Duel Links World Championship [2017]

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Superb Tea event has started!
update 13/06/2017

Samson Yoshida's deck

Deck 1: REBD Zombie

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 2: Unknown

Skill: Restart

Deck 3: Mind Scan Beatdown

Skill: Mind Scan

Tutpup's decks

Deck 1: Ninja

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 2: Toon

Skill: Restart

Deck 3: Mill

Skill: Duel Standby!

Freshアラン's decks

Deck 1: Statue Control

Skill: Balance

Deck 2: Parasite Infestation

Set skill: Parasite Infestation

Namonaki Parao's decks

Deck 1: Sleight of Hand Beatdown

Skill: Sleight of Hand

Deck 2: Dark Paladin & Buster Brader

Skill: Balance

Deck 3: REBD Combo

Skill: Beatdown

Finalists & LDs that they use

BFresh Allan
ENamonaki Palao
Samson Yoshida

WCS Countdown Login Bonuses

Total 1500 games!

Aug 4100
Aug 5100
Aug 6100
Aug 7100
Aug 8100
Aug 9100
Aug 10200
Aug 11200
Aug 12200
Aug 13300

Top player's duel replays

Official Konami Yugioh channel uploaded duel replays to reveal Duel Links WCS 2017 finalists' skills!

Check official Yu-Gi-Oh Channel!

Qualifiers top players by region

ANorth America (1)Dkayed (144,071 DP)
BCentral America (1)Freshアラン (115,201 DP)
CSouth America (1)uchihaleandr (102,447 DP)
DEurope (3)dgzo (97,886 DP)
Koizumi (90,585 DP)
Tutpup (90,433 DP)
EJapan (2)名もなきパラオ (126,136 DP)
サムソン吉田 (121,757 DP)
FKorea/Taiwan (1)BoAFanYZ (271,226 DP)
GAsia/Middle East/Africa (1)silentlofd
HOceania (1)Timmy (100,593 DP)

World Championship

WCS dateAug 12 -13, 2017

Announced on May 10th, an official Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2017 will be held in London from Aug 11 to Aug 12, which was later changed to Japan instead of London due to safety concerns.

June 7th update!

Due to many reports about players being assigned to the wrong region/group, the rule that states that you can't enter the finals if you "entered a group that does not correspond to your region of residence", has been removed. It has now been changed to "If you are entered in a group that does not correspond to your current region of residence, contrary to prior regulations, you may change your group once before the Final Qualifiers begin (Jun 9 08:00 AM GMT+0). If you do not change your group, and remain in a group that does not correspond to your current region of residence, you will be disqualified from the WCS Finals".

Changing your region

If you would like to change you curren region, tap the "Contact Location" button in the in-game announcement regarding this issue, then tap "Contact US", and "Submit Game Content/Issue Inquiry" to fill out the form. Be sure to include the group you want to switch to (A - H) in the "Inquiry Details".


  • Your current Rank will stay the same when switching groups.
  • You can only change your group once.
  • It may take a few days to change your group.

After you have submitted your request to change your group, your account will be investigated. If you sent in a false request to change to a different region, that does not correspond to your current region, you will not be switched, and Konami might take strict actions about your account, which can lead to an account ban.


DateJune 1-12
Final QualifiersJune 9 -12
  • Exclusive card sleeves/game mat (all participants).
  • SR/UR card (all participants who go into the Final Qualifiers).


The qualifiers uses the same format as usual Ranked Duels. Enter the WCS from the PvP arena. You will automatically be assigned to a group based on your geographical location when you first opened the app! Players who reach King of Games title, will be able to join the Final Qualifiers, which will begin on Jun 9 (08:00 AM GMT+0) to Jun 12.

Final Qualifiers

Players can still enter the final qualifiers even after Jun 9, as long as you reach the King of Games title. In the final qualifiers, you will duel against other players who have reached the KoG title to earn DP, and also lose DP when you are defeated. Player rankings will be based on the amount of DP accumulated at the end of the final qualifiers. High ranking players of each group will be invited to the WCS finals!


ANorth America (2)
BCentral America (1)
CSouth America (1)
DEurope (3)
EJapan (2)
FKorea/Taiwan (1)
GAsia/Middle East/Africa (1)
HOceania (1)


Players who participate in the qualifiers will receive exclusive Card Sleeves/Game Mat, as well as a basic (non-foil) SR card for those who reach at least platinum, and a UR card for reaching the final qualifiers. There are also daily missions as well as milestone rewards.

3 Qualifier/Final Qualifier Duels (Daily)Gems x50
Bronze Rank 1Gems x50
Silver Rank 1Gems x250
Gold Rank 1Gems x400
Platinum Rank 1Basic (non-foil) SR card
King of GamesUR Jewel x1

Important Notes

  • Players may not be able to enter the WCS Finals due to reasons associated with laws and ordinances or language.
  • Players under the age of 13 will not be able to enter in the WCS Finals.
  • After the Final Qualifiers, the top-ranking players from each group will be able to access the entry page for the WCS Finals from the Results page.
  • Players who were not chosen for the Finals may still be contacted and offered positions as substitute players.
  • You must have reached stage 4, your deck must be 20 - 30 cards, and your extra deck must be under 5 cards to enter the WCS Finals.
  • If the Final Qualifiers end while you are still in a Duel, the results of that Duel will still count as long as the Duel ends within 1 hour of the Final Qualifiers ending.
  • Your Duel Replays and the Deck(s) you used in the Final Qualifiers may be displayed in the KC Report.
  • You may be disqualified from the Qualifiers/Finals Qualifiers if it is decided by the admin that you played the game in an unintended way, if you partake in actions that purposefully delay the flow of the game, or if you take actions that prevent the tournament from running smoothly. In addition, if these actions violate our Terms of Use, strict actions (such as an account ban) will be taken.
  • If you are entered in a group that does not correspond to your current region of residence, contrary to prior regulations, you may change your group once before the Final Qualifiers begin (Jun 9 08:00 AM GMT+0). If you do not change your group, and remain in a group that does not correspond to your current region of residence, you will be disqualified from the WCS Finals
  • For other notes, please see the Terms of Entry (in-game).


