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update 16/01/2019

A comment from Genicia:
A lot of Koa’Ki Meiru decks dont play Koa’Ki Meiru Ice but it is a extremely good tech option. It helps to destroy silent magician in spellbooks and also other special summoned monsters. Reducing one maximus for one ice makes the deck less bricky as well. Koa’ki Meiru Wall helps to prevent spells that clear backrow (Galaxy cyclone & Hey trunade) , which protects Reckoned power. Use it to clear the opponent’s backrow and go for the kill.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KaiserRingerLast GambleJan 13

A comment from KaiserRinger:
I was inspired by the Actnshj200's deck, where I used 2 Canadias and 2 Wall of Disruption in place of the Kuribohs. I also used 1 Boulder in place of the third Urnight, since I have only 2 of them. And I put a second Sandman in place of 1 Maximus to reduce the brick. And these changes were quite decisive in the progress of the duels, especially against the new Silent Swordsman.

I felt much better with this variation compared to others, where I jumped from Legendary 1 to KOG in a few hours, having lost only 2 matches so strong it is, to the point of not depending so much on the ability to win the duels.

The key is to stay calm and play unhurriedly until you have the necessary cards to OTK your opponent at once. Use the Trunade to return the dropped cards to the opponent's hand, the Sandman to prevent the activation of the Traps, and the Ice to destroy the specially summoned monsters, only to call Maximus to finish the match.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KuatGameDestiny DrawJan 7
MingLP Boost αJan 7
Karim moGritJan 9
PNX Tnobes99BalanceJan 11
NameIsTooLonBalanceJan 12
BroimattiBalanceJan 14
casperLast GambleJan 15

Masked HERO


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LuxunCyber StyleJan 4

A comment from Luxun:
I have been rebuilding my hero deck a lot, and this is the best version I could come up with. Using tth seems nice, but if you have a canadia in your grave and can't use it, you're doomed. I took it out and added destiny draw, which helped a lot!

Also, Cyber Style helped me in many otks, such as when the opponent had samurai skull and a vamp in def. Offerings is great against sb if you play first and against mirror to destroy anki. Curse of anubis is the best card against vamp and koaki. I'd run more of it we had access to more copies. It's a bonus if you have an anki on the field, since it will be able to attack directly next turn as well!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ManepBalanceJan 6

A comment from Manep:
Stop looking for other HERO decks, this is the best build. It has a lot of consistency, since there are two Celestial in the deck, and a Destiny Draw, which, if luck stares at you, and you have both of them in your hand, that’s game.

3 Canadias are a must (A good replacement is Widespread Ruin if you don’t have 3), and Mirror Wall is a killer card for mirror match and Koa’ki Meiru, since you activate it on the damage step. Wall of disruption is another killer card, everytime I activated it, it was game.

Cosmic Cyclone over Galaxy Cyclone. This was a tough one. Yes, you can destroy a “floodgate” on field with Galaxy Cyclone, but if you are still on the duel long enough to resolve this card, then the deck is not viable enough. Cosmic Cyclone gets rid of set cards on the opponent’s turn, and some cards that have a banish effect on your turn. That’s it folks. Happy climbing.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
†wis†ed†FateSwitcherooJan 7

A comment from †wis†ed†Fate:
This climb for KOG was a challenge with the new meta decks like Koaki and Karakuris that were a pain. I tried to use a lot of decks to counter the meta. So i used this and luckily got me a winning streak from Platinum to KOG.

Im using Bandit Switcheroo skill because it helps a lot in many situations esp. when using Cosmic cyclone. I use only 2 and put Shrink to stop otk sometimes. And my backrow are canadia and very useful in many situations. Im still using the 2 celestials for draw power. and vyon for poly and summon Trinity very useful in many situations esp when battling Blue eyes on which anki cant overcome. Chalice is for OTK and sometimes for Yubel and other decks.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
B4BearLP Boost αJan 13


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ZacThe Tie that BindsJan 14

A comment from Zac:
Heroes are still alive and kicking. A lot of people aren’t expecting the Super Rush tech, and they helped mostly against Vampires and the occasional “Anti-trap” deck. As usual, you can hide behind Decider against high level monsters and stall until you draw what you need. The Tie that Binds really came in clutch a few times.

With two heroes, it gets over Vampire Container with the field spell or the Skull card without a spell. I’m not so sure I’d run Night Beam again (barely drew it), but it did prevent an opposing Mask Change as well as a vampire takeover. Cosmic Cyclone can do almost the same thing though if you have it set the turn before.

