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update 22/09/2018

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Monster Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Tune WarriorTune Warrior [R]1C+
Junk ServantJunk Servant [R]1B-
Junk BreakerJunk Breaker [R]2C+
Junk BladerJunk Blader [R]2C+
Junk ForwardJunk Forward [R]1B-
Card BreakerCard Breaker [R]1B-
Junk AnchorJunk Anchor [R]1B+
Speed WarriorSpeed Warrior [R]2B-
Spell Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Pride of the WeakPride of the Weak [R]1B-
Junk BarrageJunk Barrage [R]1B
Harmonic WavesHarmonic Waves [R]1C+
Trap Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Graceful RevivalGraceful Revival [R]1B-
ShapesisterShapesister [R]1B-
Synchro StrikeSynchro Strike [R]1B
Spirit ForceSpirit Force [R]1B+
Limiter OverloadLimiter Overload [R]2B
Extra Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Junk WarriorJunk Warrior [UR]1B
Gravity WarriorGravity Warrior [R]1B

New Featured Cards

Junk Warrior [UR]

Junk Warrior
Junk Warrior
DARK Warrior ★5
ATK 2300 / DEF 1300
Synchro Connection [UR]
"Junk Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
If this card is Synchro Summoned: It gains ATK equal to the total ATK of all Level 2 or lower monsters you currently control.


Hot New Top
Honestly I don't get you people, this game was made by Konami to earn some cash, and all you do is complain, complain and complain when something is hard to obtain without cost. I am an F2P Player and I have some decent decks with the gems I have used so far,so if you are having troubles with actually winning in this game with all the free stuff Konami has already given you, It might be you who is the problem here.
Synchro Shokan !
any who bought this pack, did you find it useful?
i only thought of buying it because of the generic synchro Gravity Warrior, but feel like 500 gems is too much for that.
<< Anonymous(so..)
Anonymous Reply
*shrug* I buy the gem-copy of every deck anyway, but I wanted Junk Warrior regardless, so didn't mind buying this at all. Wish there were more worthwhile cards (it's basically just Junk Forward, eventually Junk Anchor, and the Synchros), but eh. I don't regret buying it. Either way, it's down to whether YOU think it's worth it.
Real F2P
Real Free-to-Play would say:
I don't really bother competing against EX packs, because I already have over 10.000 gems to buy whatever I want.

It's not that difficult to farm.
And also I've won against silent magician plenty of times, so I can't complain at all !
<< Anonymous(Real F2P)
Not a secret Reply
Easy to recognize someone who doesn't even play the game and just come to this site to post trash about the game ^^
<< Anonymous(Real F2P)
Anonymous Reply
What is this 🔥? A bunch of rich 🔥ers like you trying to make it sound like it’s f2p players fault that we don’t spend weeks trying to scrounge up 🔥ing gems because Konami decides to make half the game only accessible to rich assholes? 🔥 off.
<< Anonymous(Real F2P)
Anonymous Reply
In the hands of a 🔥
All decks brick for sure :D
<< Anonymous(Real F2P)
Anonymous #7 Reply
Some people just praise the game to a sick level.
If you really were f2p and you have all characters 40+ and are at max Stage, you will see that you will barely make any gems for the newest boxes.
You may have got good cards from the old boxes, but the newest boxes will have better cards due to this game's powercreep.
Some of the pieces are good as basic Synchro pieces, possibly for use later. The deck as a whole sucks though.
Seems lit with the 1000 gems Konami gave us
Anonymous No. 2
Should I bother with this structure deck if I don't plan to play Junk Synchro decks (I plan to play a hybrid normal meta/Stardust deck for now)?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous Reply
If you asked me, I'd say that it's ok, just don't use it as a primary. Use monsters like Speed Warrior or some other monsters that syn well with Junk Synchron.
Gravity Warrior is also a decent pickup for a generic Synchro monster.
Bought it (as you can see my card sleeves and Junk Warriors) but I don't know how to build a synchro deck. It seems bricky and weak. No explosive power or any good headstart. What should I do with this deck? Should I buy it one more time to make it stronger?
<< Anonymous(F2p)
Anonymous Reply
it bricks so much
<< Anonymous(F2p)
Anonymous Reply
As it said in it's name this structure deck is Junk and should be in a Junk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The following cards are the keys to synchron summon.

Junk Servant
Junk Forward
Junk Anchor

Deck won't get stronger unless you have a powerful synchron monster in your extra deck. synchron is all about how would you summon a extra deck monster on the field asap.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
LOL best comment
This deck is worthless.
F****ing amazing!
Glad I saved tons of gems for this time, even gold and keys as well wtf hahah ! so hyped man !
Anonymous No. 2
Just another junk deck (pun intended).
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous No. 2 Reply
Structure deck* (for dem grammar/accuracy nazis out there)
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous Reply
A structure deck is a type of deck. Nobody would attempt to correct that, it's not like you called it a starter deck or something.

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Possibly at tier 3ish, but even that would be a stretch. With a good build you can definitely hit...
I agree with the other Anonymous post. DM is good but not tier 1, no need to nerf it since it...
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