Duel Links World Championship [2017]

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update 13/06/2017

WCS Finals: Final Tournament


1st placeTimmy
2nd placeTutpup
3rd placeSamson Yoshida
4th placesilentlofd

Final Match

First Duel:

  • During the first duel of the final Match both players were using Toon decks and used the skill Restart.
  • Timmy got Toon Kingdom and Toon Dark Magician Girl out on the field during his first turn. While Tutpup, on the other hand, was only able to draw cards to defend himself.
  • The rest of the duel was basically Timmy attacking with his monsters until Tutpup ran out of defense cards, which forced Tutpup to surrender the duel.

Second Duel:

  • During the second duel Timmy used a Ninja Deck with Beatdown! while Tutpup used the same Toon deck with Restart.
  • With Tutpup Drawing a bad hand after using restart, the winner of the duel was almost certain. And what solidified the win even more was when Timmy summoned Red Dragon Ninja and sent Rising Energy back to the top of Tutpup's deck preventing him from drawing any useful cards.
  • The duel ended on turn 5 with Timmy's Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke attacking directly. And with his defeat certain Tutpup boosted the attack of Timmy's monster to over 5000, just for fun and out of good sportsmanship.

Final Tournament Matches

Semi-Final MatchesFinal Match
Samson YoshidaTutpup


Group A FinalistsSamson Yoshida
Group B FinalistsTimmy

Exclusive Rewards

Those who participated in the WCS finals recieved an exclusive card sleeve, game mat and icon. Also, the top 3 duelists received an additional icon.

GameA DCS 2017 Discussion Discord

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Now you can watch WCS 2017 Duel Replays on Streed Duel Replays. Duel Links Streaming on YouTube starts about 10 minutes later.

Block A

  • A: Dkayed
  • D1: Koizumi
  • E2: Samson Yoshida
  • F: BoAFanYZ
  • H: Timmy

Block B

  • B: Fresh Alan
  • D2: dgzo
  • D3: Tutpup
  • E1: Namonaki Parao
  • G: silentlofd

Timmy's decks

Dekc 1: NInja

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 2: Toon

Skill: Restart

Deck 3: Mill

Skill: Duel Standby!

Koizumi's decks

Deck 2: Phoenix

Skill: Restart

Deck 3: Statue Control

Skill: Balance

Silentlofd's decks

Deck 1:

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 2: REBD Combo

Skill: Balance

Deck 3:

Skill: Fiend Farewell

dgzo's decks

Deck 1: Naturia

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 2: Phoenix

Skill: Restart

Deck 3: Hammer Shark

Skill: Mythic Depths

Dkayed's decks

Deck 1: Toon

Skill: Restart

Deck 2: Statue Control

Skill: Balance

Deck 3: Mill

Set skill: Duel, standby!

BoAFanYZ's decks

Deck 1: HHG

Skill: Harpie's Hunting Ground

Deck 2: Ninja

Skill: Beatdown

Deck 3: Neo-Daedalus

Skill: Duel, standby!


Hot New Top
So.. what's the rewards? Free 100 packs everyday?
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
Hell no!!
Repetitive events, streamers constantly complaining about the game(or like Shady stopped playing it altogether), and now the World Cup was a joke. This game quickly went downhill, and Konami are making all the wrong decisions.
<< Anonymous(Datty)
Anonymous Reply
Shady never got very far in this game and simply didn't play it enough. I don't know what he complains about. He doesn't even hardly play the game.
<< Anonymous
Ulle Reply
I really liked Shadys videos and it always fun to watch him, but he was never a good duelist compared to ruroshin or gunsblazing. But Konami needs to change something right now. I think the main players at the moment are playing for months now and already unlocked Bakura, Pegasus and the Para Bros. We need a big shake up in this game. New stage level (60+), new character level up to at least 50.
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
Ulle Reply
New rewards from the LD at the Gate! I don't have to duel any of them, because I farmed everything I need. So they also should add new LDs to game without unlock events. What about Espa Roba or Bonz?
<< Anonymous(Ulle)
Anonymous Reply
You've litterally unlocked almost everything there is to unlock in this game, like ofc its gonna, be boring then. There are still plenty of people out there who haven't managed to get all the caracters, who haven't managed to get all the cards they need from them due to sheer bad luck. We just got introduced to a brand new event and another one is coming right up.
That milling deck is dirty, as a final wcs match it has no entertainment at all.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and toons are the pinnacle of fun?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No one is defending toons dude, but that doesn't change the fact that mill is stupid.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its the world championship they play to win not to entertain viewers
Anyone curious as to what the prizes were?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I came here for the same reason xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
2 glossy URs and 1 prismatic SRs. And free 50 gems with guaranteed 1 UR

New meta for Mai.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Stop spamming, dude. Let the view on your channel flow
Hi, There is a Line, want to add friends?
You're all fucking garbage
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
hey thats not nice
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So are you :))) except I'm not stuck in gold like you are so rip
so has dkayed posted anything since the tournament? I want to hear what he has to say. but I don't want to bash him. even if you're last place in the tournament, you are probably better than 90% of the people playing. good try dkayed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
he posted some stuff on his instagram, duellinksmeta

New meta deck for Mai
I'm f2p he's f2p, this guy is f2p, that person is f2p blah blah blah, f2p this f2p that, I don't spend money and I'm rank legend 2, wow can i have a cookie?! I'm f2p so totally should deserve to be wc champion even if I didn't win because i'm f2p
<< Anonymous(f2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2)
Anonymous Reply
Im f2p
<< Anonymous(f2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2)
Anonymous Reply
Damn you look autistic son. Also I'm legend 3 and F2P stop being a snarky asshole bruh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i'm f2p and I m now kog in firSt week
<< Anonymous(f2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2pf2)
Anonymous Reply
You that is just a meme right? Nearly no one is completely f2p.
Why hate p2w? They are the one that keep this game running. Imagine, you make a game and no one pay for anything, will you still keep the game running? p2w is necessary to the game, f2p don't. Simple as that.
<< Anonymous(Duel)
Anonymous Reply
I am agree. f2p don't necessary. I english good.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Jk btw, I actually do agree with your point, lol.
<< Anonymous(Duel)
F2p Reply
I hate p2w players becuz I'm jelious and if u hate me then y'all are just beeing haters!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what is f2p

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