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update 01/12/2021

Exploder Dragon

Exploder Dragon
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect / Continuous Effect


If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: Destroy the monster that destroyed it. Neither player takes any battle damage from attacks involving this attacking card.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherDragonic Force [R]
Cyber Style Extreme [R]




  • Destroys opponent monster.
  • You do not recieve battle damage involving this card.


  • Low attack and no defense.
  • Opponent does not receive battle damage from this card.
  • Must battle an attack position monster your opponent control and destroy itself to activate effect.


Improved Yomi Ship

Yomi Ship

Might be a better alternative to Yomi Ship.

  • Use this card to attack stronger monsters for quick destruction.
  • Can safely attack set monsters without risk of battle damage.


ActionsActivates from your Graveyard
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Monster Cards
LPPrevents battle damage


Hot New Top
My att. position Exploder Dragon was destroyed in battle & I took dmg for some reason.
Did I miss something here?
<< Anonymous(Masao)
Anonymous Reply
That effect only applies when you are attacking with it. If it is getting attacked, it is not applied.
Card is broken....Does nothing against Dark Magician of Chaos. BEWARE
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not broken, so there's nothing to fix. It's just you.

Exploder: "If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard"

DMoC: "If this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, after damage calculation: Banish that opponent's monster."
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Basically, see where Exploder Dragon ends up to :p
Anyone know how to counter this card. Attack with this and might as well lose for good!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Super Rush Headlong, Forbidden Chalice, Widspread Ruin.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Any card with monster removal effect or monster's effect negation
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Aromage Rosemary while your LP is higher, completely shuts down this card's entire effect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wait, it's just the destruction effect.

Forgot the no battle damage thing only applies if Exploder Dragon is the one attacking anyway.
Why dont forbidden chalice work on it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Exploder Dragon effect active in the graveyard
Looks like crap again in dragon deck
Word of advice: don't make the mistake of ramming this into Nerokius. It will do nothing. I tried.
I'm still receiving damage from this card even though the card says neither player takes battle damage when your opponent destroys it! Can Konami read english?!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It seems that the one can not read properly a text is you, go back to primary school, you dmbss.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ironically it seems you also need to go back, your grammar needs some fixing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't know where to continue to count the fails your post made me dumb and I still don't get it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The card states your opponent takes no damage and you take no damage if you ATTACK. If it is ATTACKED, you still take damage.
This card should be SR at the least. It isn't designed to have attacking capabilities. It's a kamikaze dragon as its name suggests. It can essentially destroy any monster more powerful than it with no consequential damage. Let's say I summon a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon...they can just summon this card from their hand, attack and destroy BEUD due the effect, and take no battle damage. They lose a measly dragon...and I lose a BEUD which is super difficult to summon, and has waaaaay more attack power. Consider an UR trap card "Seven tools of the Bandit" that makes you have to pay 1000 life points only to destroy a trap card. If you think that this is a "rare" card, then you're one of the noobs using the preset overpowered deck cards because you can't make your own deck. This was Konami's attempt to help noobs, and the put a BS overpowered card for it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If a card has abilities that mean it should be UR, then it should be. Getting an UR gem isn't like getting a R gem when you trade a card, so no it's not 🔥ing. It's little 🔥es who like to make stupid comebacks when they know something is overpowered and they can just abuse it themselves.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ok ur just 🔥ed lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's exactly what 🔥ed people who have no excuse or rationale to justify what they're claiming do; They call others 🔥s
<< Anonymous
Top 22days ago Reply
You'll get more strong field with XYZ-8 , Azure, and Twins than this NBEUD
Glitch: please report to konami, when an opponent attacks this card brought to the field this turn with Dragon's rebirth, and opponent is using Riryoku during battle, you still take battle damage. BS.
<< Anonymous(Kaibacoont)
Chev Reply
Indeed, I'm receiving battle damage as well with this card. :/ It wasn't like this before.
<< Anonymous(Kaibacoont)
Anonymous Reply
You don't take any damage from battles involving this "attacking card". If your opponent attacks, this card is not attacking and you will receive damage.
<< Anonymous(Chev)
Anonymous Reply
You should get banned from the game for using this card, not take battle damage. Don't see why you're complaining.
Duel Novice
This card has a major problem. it can't deal any damage so even if you attack your opponent directly using this card, your opponent will not receive any damage. So, the only way to use this card is attack your opponent set monster or just set this card and let your opponent attack it.
<< Anonymous(Duel Novice)
Anonymous Reply
that's why you're a novice
best rare as SR
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what does that even mean lol. rarity means something if it impacts how hard it is to get the card. exploder dragon is from a structure pack, meaning that you will always get both the SR and Rs if you just buy it. please dont use whatever kind of 🔥ed analogy like that again
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nvm i thought this was a different thing my b lul
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If that card was a SR card, it would never be in a pack like this with another SR. So, yes rarity does have an impact here. The whole idea is that the card should not be in that pack because it shouldn't be a rare; It should be much more difficult to get. If I had an ultra rare card that I wanted and was told that I could just buy 10 packs and hope I get it or pay 500 and be 100 percent sure I...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
...get it, then why would I leave it to luck? What's the point of people buying card packs to begin with? This is Konami trying to help starter noobs just like they ensure decks aren't shuffled randomly so that you can lose some games by force.
Can confirm that Buster Blader fusion doesn't get destroyed and still do piercing damage when attacking this.

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