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update 07/02/2017

Obelisk the Tormentor

Obelisk the Tormentor
Monster TypeDivine-Beast
Card typeNormal


The descent of this mighty creature shall be heralded by burning winds and twisted land. And with the coming of this horror, those who draw breath shall know the true meaning of eternal slumber.









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Anonymous 4days ago
The only way to obtain Obelisk is to cosplay as the Blue eyes white dragon and let Kaiba you in the ass
Anonymous 10days ago
He's busy liftin'.
When are we getting obelisk does anyone know??
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
Whenever they can manage to pry it out of Kaiba's hands. He doesn't want to part with it. Lol.
<< Anonymous
King Aknamkanon Reply
It was mine before anyone else's, somehow a guy called Seto Kaiba pulled it out from the grounds below in Dark Side of Dimensions
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
New battle city and marik event coming soon...hopefully
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
This comment was amazing
Yea you can get obelisk by ultimate pack spend at least 500 gems some people got it by this way
<< Anonymous(reck23)
zekro983 Reply
It is true i got mine that way obelisk is hidden in the game
<< Anonymous(reck23)
raka_deulist 33 Reply
How is it hidden?
<< Anonymous(zekro983)
Anonymous Reply
Then can you show me a proof picture of Obelisk if you got it?
<< Anonymous(raka_deulist 33)
Anonymous Reply
Hidden inside his imagination
The immunity part was for npcs or legendary duelists only!!!! There is no way duel links shall release this card the way it was for the npcs or legendary duelists with total immunity to regular duelists otherwise could become a staple in decks or break metas, etc
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous Reply
so what ? who cares about meta
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A lot of people, if no one cares about the meta we won't have billions of people making justified complaints about Fur Hire
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Drake 20days ago Reply
Obelisk is only immune to Trap cards, Magic cards and Effects that TARGET him. But he is still vulnerable to cards like Wall of Disruption or Explosive Dragon Effect.
Be real people this is konami we are talking about! Just knowing how they are its more likely they will take away the immunity part except on the turn he is summon to match other gods.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Zeiad 23days ago Reply
I want obelisk how i want to get obelesk now
Anonymous 26days ago
Obelisk is quite powerful on his own right. A 4000 ATK & DEF beater that can't be targeted by Spells, Traps & Monster Effects and whose Normal Summon can't be negated.

Plus, he can clear the opponent field of monsters if you tribute other 2 monsters you control (even when he can't attack if this effect is used, that's a powerful effect).

No wonder why he is not released yet...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
And by the way, this is the image of the legal version of the card.
<< Anonymous
Xenon 26days ago Reply
And it was used from Yami with Divine Advent. A big Hazy. Could be interesting in maybe some farm decks.
<< Anonymous
Lightning 23days ago Reply
All the Gods should be immune to traps/spells and monster effect.In the anime they were.
<< Anonymous(THunder)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
In the American version of a 90s card game anime, they censored all guns in it and left them with pointing fingers. Yes I'm not joking.
It is obtainable through the battle city showdown event
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Go on, I'm listening to your made up story
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nice lie bro
i just want to get the 3 most powerfull cards
<< Anonymous
DGouin98 29days ago Reply
You do know the sacred can beat the Egyptian God's the wicked can beat the sacred the nordics card beat the wicked the wickeds and Nordic God's both from 5ds btw the number cards from zexal can beat all of them and finally the dragons that yuya gets from yuto yugo and Yuri can beat almost anything when all four are together idk bout the new one yet haven't seen it so unsure

<< Anonymous(DGouin98)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
But can he beat the allmighty, the most powerful, the demigod - Beaver Warrior? I don't think so.
<< Anonymous
ashenkira 29days ago Reply
same I have slifer the sky dragon and the winged dragon of ra
<< Anonymous(ashenkira)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Weak compared to beaver warrior
Anonymous 26days ago
i want this to be release.
we want obelisk and 5 slot monster&spell..make it happen pls
<< Anonymous(Siuswew)
Anonymous Reply
go play yugioh nexus
this is duel links, it is meant to have only 3 slots
Why isn’t his effect in the card?
<< Anonymous(Anonimous)
Anonymous Reply
Gamea use the blue card version in this article for some reason, instead of the effect version.

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Hyped for Luna as well !
A level 5 with 1200 attack and 1800 defense, Shape Snatch would be so proud.
No other use other than sell I think
it comes back soon!, my friend
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