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update 13/06/2017

WCS Finals: Final Tournament


1st placeTimmy
2nd placeTutpup
3rd placeSamson Yoshida
4th placesilentlofd

Final Match

First Duel:

  • During the first duel of the final Match both players were using Toon decks and used the skill Restart.
  • Timmy got Toon Kingdom and Toon Dark Magician Girl out on the field during his first turn. While Tutpup, on the other hand, was only able to draw cards to defend himself.
  • The rest of the duel was basically Timmy attacking with his monsters until Tutpup ran out of defense cards, which forced Tutpup to surrender the duel.

Second Duel:

  • During the second duel Timmy used a Ninja Deck with Beatdown! while Tutpup used the same Toon deck with Restart.
  • With Tutpup Drawing a bad hand after using restart, the winner of the duel was almost certain. And what solidified the win even more was when Timmy summoned Red Dragon Ninja and sent Rising Energy back to the top of Tutpup's deck preventing him from drawing any useful cards.
  • The duel ended on turn 5 with Timmy's Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke attacking directly. And with his defeat certain Tutpup boosted the attack of Timmy's monster to over 5000, just for fun and out of good sportsmanship.

Final Tournament Matches

Semi-Final MatchesFinal Match
Samson YoshidaTutpup


Group A FinalistsSamson Yoshida
Group B FinalistsTimmy

Exclusive Rewards

Those who participated in the WCS finals recieved an exclusive card sleeve, game mat and icon. Also, the top 3 duelists received an additional icon.

GameA DCS 2017 Discussion Discord

Check Street Duel Replays for WCS 2017!

Now you can watch WCS 2017 Duel Replays on Streed Duel Replays. Duel Links Streaming on YouTube starts about 10 minutes later.

Block A

  • A: Dkayed
  • D1: Koizumi
  • E2: Samson Yoshida
  • F: BoAFanYZ
  • H: Timmy

Block B

  • B: Fresh Alan
  • D2: dgzo
  • D3: Tutpup
  • E1: Namonaki Parao
  • G: silentlofd

Timmy's decks

Dekc 1: NInja

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 2: Toon

Skill: Restart

Deck 3: Mill

Skill: Duel Standby!

Koizumi's decks

Deck 2: Phoenix

Skill: Restart

Deck 3: Statue Control

Skill: Balance

Silentlofd's decks

Deck 1:

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 2: REBD Combo

Skill: Balance

Deck 3:

Skill: Fiend Farewell

dgzo's decks

Deck 1: Naturia

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 2: Phoenix

Skill: Restart

Deck 3: Hammer Shark

Skill: Mythic Depths

Dkayed's decks

Deck 1: Toon

Skill: Restart

Deck 2: Statue Control

Skill: Balance

Deck 3: Mill

Set skill: Duel, standby!

BoAFanYZ's decks

Deck 1: HHG

Skill: Harpie's Hunting Ground

Deck 2: Ninja

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 3: Neo-Daedalus

Skill: Duel, standby!


Hot New Top
Anonymous 8days ago
so has dkayed posted anything since the tournament? I want to hear what he has to say. but I don't want to bash him. even if you're last place in the tournament, you are probably better than 90% of the people playing. good try dkayed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
he posted some stuff on his instagram, duellinksmeta
Anonymous 8days ago