Prepare your decks for the qualifiers! Here are the GameA pages showing decks that are competitive in PvP matches.

Duel Links Open Cup top decks

An unofficial Duel Links tourney was held on May 13th ~ 14th. There were 679 participants, and this GameA page shows deck used by the top 4 players.

King of Games decks

This pages shows deck used by players to reach King of Games rank. Check the currently mainstream decks on the page!


Hot New Top
Josh 29days ago
Timmy is fat, hours of sitting on his ass playing games and eating hamburgers.
Wow, lots of toxicity. Let's all be nice to each other guys. :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(T H I C C)
S U C C Reply
id be happy to SUCC again hmu mom
<< Anonymous(S U C C)
T H I C C Reply
but make sure to do it when your dad, THINN, is not looking ;)
<< Anonymous(T H I C C)
T H I N N Reply
N A N I ? ! ? ! ? !? ! ? ! ! ? ? ! ? ! ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !
<< Anonymous(S U C C)
Anonymous Reply
Indog is so idiot. Kalang wali bobo
I'm f2p he's f2p, this guy is f2p, that person is f2p blah blah blah, f2p this f2p that, I don't spend money and I'm rank legend 2, wow can i have a cookie?! I'm f2p so totally should deserve to be wc champion even if I didn't win because i'm f2p
<< Anonymous(f2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2)
Anonymous Reply
Damn you look autistic son. Also I'm legend 3 and F2P stop being a snarky asshole bruh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i'm f2p and I m now kog in firSt week
<< Anonymous(f2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2)
Anonymous Reply
You that is just a meme right? Nearly no one is completely f2p.
<< Anonymous(f2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2)
Anonymous Reply
I'm fapping 2 pussy too
go go silentlofd, you are the best from indonesia
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Naturally Asshole
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just looked at previous comments...
WHO DAFUK brought up Christopher Columbus ??!
really??!! u had to go all nerdy and give us history lessons over stupid people commenting on a children's card game that is played by mostly adults?
god you are hilarous!!!!!!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
mfw knowing that christopher columbus discovered america before he discovered europe makes someone a nerd lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What the are saying?
Repetitive events, streamers constantly complaining about the game(or like Shady stopped playing it altogether), and now the World Cup was a joke. This game quickly went downhill, and Konami are making all the wrong decisions.
<< Anonymous(Datty)
Anonymous Reply
Shady never got very far in this game and simply didn't play it enough. I don't know what he complains about. He doesn't even hardly play the game.
<< Anonymous
Ulle Reply
I really liked Shadys videos and it always fun to watch him, but he was never a good duelist compared to ruroshin or gunsblazing.

But Konami needs to change something right now. I think the main players at the moment are playing for months now and already unlocked Bakura, Pegasus and the Para Bros. We need a big shake up in this game. New stage level (60+), new character level up to at least 50.
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
Ulle Reply
New rewards from the LD at the Gate! I don't have to duel any of them, because I farmed everything I need. So they also should add new LDs to game without unlock events. What about Espa Roba or Bonz?
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
Anonymous Reply
You've litterally unlocked almost everything there is to unlock in this game, like ofc its gonna, be boring then. There are still plenty of people out there who haven't managed to get all the caracters, who haven't managed to get all the cards they need from them due to sheer bad luck. We just got introduced to a brand new event and another one is coming right up.
That milling deck is dirty, as a final wcs match it has no entertainment at all.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and toons are the pinnacle of fun?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No one is defending toons dude, but that doesn't change the fact that mill is stupid.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its the world championship they play to win not to entertain viewers
Why hate p2w? They are the one that keep this game running. Imagine, you make a game and no one pay for anything, will you still keep the game running? p2w is necessary to the game, f2p don't. Simple as that.
<< Anonymous(Duel)
Anonymous Reply
I am agree. f2p don't necessary. I english good.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Jk btw, I actually do agree with your point, lol.
<< Anonymous(Duel)
F2p Reply
I hate p2w players becuz I'm jelious and if u hate me then y'all are just beeing haters!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what is f2p
So.. what's the rewards? Free 100 packs everyday?
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
Hell no!!
Luck was not on Dkayed's side. I really hope he doesn't become a whale now although we did see the power of credit card throughout the tournament. However budget if not entirely free to play, fiends, toons and weevil burn(which I hate) are pretty good. This game is not F2P for championships except KC cup..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
so you're saying that most of the time when you lose it's because you misplayed in some form, and not because they got lucky or you got unlucky? obviously there is skill involved but the game is like 90% luck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
skill also translate to knowledge of the game, some ppl like to be protective and put a lot of spells or traps and few monsters thus leading him to brick a lot, so of course he will get a bad hand at the start, don't always blame a bad starting hand on luck, some ppl activate cards on the wrong phase, that does not mean misplay, they literally do not know the difference
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the thing is that the difference in skill between the winner of worlds tournament, timmy, and some guy sitting in legend is minimal. most matches just come down to luck and i honestly dont see how that can be argued
<< Anonymous(Doing)
Anonymous Reply
I think hes referring to shadypenguin
Anyone curious as to what the prizes were?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I came here for the same reason xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
2 glossy URs and 1 prismatic SRs. And free 50 gems with guaranteed 1 UR

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