous
SmartASS Reply
If you have no other synergy cards then this is just normal 1 tribute beater, which, just so so; and its effect not so reliable without berlineth
<< Anonymous
SmartASS Reply
I have berlineth and I'm using them both in my molten destruction + sphinx deck
<< Anonymous(SmartASS)
Anonymous Reply
Use water vassal. Came out in age of discovery. Not exactly reliable since Escher needs oppenent to have to have two spell and trap. Could use Aurora as extreme poor mans way out since it comes back one if destroyed. Immoratal bushi is this untill non warrior is in grave.
any deck whit him?
Honestly if Konami's worried about breaking the meta with Monarchs, just add Zaborg, and maybe Mobius. Just don't add Caius, Raiza, or the rest. (Outside of Granmarg, and Thestalos)
Monarchs deck needs these two guys to be good. I'm waiting for them
now we need mobuis, raiza and caius to get epic monarch deck
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
That sounds like fun. I remember these things from other yugioh games, they are so badass.
We need this card in duel links
Really hoping for the rest of the monarchs...the would be way to powerful, but maybe limit them?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
..versatility and consistency is key.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Justification for mobius at 3 guys must be in gold as he sounds like he knows nothing of the meta
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ oh the irony in this above post,
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mobius could very well be released in DL later on.
Mmhh... i think it's time to release erebus the underworld monarch and ehther the heavenly monarch toghether with mega monarchs
I've loved monarchs as a card type for ages and when they got more support in the TCG I was so excited, but then they ended up too strong!
I'd like to see more of them, so far we've had Delg the dark monarch, Angmarl the fiendish monarch, and now Thestalos... if they ever give us mega monarchs we're doomed.
<< Anonymous(ThatGuy)
Anonymous Reply
I think thestalos the mega monarch has been datamined , we may see it shortly this month
Dank Magician
Fit him into this deck:

Works well.
<< Anonymous(Dank Magician)
Anonymous Reply
Does exactly nothing in this deck.

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wall of d and canadia have been purchaseable for like a year now in bundles.
It looks like they fixed the wording after the update, but I still got damaged after excavating a...
try farming Jaden like a sane person.
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