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Inglorius Bastion Lvl 40!
update 07/02/2017

Obelisk the Tormentor

Obelisk the Tormentor
Monster TypeDivine-Beast
Card typeNormal


The descent of this mighty creature shall be heralded by burning winds and twisted land. And with the coming of this horror, those who draw breath shall know the true meaning of eternal slumber.









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The immunity part was for npcs or legendary duelists only!!!! There is no way duel links shall release this card the way it was for the npcs or legendary duelists with total immunity to regular duelists otherwise could become a staple in decks or break metas, etc
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Drake Reply
Obelisk is only immune to Trap cards, Magic cards and Effects that TARGET him. But he is still vulnerable to cards like Wall of Disruption or Explosive Dragon Effect.
<< Anonymous(Drake)
Anonymous Reply
True, yami yugi used it against me with a 2nd monster that attacked 1st which allowed me to lower his ATK with 1600 points, he's tough, not unbeatable and i want it
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
GengarVenom 26days ago Reply
This card would hardly have an effect on Duel Links. It is way to hard to summon for a pretty bad effect. They could add an ability that gives it some more use like they did with Slifer and The Winged Dragon. I don't see this card being all that bad. The targeting protection is so limited, you can just get rid of it with a torturous trap hole. I think the meta would easily be able to handle him.
<< Anonymous(GengarVenom)
Anon 1days ago Reply
Ummm...doesn't treacherous target?
Nick 1days ago
At his summon you can't activate any trap(so no trap hole), spell, monster effect... After his immune summon, Obelisk is UNTARGETTABLE, but there are many cards and effects which don't target.
Carey 亀 6days ago
Please release this before 2019!! :D
<< Anonymous(Carey 亀 )
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Probably not til we get a good counter card like prideful roar for example
When are we getting obelisk does anyone know??
<< Anonymous
King Aknamkanon Reply
It was mine before anyone else's, somehow a guy called Seto Kaiba pulled it out from the grounds below in Dark Side of Dimensions
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
New battle city and marik event coming soon...hopefully
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This comment was amazing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
That's not true you get him by deafting yami yugi by playing as yami marik
Anonymous 26days ago
hazy + beast rising = obelisk
Reliable Source 30days ago
Obelisk is going to be Tristan Taylor's starter deck card and you need to beat him with his hardened dragon tribute deck.
Kknight 31days ago
I miss the silent magician can i get her in the other ways
we want obelisk and 5 slot monster&spell..make it happen pls
<< Anonymous(Siuswew)
Anonymous Reply
go play yugioh nexus
this is duel links, it is meant to have only 3 slots
<< Anonymous(Siuswew)
Ruvre Reply
Dude ur missing the fact this is a different format and its like that on purpose, either goto tcg or play ygopro(free), stop talking nonsense.
<< Anonymous(Ruvre)
Simmer Reply
Companies love to tout "Player choice" these days, so maybe this is the right time to use the phrase and let people choose which format they wanna play in.
Cyber style is dead now, so can we please have this card?
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
<< Anonymous(Konami)
Anonymous Reply
please add the card nostalgia ftw!
Zane Lover
Where is obelisk?????? Why bother giving us Ra and Slyfer if you’re gonna miss obelisk??? He’s just one card, hard to summon and even if people manage to summon him, there are plenty of counters to destroy him. Idk why he hasn’t been released yet!!!!!!!!
Yea you can get obelisk by ultimate pack spend at least 500 gems some people got it by this way
<< Anonymous(reck23)
raka_deulist 33 Reply
How is it hidden?
<< Anonymous(zekro983)
Anonymous Reply
Then can you show me a proof picture of Obelisk if you got it?
<< Anonymous(raka_deulist 33)
Anonymous Reply
Hidden inside his imagination
<< Anonymous(reck23)
Anonymous Reply
Ultimate rising?

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Loool you're so funny.
and that's when you remember how Ryo fought against Camula...use de-fusion
Parallel is more versatile. But double cyclone is more flexible. You can set a DC down and act...
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