Oracle to farm Ishizu lvl 40

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update 28/03/2017

Example deck

Gravekeeper's OracleGravekeeper's OracleGravekeeper's OracleMystical Beast of SerketGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's Recruiter
Gravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's AssailantGravekeeper's CannonholderGravekeeper's CannonholderGravekeeper's CannonholderAutonomous Action Unit
RiryokuEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerTemple of the KingsReady for InterceptingReady for Intercepting
Ready for InterceptingJar of Greed------Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Titan Showdown]
Whichever player has double or more LP than the other takes double battle damage.

How to use this deck

Summon the Oracle

Use the gravekeeper recruiters to get an oracle from your deck if you don't have one in your hand, otherwise summon it as soon as you can. Once you managed to summon the oracle, keep destroying any monster ishizu summons, while not damaging her LP. Set down Ready for Intercepting, Enemy Controller, and other gravekeeper monsters so you are ready to tribute summon into another oracle.

Tribute summon oracle again if ishizu starts to summon her stronger monsters. Some of them can reach a very high attack, surpassing your oracle. In that situation, tribute summon another oracle and lower their attack and defense and end the turn so ishizu will switch them to defense.

Lowering your LP

This is needed so you can use Titan Showdown's skill to deal double damage. You can either summon a monster and attack into her attack/defense position monster to damage yourself, or use Autonomous Action Unit once she disables her necrovalley. This is often because you have a high attack gravekeeper monster that Ishizu can't handle, and when she has the spell card in her hand. Use autonomous to take control of her strong tribute monsters so she can't revive them with rite of spirit.

Finishing the duel

To make sure you can finish the duel optimally, you will often need to keep at least 1 enemy controller. Make sure your LP is also half of Ishizu's LP so you can deal double damage.

Keep stalling with oracle(s) until you are left with 0 cards left in your deck. Tribute summon a Serket and special summon ultimate dragon. Use Enemy Controller to either switch ishizu's monster to attack position if there are weakened monsters (from oracle's effect), or tribute one of your monsters to take control of one of her monsters to help clear her monsters so you can direct attack. Use Riryoku to boost BEUD's attack to more than 5,000 to deal more than 10,000 damage.

Possible Replacements

Amazoness Chain Master
Amazoness Chain Master
This can lower your LP if you feel like Autonomous isn't reliable.
Rising Energy
Rising Energy
Oracle will have 2,500 attack because of the necrovalley that ishizu uses, use this and Riryoku so you can get more than 5,000 attack with the oracle.


Yami Kaiba
Dumb people start to bothering my gf, Stop it !!!
<< Anonymous(Yami Kaiba)
Ishizu Marik Reply
wtf is wrong with you
<< Anonymous(Yami Kaiba)
Anonymous Reply
You are sick man! Just let them have her...
This will be hard to work with gravekeeper visionary and rite... I already summon blue eyes ultimate with half LP... next thing I know she summon visionary with rite and with so much graveeper on her's still dead end...
I don't have union attack.. can I replace it with putting 2 riryoku instead?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
doesn't look like this deck has any union attack
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ah crap... I misplaced it with other Ishuzu farm deck (vassal one) I'm sorry...
Exactly what i thought redtards haha
Guys these GK monsters are from the card trader and Odion and Ishizu lvl up... how dumb can you all be
<< Anonymous
Regiultima Reply
Not GK Recruiter
The whole point of farming Ishizu is to get the Gravekeepers cards. If you already have GK deck there's no point of farming ishizu is there?
<< Anonymous
PK Reply
You farm Ishizu for Gravekeeper's priestess and Gravekeeper's chief. Neither of those two cards are in the above deck...

The only problem with this deck is that it requires Gravekeeper's recruiter which is a SR Odion drop and which not everybody may have 1 copy or more of.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hard because I got 1 Recruiter only.
Wait... You're telling me to use a gravekeepers deck to farm for a gravekeeper's deck?
Ya sure, because everyone has a basic GK deck...

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