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Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 02/05/2019


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
lioWhat Grows in the GraveyardJan 26

A comment from lio:
This deck can stall or play aggressively. nothing feels better than summoning Ancient Sacred Wyvern after using aroma garden’s ability.


Dr Heisenberg

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Dr HeisenbergLast GambleJan 14

A comment from Dr Heisenberg:
I got KOG using Batteries only. This deck is the most enjoyable one I've played in my time with Duel Links and it's super fun, too. This deck proved to be very consistent and has both offensive and defensive power.

The core cards to consider for a clean way of building Batterymen are Batteryman Industrial Strength, Batteryman Micro-Cell, Batteryman Solar and Thunder Sea Horse. Thus, I put three of each in my deck. The main focus of this build is to mill through the deck with Thunder Sea Horse, Batteryman Micro-Cell and Batteryman Solar in order to search for Batteryman Industrial Strength and put enough Batteryman and Thunder-type cards into the Graveyard to summon Industrial and activate his effect to destroy 1 monster and 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field.

Both Batteryman Solar and Micro-Cell thin the deck and set up for Industrial by putting their counterparts either on the field or into the Graveyard. Thunder Sea Horse either searches double Batteryman Solar to get you started or two more Thunder Sea Horses for consistency purposes (be careful: Thunder Sea Horse's effect turns off Batteryman Industrial Strength access the turn you use it).

Additionally, I put two Snipe Hunters for destroying powerful cards by discarding more Batteryman or Thunder-type cards into the Graveyard. Sphere Kuriboh was essential in many matches - it is important to protect your Life Points until you manage to bring out Batteryman Industrial Strength. Tech Cards are Treacherous Trap Hole and Enemy Controller to stop your opponent's monsters and protect your own ones.

I added Galaxy Cyclone and Night Beam for backrow cleaning purposes. Be aware that Industrial's Defense is 0 - so try to avoid summoning Industrial only to get it Canadia'd (if so, Sphere Kuriboh was MVP). This deck hardly bricked. Worst opening hand is two or even three Batteryman Industrial Strength.

I used Last Gamble which often came in handy, but I had to learn to say no - only activate the skill when you don't see an alternative way of coping with the situation. I thus often won without using the skill.

During my KOG-climb I encountered every Meta Deck and somehow managed beating all of them. This deck performed surprisingly well against Koa'ki Meiru which I faced the most! Hardest matchups were Vampires. Spellbooks sucked too when your monsters are banished because this deck relies on the Graveyard.

Blizzard Princess


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ありよこBeatdownJan 13



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LanaA Trick up the SleeveJan 3

A comment from Lana:
If possible try to make azure ASAP beside Cosmo Brain. (to make enemy confused which ia should be destroyed first) Use wisely Offering to The Doomed and Traphole. (Use 2 Offering to The Doomed or more in one turn just make you skip one DP).

Once again, timing is everything. Also make sure your white spirit always on GY or Hand and ready to be spesial Summoned.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
UX•ZanuxafA Trick up the SleeveJan 7

A comment from UX•Zanuxaf:
Notes : I've tried regular Blue-Eyes Cosmo Brain deck but now it's easy to get countered and not as fast as other deck like vamps and koaki, then I decided to use my previous KOG deck and an addition card, Spellbook of Power. The real MVP for this deck is Spellbook Organization, you can add any of Spellbook cards, Blue-Eyes monsters, Silver's cry (for OTK), or TTH depends on the situation. Only attack when it's safe, banish backrow with the help of Spirit of White and Spellbook of Fate.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HexieA Trick up the SleeveJan 10

A comment from Hexie:
I used Blue-Eyes Spellbook to hit KOG this season. My version has 2 Trecherous Trap Holes which means that you open with it quite often. It's really helpful in case you brick or play against Koa'ki Meiru, Vampires etc. This version doesn't have Spellbook of Eternity so be careful while using your Spellbooks of Fate.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ReihunA Trick up the SleeveJan 23

A comment from Reihun:
Had difficulty earning gems, so this is all I was able to put in my deck. Doesn't have a solid backline, but is already good enough to atleast stall the enemy OTK until you get the right cards for a counter attack. Great against Masked Heroes and Koa'ki Meiru, but weak against Spellbooks and Yubel.