I faced a few new Silent Swordsman type decks, and I honesty couldn’t do anything against them. Might need to tech in a Cipher Soldier if they get too popular.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HepoBalanceJan 14

A comment from Hepo:
Note: Draw power is important, so summoning Vyon and dumping Celestial is the priority, and always use Destiny Draw when possible (unless you can end), if you don't draw into a monster your backrow is there to save you.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Elvis_tfxMind ScanJan 16

Radion Control


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
CurraheeLast GambleJan 5

A comment from Currahee:
This is an absolutly control deck against any top tier. (Koa'ki Meiru has to think very well when we use each card...)

I use two P. Canadia and TTH too, because an extra summon (for the Sacred Soldier or defense) and the second TTH for the skill cost or counter trap cost; and of course in addition to this, there is a higher chance in the starting hand.
Sea Horse make plus drawing and search for its or Radions, and in many cases I could use it several times for because M. Accelerator's effect. That extra card is good for counter against monster effects too. For this, the Ultimate Providence is a great valuable and useful card in this deck.
Backrow cleaner, tilter : Xing Zhen Hu and G. Cyclone.

Main card is Radion with really cool effect. Thunder Sea Horse, Radion and Morphtronic Accelerator (I have just 2) have a key chain connection. Sphere Kuriboh is an another defender against the backrow cleaner decks or Silent Magicians or Jinzo or any boss.

The last essential help and rescue is the relationship between Diana's and the Sacred Soldier's effects.

Sea Stealth Attack


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
gsrMythic DepthsJan 14

Silent Magician


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
PutrefactionTranscendent CrystalsJan 4


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ΣωτηρηςMind ScanJan 13

A comment from Σωτηρης:
Mind Scan is better than Transcendent Crystals for this deck.

Silent Swordsman


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YT | AMLShow of NightmaresJan 8

A comment from YT | AML:
Another month anther king of games throne taken.
Do not worry about the meta at all (you win some, you lose some) but take it easy and you will soon show them the silence.

Dmitri N.

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Dmitri N.Destiny DrawJan 13

Silent Swordsman Amazoness


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SaturdaySealed TombsJan 12

A comment from Saturday:
This deck is absolutely nuts and destroys Koa'ki, Vampires and every other deck.

I was going back and forth between Legend 1 and 3 with U.A Amazoness, then the new structure deck came out and I immediately built it with Amazoness. I only lost twice from Legend 1, to a Drowning Mirror Force and a bad brick (before changing Heirloom to Swordsman LvL3 for more consistency).

Vampires can't deal with lvl8, Koa'ki can't deal with lvl4, Heroes can't deal with the Amazoness component, Karakuri can't Trunade OTK you through Onslaught. If you have them, add Floodgate Trapholes instead of the Network Traphole.
I played 3 Swordswoman and no Queen to have consistent Tribute fodder for Silent Swordsman, but you can play Queen over lvl3 or one Swordswoman if you like.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
xSaberSabiMind ScanJan 14


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FeliciaEndless Trap HellJan 15

A comment from Felicia:
This deck shuts down anything with spell cards. For some reason I barely use silent lv7. The whole point is to stall but the meta is all about otk. This is a major card advantage and had two strategies. Work around Amazoness or work around silent. Opponent can barely do both so he has to choose.

Reason why I don’t run the magic card for silent because I think this useless when your building a defense instead of rushing. Patience is the key. Why do I play endless trap hell. You never know you need your onslaught back. Sangan is there for bluff and a good throw away for princess to add another card to the hand. Many times I would be 2 plus cards up. Trust me. Just message me if you want to learn more.

Silent Swordsman Control


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
aquaWhat Grows in the GraveyardJan 15



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
《S》DrexodusMind ScanJan 4

A comment from 《S》Drexodus:
How to reach KOG : with all these koaki meiru deck, spellbook does very well against it, especially when you manage to special summon silent magician and set fate and tth, negate diamond core if you can, and banish the urnight if enemy summon it. Dont worry about maximus, maximus will destroy silma and your silma lv 8 will take care of it next turn. The rest is just as usual.



Hot New Top
Anonymous 2hour ago
I hate all those koakimeirus dickheads idiots. Ladder is full and those wankers have only to banish that one stupid card and you're done. Like BB decks. Brain dead assholes
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2hour ago Reply
Relax bro, i get your saltines. They are a pain in the ass sure, but at least they are not sylvans xD
B4Bear 3days ago
Made KOG today, for the second time only.

Masked hero deck, so not a great achievement I guess.

