Structure Deck: Synchro Connection

Duel Links Synchro Connection structure deck
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42nd: Main Box: Link Revolution
update 22/09/2018

Table of contents



Monster Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Tune WarriorTune Warrior [R]1C+
Junk ServantJunk Servant [R]1B-
Junk BreakerJunk Breaker [R]2C+
Junk BladerJunk Blader [R]2C+
Junk ForwardJunk Forward [R]1B-
Card BreakerCard Breaker [R]1B-
Junk AnchorJunk Anchor [R]1B+
Speed WarriorSpeed Warrior [R]2B-
Spell Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Pride of the WeakPride of the Weak [R]1B-
Junk BarrageJunk Barrage [R]1B
Harmonic WavesHarmonic Waves [R]1C+
Trap Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Graceful RevivalGraceful Revival [R]1B-
ShapesisterShapesister [R]1B-
Synchro StrikeSynchro Strike [R]1B
Spirit ForceSpirit Force [R]1B+
Limiter OverloadLimiter Overload [R]2B
Extra Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Junk WarriorJunk Warrior [UR]1B
Gravity WarriorGravity Warrior [R]1B

New Featured Cards

Junk Warrior [UR]

Junk Warrior
Junk Warrior
DARK Warrior β˜…5
ATK 2300 / DEF 1300
Synchro Connection [UR]
"Junk Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
If this card is Synchro Summoned: It gains ATK equal to the total ATK of all Level 2 or lower monsters you currently control.


Hot New Top
Losers cry day and night.
Even with newest/most expensive deck, they lose. And as soon as a new deck comes out, they lose again.

They lose to expensive decks, but to cheap ones as well.

<< Anonymous
LOL Reply
I-I-I-Want my gems..
Komoney !!!!!!!

T___________________T.. !

<< Anonymous
Mike ! Reply
Wow man this is so true !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
salt is real
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It doesn't matter how many nerfs they are. I swear some useless guys never win in this game. They lose against all decks.
Real F2P
Real Free-to-Play would say:
I don't really bother competing against EX packs, because I already have over 10.000 gems to buy whatever I want.

It's not that difficult to farm.
And also I've won against silent magician plenty of times, so I can't complain at all !
<< Anonymous(Real F2P)
Not a secret Reply
Easy to recognize someone who doesn't even play the game and just come to this site to post trash about the game ^^
<< Anonymous(Real F2P)
Anonymous Reply
What is this πŸ”₯? A bunch of rich πŸ”₯ers like you trying to make it sound like it’s f2p players fault that we don’t spend weeks trying to scrounge up πŸ”₯ing gems because Konami decides to make half the game only accessible to rich assholes? πŸ”₯ off.
<< Anonymous(Real F2P)
Anonymous Reply
In the hands of a πŸ”₯
All decks brick for sure :D
<< Anonymous(Real F2P)
Anonymous #7 Reply
Some people just praise the game to a sick level.
If you really were f2p and you have all characters 40+ and are at max Stage, you will see that you will barely make any gems for the newest boxes.
You may have got good cards from the old boxes, but the newest boxes will have better cards due to this game's powercreep.
Molten Behemot
There are plenty of non expensive kog worthy decks.
Spellbooks + grass looks greener
Gem Knights
Koaki meiru
Fur Hires
Snipe Hunter decks
Hazy flames

If you can't farm around 3k gems, please don't call the game "expensive" lol
<< Anonymous(Molten Behemot)
Anonymous Reply
Totally true, some dudes are just USELESS ! LOL !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Someone else's deck? So who exactly invented those decks? U think no one could come up with a Fur Hire deck by themselves? The deck was too obvious in the box that u don't need to copy. Just put together those good Fur Hire monsters and u will end up with a deck 90% the same as with other players. Doesn't mean u copied it.
<< Anonymous(Molten Behemot)
Anonymous Reply
Many of those decks are definitely kog worthy and quite easy to get, specially furries and aliens.
<< Anonymous(Molten Behemot)
Anonymous Reply
Those salty comments...

-Herr Kaiba, what do you think about those who plays fun decks on KC Cup and Ranked?