Mostly relies on Psychic Ace and Dragon Spirit of White to get rid of enemy backline. Majesty With the Eyes of the Blue helps to extract Dragon Spirit of White from your deck to the graveyard then use Silver's Cry to revive it and destroy Spells/Traps.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ZAA3A Trick up the SleeveJan 23

The Fall

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
The FallA Trick up the SleeveJan 31

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ChanceA Trick up the SleeveJan 29



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
cgebLP Boost αJan 9

Beware, OTK

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Beware, OTKRestartJan 14

A comment from Beware, OTK:
Bujins is easily one of my favorite archetypes. I experimented a lot with the deck and settled in with this once I got all the spells from the selection box 1. The climb from platinum 1 to KoG took me 1 day, and I only lost a couple rank ups on legend 2.

Blue eyes decks are really easy to counter with this deck, it should give minimal trouble.
Vampires can be an issue at times, especially if they have an enemy controller. Get a crane on your hand and a turtle/hare at the grave asap.

Koaki's are the same as vampire. You need to negate Maximus' effect. Mikazuchi saved me multiple times against this matchup. If you have more cyclons make sure to pop it on their diamond core to prevent them from protecting their monsters.

I didn't get matched vs a lot of spellbooks but try to swarm the board/kill their blue boy with offerings asap. Geminis proved to be a hard matchup. It really depends on your hand against them.

Amazoness+ SS was a fairly easy matchup. Make sure to have Sinyou at the grave cause they can easily go above 3.8k attack and render crane useless. Canadia's are this deck's killer. You need to hope for a Mikazuchi on your hand.
Overall, it was a fairly easy climb, and the deck itself is also really fun.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
VinnyBeatsLP Boost αJan 14


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
StuSpell SpecialistJan 23

Yami Leon

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Yami LeonDestiny DrawJan 27

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Blackwing_10LP Boost αJan 31

Buster Blader DNA Surgery


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
kuyeapemBalanceJan 20

A comment from kueapem:
This season is the kinda hard when 1 turn kill koaki destroy every deck, i used balance over last gamble or mindscan or destiny draw to give consistent opening hand (better probability to have dna surgery in opening hand), canadia is for koaki shutdown if u going first, and MVP card is anti magic arrow, use this card if you want to 1 turn kill. Extra Deck stardust for anti destruction and armades to shutdown backrow (must be have fusion subtitution level 4).


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MrMiscellanyLast GambleJan 29

A comment from MrMiscellany:
This deck counters most monster-effect-powered decks by negating all their effects. Bricked occasionally, but managed to power through most decks. Play carefully, and when attacking, put Fusion Monster in defense to counter Wall/Drowning/Widespread. Also try to wait for Xing Zhen Hu to lock down back row, and Galaxy Cyclone for face-ups. Different to the KC Cup one.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ShakaParasite InfestationJan 6

A comment from Shaka:
After +100 victories but going back and forth between Legend 1 and 3 many times with BEWD mostly due Spellbooks and Koa'ki Meiru (the new Fur Hires?) I've moved to this deck which is about disruption from left to right and gave me a relatively smooth climb.

The game plan is pretty simple yet very effective: you win by burning your opponent LP, by piercing low defense stats monsters (and there are a lot of things out there with defense lower than 2400) and by dealing direct attacks. Parasite infestation as skill is by itself a powerful weapon: in a game largely ruled by RNG (yes, it doesn't matter whether you are good or bad if you don't have the right draws) putting two completely unrelated cards in your opponent deck is devastating for its consistency.

The only deck that plays around this potential issue decently is Spellbooks, mostly because somehow they ALWAYS start with either Blue Boy or Spellbook of Secrets in hand (I'm starting to think that the game is rigged to always give such cards in their opening hand, otherwise it should be the same with BEWD, where you have at least 6 dragons, but I've had countless matches where even after 3 or 4 draws there were no dragons in my hand); however they still need to deal the fact that their monsters are gonna be insects once they hit the parasite card.