3 floodgate, 3 offerings to the doomed and 2 Canadian provided the early game monster disruption.

This was critical when it came to facing Koa’ki, I found if you can not disrupt them in turn 1 or 2 you lost.
<< Anonymous(B4Bear)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
yeah not really a great achievement dude cause masked heros is like pw2 easy mode...
Anonymous 1days ago
just play buster blader that maximus forced to defense position.
Kazuki 2days ago
Nice blizzard princess deck
Im leyend 3 easy but i want make kog with SS post nerf
<< Anonymous(Kazuki)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Bullshit leyend 3 isn’t a rank
Anonymous 8days ago
I love when people are trying to explain their Anki deck... It's basically the same deckfor 8 month now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Yeah, well the people that use this deck aren't really sharp :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
They keep writing something that no one will ever read xD
Same goes for Amazoness and Spellbooks, poor guys.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
This made me choked on my food ahahajaha
<< Anonymous
FuckU 1days ago Reply
İ use Masked Hero very well and i think if we both play a game my Heros stab your hairy asshole
B4Bear 1days ago
Love the current meta. Koa’ki are hard to beat, but not impossible.

Plenary of variety out there. Konami are doing a good job going by the different decks out there.

Splashed synchros are sweet.
Anonymous 2days ago
Karakuri <3
Makrov krauz 4days ago
I reached KOG today with Koa'ki, since everyone is running this deck it's not a big achievement or Anything.
anyway I faced 4 silent swordman decks, okay how to deal with Silent swordman as a Koa'ki player:
-Balance Koa'ki is your best option.
-if you suspect the opppent having SSS don't canadia till he use it or if you have 2 Canadias/floodgates or any other chainable useful trap.
-SSS attack boost is permanent however its protection effect only last for one turn.
-silent swordman attack increases by 500 during every standby phase so your high attack Koa'ki are generally safe during the turn he was summoned unless your opponent use SSS.
-Silent swordman lv 7 attack is less than maximus.
-Silent swordman players just like silent magician players usually run only one silent swordman lv7 so don't be afriad if you kill the first one.
-if you are running into many silent swordmen use Canadia instead of floodgate with 1 or 2 TTH.
-you don't need to tech any card for him just switch to balance Koa'ki, preferably with any combination of chainable traps and 1-2 TTH.
-Silent swordman matchup is generally easier to win than silent magician spellbooks.
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Really nice tips
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
A 3days ago Reply
You forgot to mention ice, ice is really good against silent magician/swordman
<< Anonymous(A)
Makrov krauz 3days ago Reply
Ice is great alright, I usually run ice instead of wall or prototype as it can help me against blue eyes, yubel and silent magician too but the thing is you don't need ice, especially with Balance since your resources are limited so you need 1 or 2 turns to go aggressive, if you like to use ice then it's okay but if not then I don't really advise forcing yourself to use it.
Charlesbm 4days ago
Yubel control is beautiful
Anonymous 5days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Destiny board as well. And they hit king of games so early! My scrub ass cant even make it to legend xD
KaizerJhay 8days ago
So Glad that the meta now is well-balanced and players can enjoy aiming for KOG
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
^A G R E E D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
^A G R E E D
<< Anonymous(KaizerJhay )
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
I don't know what was in konami's dumb head releasing diamond core without any kind of counter to it
In legend 7 out of 10 games are koaki
they nuke the field with trunade reckoned power and maximus in the 2nd turn and game over
even 3 sphere kuribos are useless against them because kuriboh only affects 1 monster and they have 3 2000/3000 atk beaters in the same turn
<< Anonymous(KaizerJhay )
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
If konami will not release battle fader when jack atlas appears the game will become extremely boring because of all those otk
You don't even get to play the game because you are dead in the 2nd turn
New York Guy 5days ago
I just can't believe how they gave us f2p Koa'ki meiru... lol, I'm simply amazed; after all the hate they received thanks to fur hire and amazons. They still gave us F2P competitive deck, hate it or not I think that speaks very well about the developers ^^ :thumbsups: (again).
<< Anonymous(New York Guy)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Two main boxes does not make a F2P deck. Bujins are cheaper and require main box and mini box srs.
<< Anonymous(New York Guy)
Ren 5days ago Reply
If "f2p" is two main boxes, then man the meta have change (lol). I remember fur hire came in one box set.

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13 packs left no necrovalley...
"You´re a wizard, Jaden! - Konami, 2019.
wow you are so smart!
anyone have a usable deck? Maybe with balance Dark Valkyria? Not sure how quickly this can move...
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