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Rose Archer

Rose Archer
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeQuick Effect


During either player's turn, when your opponent activates a Trap Card while you control a Plant-Type monster: You can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it.

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OtherRanked Duel Ticket [SR]




  • Good and simple trap card negation.
  • Effect activates from your hand and is very difficult to predict and stop.


  • The condition of having a Plant-type monster and this card in your hand, may sometimes cause you to miss out on negating a trap card.
  • Is a Warrior-type monster, so it does not synergize very well in a plant deck.



Here is a list of trap cards you can negate which are prevalent in the meta and/or very splashable in any deck.




ActionsSends itself from hand to Graveyard for cost
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the activation of your opponent's Trap Cards / Destroys your opponent's Trap Cards


Cardinal 10days ago
It's frusturating but it doesn't seem to work against counter traps. Can someone explain to me the ruling why?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Why is that? You can still activate monster effects in response to a counter trap. This can is a counter.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
You can't. What monster effect?

Almost no monster has an effect with higher Spell Speed than a Counter Trap's Spell Speed 3.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
You can't. What monster effect?

Almost no monster has an effect with higher Spell Speed than a Counter Trap's Spell Speed 3.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
That's right counter traps cannot be counterd except by other counter traps
Valencia 7days ago
It is a nice card, but I question whether it should be the best choice for protection against the opponent's backrow. Destroying traps is good, but more often than anything else, it is the endless econs that I run into. To run it, I would at least pair up rose archer with something else that can stop spells as well.
Anonymous 7days ago
3 rose lover + 2 rose archer + 2 aromages Jasmine + 2 Aromage Rosemary + 2 Aromage Bourgamot + 1 Marina = Super strong plant type deck.
Zane 21days ago
if this card was aromage it will be super clutch on the current meta.
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
aeromage carnaga. returns one spell/trap to hand when you gain lp
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Sean Masterz 21days ago Reply
it dont matter two in my Aromage deck Works like a charm
<< Anonymous(Zane)
Cardinal 10days ago Reply
It's still perfect in that deck. It synergizes well, just not as well as if it were a plant.
Plants 22days ago
Just saying that plants were always my favorite Type in Yu-Gi-Oh. Does anyone remember Gigaplant and Lonefire Blossom?
<< Anonymous(Plants)
Not vegetarian 22days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Plants)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Lonefire blossom probably to op. staple on every plant deck in tcg. here makes your special summon things like mariña from the deck.
Anonymous 21days ago
Aromages beat SSA;
Loli lovers 21days ago
Yes more support for my lolimages
Anonymous 21days ago
she is the boss
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
For sure
Anonymous 22days ago
1 or 2 of this + aromages = GG
Anonymous 22days ago
Pair it with the Aromas.
Anonymous 22days ago
It feels so good when my opponent wastes traps in my monster summoned by rose, now I have a rose that negates traps from the hand.
Anonymous 22days ago
Izayoi Aki card, now we need Blackrose Dragon.

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I'm the exact opposite, got more of these than the UR
like i can understand making it a little harder so everyone and their mom isnt runnng counter fai...
Counter Counter is a Counter trap that negates (or counters) a counter trap, also it itself is a ...
Yes, but make sure you still have more than one card of backrow removal
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