The spells and traps are self explanatory: Trunade is to secure a landing/delivering the final hit, Canadia shuts down a lot of combos, Floodgate is to cancel out a lot of threats: Buster Blader, Cosmo Brain, Silent Magician, Koa'ki Meiru Maximus and stuff like those you don't want to deal with directly, Wall of D. for those who swarm and attack (and eventually they will because of the pressure that Cyberdark Edge puts on the field).

All in all is a lot of fun to play with this deck with your only real enemy being bad RNG: I've lost 2 KoG rank-up matches but never ranked down with it. If you do the math, the deck will potentially deal at least up to 3000 point of effect damage to your opponent, so you just have to be patient, careful and extend the matches as much as needed if possible.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FryeviaParasite InfestationJan 9

A comment from Fryevia:
In this deck, you need to lower the HP of the oponent with efect monsters or the skill, and finish with the leng ling + cyberdark direct atack + anti magic arrows


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Hadukem9Parasite InfestationJan 12

A comment from Hadukem9:
So, basically to use this deck properly all you need is to control the match and delay it as long as possible, however, sometimes you will need to be aggressive, and in others, you will need to be the control guy with your traps and skill and golem in order to win the match, it all depends on what deck you are facing.

I always send the bacon saver to the grave first; and only use ling-ling if it is for KO. Curse of anubis, canadia and floodgate are essencial and can win games by themselves, I would add more if had any.

Last but not least, if you are facing the otk kind of decks, like koaki, try to disrupt them first, if you do, sometimes they will just concede ;)

Other KOG Players


Hot New Top
Hi! can we have a list with the cards names? i am a noob in this game and idk the cards by the design, love yu guys <3
<< Anonymous(MyPuci)
stunfisk Reply
fellow noob here - I have the same problem but what works (when I have the time) is to search for the type and rarity on

Hope it helps:)
About time to show the february kog decks.
What the hell happened to x-sabers?
<< Anonymous(Spellcaster )
Anonymous Reply
Taking a nap probably, maybe they will come back after they receive their Frog lad.
<< Anonymous(Spellcaster )
Anonymous Reply
They were never meta to begin with. Kinda like Mermails, hyped because of what happened in the TCG/OCG, only to do mostly nothing in DL.
I don't understand those salty pathetic dudes that only said "konami is greedy" and bunch of stupid things. i don't defend konami they are not saints. but being this stupid?. come on the most strong deck right now is really cheap, you can build any competitive deck without expensive real money. it's not konami fault that you love blue eyes ultimate dragon and spend 15000 gems only to get it.
Master Shamo
I hopet that the limit for every card to be 1 and the deck wtith 30 cards only .. only some cards to allowed to have some copy like blue eyes white dragon that is need to fusion summon or cards that have effect with other copy of themselfs ... than u will see how good yugioh will be .. then u will see how everyone will enjoy the pvp .. thats will be what yugioh need to be sucessful .. ( this is my opinion nothing more nothing less )
<< Anonymous
Master Shamo Reply
in a deck with 40+ card is ok .. i said some cards to have allowed to be 3 copy polymerization i think need that , but this is just a dream my friend .. just a dream of a old shool yugioh player :p :p :p
<< Anonymous(Master Shamo)
Anonymous Reply
your idea is great in my opinion the best duels are +10 turns but less than 20. Its just that konami wants to make people play the game because duels aren't taking so long so.......We need a an official trinity format where you can use each card once and the deck must be 30 cards or 60(tcg)
<< Anonymous(Master Shamo)
i disagree Reply
so you basically want archetypes to die out. that would just make every player play the same deck. the same best 15 lv 4 monster in the game and the the best 15 backrow cards (with some varieties going around) and then all the f2p whiners (all due respect to f2p player - i'm one as well) would still complain about being unable to get the more expensive cards and ofc losing
<< Anonymous(Master Shamo)
i disagree Reply
but i would agree with the 10-20 turn duel idea. the problem with this is that it would just make the game too expensive and too repetitive. not to mention every deck would be running mind scan, again making it even more repetitive. it would basically mean the death of duel links
As I said before:
1) Last ban list update only limited R cards.
2) then EX structure packs became purchasable with gems; the cost of it went down from 10 bucks to 6$.
3) They have also increased the drop rate of gems. What does that tell you? Duel Links is doing pretty well.