Some guys really believe the meaning of F2P means = useless player lol
If you can't farm 5k gems to get fur hire or 1k gems + tech cards for amazoness, then the problem is yours and not the game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am F2P, but I don't know how to farm gems. What I did: Be Patient! I have a Geargia deck that does well, and I had to work to get it. F2P doesn't have to use cheap decks. Also, how do you farm gems?
<< Anonymous
sharkjack Reply
You can farm gems from events, character level ups, rewards for winning in ranked matches and battling duelist (lvl40) at the gate with a farm deck. If you're already playing Geargia, it can farm using winged dragon of Ra, as geargia have an easy time special summoning 3 monsters on the field and keeping control. Marik's skill adds their attack to Ra. With a little life gain you're above 9999 dmg.
<< Anonymous(Indeed !)
Anonymous Reply
this is also a replicating comment from the other one. hmm interesting
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I kinda agree with you, some guys just want to avoid their failure just by saying someting as deceitful as this game being 'expensive.
Im new to this game and I have 7k gems what kind of deck do u recommend for me guys? Thanks
<< Anonymous(Kugmo)
Anonymous Reply
Echoes of Silence too
<< Anonymous
Kugmo Reply
How many green and yellow baboon(s)
<< Anonymous(Kugmo)
Anonymous Reply
One of the trashy meta decks will do. Use Red-eyes, Blue-eyes, Ancient Gear, Subterror, or if your a πŸ”₯ some kind of degenerate burn/stall deck.
<< Anonymous(Kugmo)
Anonymous Reply
The best f2p decks are currently Magnets, Harpies, and Dinomists. Magnets are the cheapest.
Aster lover
I don't understand. If stardust dragon is in the box and junk warrior is in the structure deck, then what is Yusei's ace monster going to be?
<< Anonymous(Aster lover )
Anonymous Reply
It's obviously still Stardust Dragon (he does have an animation for it, and as far as we know, it's his only card with one). He just likely won't provide it as a drop or in his Starter Deck/level rewards. This, admittedly, hasn't happened with a character yet, but still. (Also, I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet. Para and Dox were prime candidates for this treatment, yet got Gate Guardian.)
<< Anonymous(Aster lover )
Anonymous Reply
Best case: Lightning Warrior, it's Yusei ace card in the manga before he got Stardust Spark
Worst case : πŸ”₯ Quillbolt Hedgehog
<< Anonymous
ettel Reply
nonsense berserk is a fine monster.
<< Anonymous(ettel)
Anonymous Reply
Berserker is fine on its own, we just hate it because it doesn't deserve all the spotlight it got, especially when it fails to do anything in its only anime appearance.
Anonymous No. 2
Wasn't this guy promoted as Yusei's ace card?
Doesn't that mean he should be obtainable by levelling Yusei and/or farming him afterwards?
Why is he in a structure deck then?
<< Anonymous(Someone)
Anonymous Reply
I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Junk Berserker, seeing as he’s confirmed to be a duel reward from Yusei
<< Anonymous
Someone Reply
Well, Aster dosen t have Plasma at the gate and they gave us 2 copies of it: 1 in his starter deck and 1 from leveling him up. I hope they give us at least 1 Stardust in his starter deck.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Aster lover Reply
What if they give you a free stardust dragon for defeating Jack at level 60 during his event? It probably won't happen, but I can dream.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Komoney Reply
yusei's ace will be stardust dragon assault mode please understandu
Can't believe people are actually arguing about this

Duel links is expensive to play

You don't need the latest cards to get to King of Games, yes, but can you really have fun reaching KoG with the same 2-3 decks every month? Maybe some people think that's fun but lets be real ... the game starts as "free to play" but if you want new decks consistently to keep the game interesting you're spending some money no matter what

That's the way it's build and that's how Konami likes it and it won't change as long as it's making money

It's a "free to play" game but if we're honest here it's pretty much a monthly subscription service

It costs about 30-60 USD depending on pack luck

No use complaining about it though, play it or leave it, Konami won't beg. They making that money with or without the F2P player base
<< Anonymous
Some random guy Reply
Ill use GabeN quotes for this :

YGO duel links will be free-to-play
but will "have some twists"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ask World tree and his stupid minions.. some other guy even told us YOU CAN BUILD ALL DECKS WITH GEMS.. damn this bunch is getting delirious and they'll bite you when you tell them game is expensive. they'll counter with "you don't know how to farm".. lol. They even praise their own comments, pathetic slaves they are.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah World Tree, dokidoki and leinchester newest hired clowns here at gamea
<< Anonymous
Asta Reply
Going off bro lmao
So, how do I get more Junk SYnchrons?
<< Anonymous(DreamMaker)
yeetya Reply
To get more junk synchrons use the mark of the dragon head skill wit yusei fudo
<< Anonymous(DreamMaker)
Anonymous Reply
You can't
<< Anonymous(DreamMaker)
Anonymous Reply
It's very sad that you have to use the Yusei skill to get those junk synchrons for this duck to even function. Otherwise you'd have to rely on anchor.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
YOu open Secrets of Ancients it an ultra rare so good luck
Bought it (as you can see my card sleeves and Junk Warriors) but I don't know how to build a synchro deck. It seems bricky and weak. No explosive power or any good headstart. What should I do with this deck? Should I buy it one more time to make it stronger?
<< Anonymous(F2p)
Anonymous Reply
it bricks so much
<< Anonymous(F2p)
Anonymous Reply
As it said in it's name this structure deck is Junk and should be in a Junk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The following cards are the keys to synchron summon.

Junk Servant
Junk Forward
Junk Anchor

Deck won't get stronger unless you have a powerful synchron monster in your extra deck. synchron is all about how would you summon a extra deck monster on the field asap.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
LOL best comment
Attention duelists, this is an EX Structure Deck available on the 25th September. It will cost $9.99 excluding playmats.
<< Anonymous(KONAMI)
Anonymous Reply
Lol Komoney thirsty for money
<< Anonymous(KONAMI)
Anonymous Reply
u r fake konami
<< Anonymous(KONAMI)
Anonymous Reply
u r fake konami
<< Anonymous(KONAMI)
King of Whales Reply
Definitively fake Konami, $9.99 is way too cheap. These peanuts are an πŸ”₯ to my credit card.
Lol, this in structure deck, Stardust in main box. What's the ace in Yusei's starter deck going to be?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Beaver Warrior Konami listened and now everyone gets a free Beaver Warrior for 5Ds
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah surge of UNGA BUNGA incoming.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Since ace cards are usually UR, I am going to assume it's axe raider.

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Unlocked this fag and he talked for 15 minutes without letting me skip the dialogue... I don'...
Did not happen. It was just some fan fiction from 4chan and you know it.
This game has been on a decline. Not many people been playing
I bought the Reinforcement of the Army bundle but the card is not in my inventory...?
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