New meta deck for Mai
silentlofd 9days ago
making a clear statement here, im no longer f2p since i spent 44$ otw WCS prep. one finalist from another region was also f2p, and he bought around 200$ for WCS prep. thank you
<< Anonymous(silentlofd)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Lu mending aktif di reddit daripada sini. Reddit ada fitur login, di sini ga ada. Orang ga bakal percaya lu silentlofd
<< Anonymous
silentlofd 8days ago Reply
orang2 komen dibawah pada mulai komenin ane disini dan bawa2 negara juga ya terpaksa ane post disini, bukan di reddit. etika tolong pada dijaga yak di situs publik. please respect each other
<< Anonymous(silentlofd)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
anonymous above got shamed.. there u go, silentlofd replied with Indonesian. u cunt, stop bullshiting people here just because u love doing mime games and trolling people here and there
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
my comment was directed towards the shameful anoymous above, not silentlofd. sorry
Anonymous 8days ago
Joey W 9days ago
you win some.....
<< Anonymous(Joey W)
E=MC2 8days ago Reply lose some And others you hold in your heart Why it gets so hard Tears you all apart Even though you try to let go No, no, no Suddenly you're here And it's so surreal And I don't know What the deal
Anonymous 9days ago
I don't get why people care so much about f2p vs p2w when this game clearly isn't very competitive anyways.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
YOU ARE IN BRONZE that's y u can't feel the heat :3
pharee tupley 9days ago
HEY EVERYONE!!! look at me!!! im f2p~~~~ oooooooooooo i'm so special~~ i'm not p2w~~~
i'm f2p so i'm legit~~~~ p2w are not legit!
because i think its unfair that p2w players is kicking my ass because they spend money on the game and i don't~~~oooooo i'm sooooooo special, LOOK AT ME!!! i'm f2p!!!!
can I get comments on f2p players and agree with me, best if you guys post your real names so I can see what a loser you are, sorry I meant so I can friend you on facebook since we are all f2p and only we are special people~~~
<< Anonymous(pharee tupley)
pharee tupley 9days ago Reply
I'm not bashing f2p, I'm insulting those that make a deal out of it, and keep saying f2p this f2p that(consistent nagging) ooooo~ he is f2p oooooo~~~ this player is f2p that player is p2w ~~~ man why don't they go down the street and point at every person they meet and say ooooo~ you are a boy or you are a girl~~~
<< Anonymous(pharee tupley)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
f2ps here be LIKE.. MORE TOXIC... actually f2ps in evry game are consistent in nagging and whining.. so tired of this shit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
faggot is just jealous of silent that NA got trashed by a japanese player cry more cunt
<< Anonymous(F2P here)
pharee tupley 9days ago Reply
apparently, you suck at understanding other people's logic. how do u know i'm not f2p? huh? Did I ever said p2w dont whine? look at the posts that people have posted or commented since the wc ended, consistently clarifying who is f2p and who isn't .It's just like saying hey I had breakfast today! hey I saw a dog on my way to school! nobody fu*king cares!!!
Anonymous 10days ago
Dkayed still remains the best
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Dkayed 10days ago Reply
Thanks man
<< Anonymous
Zane 9days ago Reply
hug your dkayed.. hes been wiped out in day 1.. and realize his not the best player.. his arrogance will surely vanish with him...
<< Anonymous(Zane )
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
It'a common sense every single of those some one streamer arent best player, best player are ones who only focus on play and win.
Nobody 9days ago
What does the winner get ?
<< Anonymous(Nobody)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Nobody)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
money and popularity
<< Anonymous(Nobody)
Stelio Kontos 9days ago Reply
A Beating
Anonymous 9days ago
WHAT DOES THE WINNER GET ??? Money?? How much? Or just artificial cards LOL
<< Anonymous
Rudolph 9days ago Reply
He gets a high-5 from the guy who voices Yugioh in the English anime series-Dan Green.
Anonymous 10days ago
Loving the fact that most of you guys say Silentlofd is f2p. The guy showcased his deck with 3 Noblemans and here he shows the double Kuriboh. Yet everytime I see a deck with 3'moneywalls' like you guys name it, it's all about p2p. Bunch of hypocrites.
Nevertheless, the guy is doing great so far. Him and BoA are my favorites so far. The latter showed a very lit harpie deck. Kuddo's to him.
<< Anonymous
MCollector 9days ago Reply
I have 3 MW, 3 Super Rush, 3 Electros, etc... but I'm f2p in 65 days for my start in Duel Links
<< Anonymous(MCollector)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Kinda hard to believe you. You had to open like 400-500 packs(considering you got them at the when half of the cards were left) and refill the packs every time you drew these cards. That.s 20.000-30.000 gems spent in 2 months just to get these cards. Then you probably spent some more gems for getting farming cards.pretty much impossible
<< Anonymous(MCollector)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Same here I have 3 MW, 3 Super Rush, 3 Electros. Completely f2p I skip crimson pack though because I feel red-eyes is boring.
<< Anonymous
BIZa 9days ago Reply
lol I got 3 of the same UR card in the new pack with only 2000gems. Lucky af.
Anonymous 10days ago
BoAFanYZ deserves to win just for the creative deck, them that dude deserves some following
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Wow let me just make a tatsu ft bewd deck then if having a creative deck makes me deserve to win

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