Which is the strongest deck right now?
Answer: Koa'ki Meiru.
You can get it for free.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't tell me you're affected by that one-liners? For real?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The guy clearly isn't.
And I believe he's referring to some quite extensive text full of deception, complains and fallacies that ended with this face :(

Game is F2P :D Period.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh, if u dudes want to remain f2p forever just reach kog the last day of the season with your unga bunga deck. Problem solved.
<< Anonymous
anon Reply
You can't get it for free if you're an old skool player and have maxed out ways of pulling gems bruh.
i just here to see salty comment.
Konami -> Kohoney
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Komoney literally "come money"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually, they are doing very fine. Last ban list update only limited R cards, then EX structure packs became purchasable with gems; the cost of it went down from 10 bucks to 6$. They have also increased the drop rate of gems. What does that tell you?. I think you people are blinded by hate.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's a very logical and mature response. That's why people don't jump into the same bandwagon of hate you are promoting.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I vote the autistic conspiracy guy as the most 🔥ed
I think the recent ban list and skill rework are going on the right track. Looking at the kog list, it's one of the most diverse one. There are still some meta deck that outright stomp other decks but that's normal they have a better consistency. Sincerely hoping for a limit on vampire and koa'ki next. We don't need tier 0 / 1 decks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
First you point out how so many decks are getting KOG. Then you want vampire and koaki on the ban list. This sounds like a contradiction. The fact that we have all of these different decks doing so well should tell you that we don't need any other limits.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Currently 166 kog players submited on this website. 44 are tier 1 deck (26%). 43 are using tier 2 deck (25%). I am aware a lot of people don't submit their kog deck here. But with just this, you can see how 2 decks are overwhelming the majority of other archetypes. And those decks aren't doing well, because they don't have enough support cards to compete. That's why i want those tier 1 limited.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Alright. I get what you are trying to say in a way. I think it might just look different when it is read.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Vamp is not even tier 1 anymore tbh. Karakuri, koaki and bb are. And I didn't think any of those need some nerf.
Wacko Tsunami
The current meta is not bad at all. Even if Koa'ki Meirus are the top deck right now, I don't encounter them too often.

I'm seeing a lot of Karakuris, Buster Blader, vampires, silent magician and yes... even some Ankis lol
<< Anonymous(Wacko Tsunami)
Anonymous Reply
well yeah bruh, Im not encountering koa'kis as often as I encountered sylvans and fur hire, which is very good for the game. But even so, Ive been playing a lot against them even this last day of the season with my alt account. They are pretty relevant.
<< Anonymous
-.- Reply
Sure! What deck are you playing nowadays? SSA?Cuz I'm having fun with vamps.
<< Anonymous(Wacko Tsunami)
Anonymous Reply
hmmmmm just by taking a look at this kog list I realized how diverse is the current meta, plenty of decks are viable. Koa'kis might be the strongerst atm but they do not 'shut down' other decks as amazoness onslaught did.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's what the ban list do. Glad people acknowledge current meta diversity and not 🔥ing that it's not.
Aromages beat Koaki
This was a crazy good duel! I was playing synchro aromages and beat koaki. This was a KOG match btw.

Replay shared! #DuelLinks
<< Anonymous(Aromages beat Koaki)
Zaymy_name Reply
I uploaded the replay, if you turn your phone sideways it lets you copy the link. Comment with some comments or critique
<< Anonymous(Zaymy_name)
Anonymous Reply
I never managed to understand how do those links work because copy-pasting doesnt work at all :7
<< Anonymous(Aromages beat Koaki)
Anonymous Reply
It was absolutely fantastic can u share decklist pls
This time the Kog is 🔥, all 🔥ings decks are OTK if you don't have a good hand you loose, honestly for that I don't like play pvp...
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
I prefer 100 times otk than garbage 🔥 backrow decks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
dont forget...burn deck too

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batman looking @@@
Dear player, we discourage players from playing excessively. It is intended to reduce screen-time...
There's a DSOD design Dark Magician playmat for 100 summons, that's the only one I know...
You cannot use Mahad as a cost
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